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ENFP personality type individuals are known to be famous people in the world, such as J.J Abrams, Oscar Wilde, Salvador Dali, and Anne Frank. 

These personality types are highly creative, energetic, enthusiastic, and inspiring, to describe them the least. 

ENFP stands for Extraverted (E), Intuitive (I), Feeling (F), and Perceiving (P). 

Foundationally, they are creative extroverts who are known for their adaptability and flexibility with things rather than sticking with plans and schemes. 

They comprise around 7% of the U.S population. 

There are many other famous individuals who you would love to know to be ENFPs, such as Quentin Tarantino, Drew Barrymore, Robert Downey Jr., Russel Brand, Kelly Clarkson, Will Smith, and many more. 

They are warm, authentic, humorous, and compassionate and want to do something creative and optimistic in the world. 

If you think you have something similar to like this, just check out these signs that might prove you to be an ENFP personality. 

Here are Signs You Are An ENFP

ENFP Personality

You Are Persuasive 

Your instincts work quite efficiently to inform you about what people want or need in their life. 

You have the ability to sense hidden desires people keep and the motivation they are driven by, and it gives you great leverage against others. 

So, you know better how to use those emotions or motivations to get people around or align on the same goals you want. 

This makes you very good at persuading others, convincing them, or moving them towards a particular side or decision. 

You Always Seek Depth In Everything 

You are the kind of personality who also looks for depth in everything that you come across in your life. 

You don’t believe or like to just see things merely on the surface levels. You hold on to the assumptions and prefer to dig deep before making any opinions. 

There is always something you miss out on in things that makes you go deeper and deeper in the exploration. 

You never take things off their face value or just something as what they seem initially. 

This comes from a natural curiosity you have for things and your capacity to explore and endure things. 

Your Feelings Depend Upon The Emotions Of People Around You

 You are not selfish, and that comes from the fact that your feelings are quite tied to the emotions of all the people around you. 

It means you always rely on the people in your surrounding. You keep your tabs on them and survey around. 

You kind of have to see the temperature of the room. Your feelings never really get separated from this collective feeling you have. 

This makes you end up never realizing your own feelings but for others and their impact on you. 

You Never Express Any Extreme Opinions 

It is not that you are not expressive enough or have an open mind, but when it comes to expressing extreme opinions, you get hold of yourself. 

You don’t want to say something that lies on either extreme of this range. 

It is because you always think going extreme with your opinions can always prove you wrong. 

That’s why you prefer to have a diplomatic or moderate outlook on things. Also, you don’t like to impose your beliefs or opinions on others. 

You Are Often Mistaken About How Long A Task With taking To Finish 

These are one of the classic mistakes of being an ENFP personality, as you are more likely to underestimate the finishing time of a task. 

You like taking up a lot of projects to gain more experience in life. But when you make your guesses regarding how long the task will take time to complete, you mess up. 

Whatever timing you plan to complete a task or get to a place on time, it always takes more than that. 

For example, you decide to meet your friend at a club after work, and you assume reaching home, taking a shower, changing clothes, and driving all take up only an hour. 

But you find out just reaching the house and showering has eaten your half-an-hour. And every task is taking more time than you anticipated.  

This often puts you in the tight spot of missing out on things, going through a bad reputation, or even procrastinating to make the delay even longer. 

You Love To Do Brainstorming 

It won’t be wrong to say that brainstorming is your favorite pastime or maybe very next to daydreaming. 

Since you love to go deep into things and explore new possibilities, you like to ponder on questions that itch your curiosity. 

You love to bounce off different ideas that make you excited in the day and put you into a state of flow. 

You also love to see things from different angles and look for new possibilities. This helps you gain new inspirations for your creative pursuits. 

Brainstorming becomes even more fun for you when you interact with like-minded people. 

You Value Communication 

You are someone who always gives utmost value to the importance of communication. 

You think communication is a tool or a way that can resolve almost every problem in the world, no matter how small or big it is. 

This is something you truly advocate for and suggest people be more communicative whether in a professional sphere or in a personal relationship. 

You understand the fact that communication plays an integral role in resolving conflicts and getting people together to achieve anything they want. 

Your Likability Gives You A Large Social Circle 

You are so amiable or likable that you get along with people, like almost everyone. 

People just feel so much comfortable with you or around you that they get close to you or get connected on some level. 

In fact, you even get along with someone you just met, and next you know if they are comfortable enough to share their number or meet someplace. 

This is because you have this quality or characteristic to adjust yourself according to the person you’re with. 

You become more compliant and understandable to the person you meet, and it gets comfortable and relatable for them to open up. And hence, you have a large social circle. 

You Hate Doing The Same Thing 

Whenever a pattern emerges, it becomes a notification for you to get bored of it. 

You cannot deal with something which is predictable or happens over and over again. 

It is also the reason why you despise routines. You want things to be unpredictable and surprise you in one way or another. 

What you look for in things are diversity and spontaneity, and that’s what makes things interesting and engaging for you. 

You also get challenged in these circumstances with new experiences and learnings. 

You Often Get Stressed Out Easily 

This is a general problem in your life as you tend to get stressed out faster than anyone else. 

You being an overthinker doesn’t help in this case, and it almost reaches the point where it becomes extremely unhealthy. 

Further, when you start feeling bad about it, it gets worse.  There is an overwhelming feeling that mostly captures your mind to make it stressful. 

You Cannot Focus On One Project For Long Time

When you focus on completing one project for too long, it starts to drain you. 

This happens because with starting one project, there are many side projects that start asking for your attention.

Since these new possibilities are exciting and interesting, you get pulled away from your ongoing projects. 

This eventually led to many half-finished tasks as you often end up doing it many times in your life. 

So it becomes really hard to just focus on one project and keep it the center of attention.  

The idea of just avoiding the distraction of all the alternate ideas becomes so hard and painful for you. 

Confusion and Choas Are Your Allies

Apparently, you are better at dealing with chaos and confusion. In fact, you get even better in the midst of any short-term crisis. 

Because that’s where you see the opportunity to look for unconventional solutions and get creative. 

You have tons of ideas and alternatives, and with the given situation, you become hyperactive to use them. 

You seize the opportunity in the chaos to enjoy your possibilities and come up with something unique or experimental. 

You Like To Prioritize Others Over Yourself 

Undoubtedly, you are a selfless person. You think of others before you think of yourself. 

And that is a characteristic of your personality that often stands out to others as well. 

Your happiness is tied to the happiness of other people around you, especially the ones you love and care for. 

You just can’t be happy without knowing that everyone around you is happy as well. 

So you really enjoy doing things that make other people happy even if it doesn’t help you in any way. 

In other words, you find your own happiness by making other people happy. 

You Seems To Lose Objects Frequently 

You are the kind of person who is so driven by their ideas and fascinated with new possibilities that you often forget trivial things. 

For example, you often tend to just lose your keys or miss your wallet at your home or anything that is important for daily life. 

But in front of your aspirational ideas, these detailed things are trivial and forgetful. You often lose track of things about where you put them or what was about it. 

You Always Look For More

There is a deep-rooted curiosity and hunger for looking beneath and beyond things inside you. 

You just cannot help it! You have to see through or look over things and find out more than what’s given to you. 

You can’t just get content with what is in front of you. You like to question things and investigate on your own to validate and further find more. 

You look for new realms of possibility and this comes from the power of the imagination, creativity, and curiosity of your brain. 

You Often Get Tired Of Being All-time Natural Enthusiast 

You are a naturally enthusiastic, positive, and bright person, and people love to interact with you, especially when they feel low. 

They come to you expecting you to be the ultimate recharger of positivity and happiness. 

And usually, you do your part by making them positive and giving them some cool-off moments. 

But many times, you just get tired of being the ‘Sunny one’ guy amongst your peers or people around you. 

Then, at these moments, you just wonder whether your friends really care about you, your life, and what happens to you or not. 

Are they just talking to you to feel good and be heard?  

This feeling often emerges when you are having a really bad day or are extremely tired. 

And they still expect you to be your natural self and brighten their day rather than listening about your day and helping you. 

So sometimes you just want people to just sit with you and be with you in your pain and not expect anything from you. 

You’re A Daydreamer 

An ENFP personality loves to daydream. In fact, they sometimes do not want to live in the real world as they have their own words existing in their mind. 

They are always breaking the rules and thinking out of the box. Their imagination is extremely powerful and goes beyond. 

So if you also have these urges to switch back to a world of your own irrespective of where you are, this might be a sign for you to be ENFP.

You start envisioning yourself in different possibilities or futures, such you being some superhero or meeting your true love. 

Daydreaming is something that helps you to keep pushing your way further in life to achieve more. 

Due to this, you always have a reference point, or more like an ability to manifest what you want in life. 

It further sparks all kinds of inspiration in you and helps you to try new things. 

You Always Feel To Keep Engaged In Something 

You can’t just sit and relax. You get restless when you do nothing. Your type of personality always has this urge to do something. 

So you need to get into some kind of work or activity. Being idle or just sitting around makes you irritated. 

So you always look for something to do as you like to be productive. This is also because you like to think about things and dig deeper. 

You Are Creative 

Undoubtedly, you are a creative person. You love to find different ways to apply solutions creatively. 

Not just that, your potential for creativity makes you more prone to choosing a creative career. 

Or even if not, you tend to be more creative in your work as compared to others. 

You Got Tunnel Vision When You Stressed Out 

Stress makes you worse, worse than others, as it apparently affects you more than others or differently so. 

This usually happens when you get too many options to pick up. Like if you have different tasks to do, you would have a hard time picking one at the expense of others. 

So further down the line, you get obsessed with finishing one thing, and you get abnormally frustrated with any distractions. 

This makes you quite restless and nitpicks things that don’t usually bother you. Your creative ability or productivity also gets stifled or degraded. 

Overall, the act of zeroing down your workforce towards one task when you’ve many to achieve makes you stressed out and have tunnel vision.  

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