15 Proven Characteristics of a Servant Leadership Style

When it comes to choosing the leadership style, there are different options you can consider for your workplace.

The servant leadership style is one of the management styles you can consider for building a team that can be effective and strong. 

Also certified At personal and professional levels and contribute the high-quality work that helps the company achieve its goals.

To understand servant leadership’s important characteristics, here is what you will need.

What Does Servant Leadership Style Mean?

Servant leadership is one of the management styles where you can lead the needs of your team members first.

The style believes that the team members who feel bullied personally and professionally will produce higher productivity, quality, and results.

Also, employee satisfaction, as well as collaboration are important concepts that are connected to servant leadership.

Leadership can be used in any business. However, it is more beneficial if you are running a non-profit organization.

Servant Leadership Characteristics, Attributes, and Traits

Being a leader is much more than giving orders and persecuting teammates.

Today leadership focuses much more on the employee’s satisfaction and fulfillment; however, if you choose servant leadership, here are some of the important characteristics you need to have.

 servant leadership style characteristics

1. You Should Be Considerate Of Others

Leadership demands to have consideration for others; when you are the consideration, you take care of their worries and emotions and are willing to listen to what they want to say,

The leaders also do their best to help them and ensure they are not overburdened in the situations.

2. You Should Be Understanding

Even though it is similar to being considerate, the elders who care about their team members also understand them as individuals.

It means understanding that no one is perfect and makes no mistakes.

So instead of scolding, teaching them how to learn from their mistakes and be better next time is important. Also, a mistake is not the end and should be treated that way.

It also doesn’t mean that leaders have to intrude on the lives of others; that’s why it’s important to develop the skill that makes others feel comfortable and help them be open with you.

3. You Should Be Helpful

The servant-leadership requires leaders to understand the importance of helping the team members. It can be a simple thing like picking up lunch for them. But by doing this, you can make them work for you.

Also, offering help when the membranes are going through challenging tasks without over-being can help them feel motivated and succeed.

The helpful leader with a balance of guidance and help the workers to be on the path where they should be.

4. You Require To Have Good Listening Skills

Leadership also requires that the leader shop have deep listening skills. It means you need to listen to what people are actually saying instead of just the conversations.

The subtle compliment from your team member can turn serious if you don’t pick it up earlier. You can also boost the problems by knowing what’s causing problems with the skills.

5. You Should Have the Sense Of Introspection

It’s important to serve others; however, when you lack a sense of introspection, it can leave you helping others without helping you.

That is why knowing what you are doing and for what is important.

Knowing the reasons will help you in becoming a better leader. Also, the leadership style focuses on having an understanding of what reason you want to help others.

6. You Have To Be Selfless

The act of selfishness makes the person better and helps in becoming a better servant leader.

The idea here should be selfless as it’s important to put others first, and it will also bring positivity to your side.

7. You Have To Be Humble

Another important characteristic of servant leadership is that the leader should be humble.

It should keep you down to earth and keep the negative emotions out of your mind.

When you are humble, others look up to you. If you are too full of yourself, you just end up like a boss who just passes orders and scolds people.

8. You Have To Be Unbiased

Wellbeing an unbiased leader is what every style demands; also, it can be applied anywhere, but when you are choosing the servant leader, it’s one of the most characteristics.

Also, having unbiased leaders makes other people feel comfortable and depends on you.

You make yourself rational and unbiased

9. You Require To Keep Your Realistic

The leader should know what is in his control and what’s not. Supporting, showing them their best sides, and boosting their morale, everything works. However, it’s important to be realistic.

There are some situations where these might not work. Also, the realistic approach will keep you less pretentious and fake.

People appreciate a leader who knows what he doesn’t know and reaches out for help from time to time.

10. You Need To Be Visionary

A leader with a vision of the future and where everything is heading is important. 

One of the strong motivations that you can do is to push them toward the things and results that they want to achieve

It’s a good boost for morale and pushes the workers to be the best version of themselves.

11. You Should Be Sturdy

Helping others and giving a boost of energy keeps you great as a servant leader.

But you hold the position of the header, and it’s important to remain true to that. The team should know who you are and what your role is,

That’s why having a sturdy base of morale and a team will help you keep everything aligned.

Also, it will remain stable in case of confusion or panic situations.

12. You Should Be Ethical

Well, even if it’s an obvious trait that every leader should have but it’s not that common that everyone remembers.

Some people feel they are serving, but in reality, they are manipulating others for their own needs and selfish goals.

When you do this, it’s become much faster for others to see right through you and what you are doing.

13. You Should Be Trustworthy

Taking someone as a  leader needs trust, and pushing them forwards will need you to be trustworthy enough.

When you are trustworthy, whatever you do will not break someone’s trust in you, it’s not even about whether you are lying or not, but others will respect you as they know you are not going to do anything bad.

14. You Should Be Engaging

Being a servant leader requires you to be engaging and get in touch with others,

Also, making other people believe they can lean on you when they have hard times also means starting a relationship based on trust and respect.

And for this, you have to engage with more, not just small talk.

Caring enough for them and understanding their priorities, requirements, and preferences.

15. You Have To Be Empathetic

Don’t mix this up with understanding, as they are both two different characters. However, both are important in the servant leadership style.

When you are empathic, you embrace the pain of your workers and make them feel comfortable as far as you can.

It means no matter what happens, you share the win and loss together.

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