50 Best Self Performance Review Phrases in 2023

A performance review can be critical and it can be jittering for anyone.

Well, it’s hard to analyze what to say or omit while writing the performance review. Especially when you are doing self-appraisal or self-performance.

Where doing the self-promotion review or evaluation is important, and ist a popular tool which helps in assessing the employee performance and mainly used by the managers.

With this, employees have the opportunity to value their performance and shine during the time of feedback or emotions.

It can be nerve walking as it becomes hard to find if you are being too arrogant or critics. Well for you to know better, here is everything that can help also make sure you understand the basics first too.

The Basics Of Doing Self Performance That You Must Know

One of the crucial parts of doing a performance review is the self-evaluation portion as it shows how well you are self-aware.

When you are aware, you know what your weak points and strengths are. and also how others perceive you.

In case of a higher level of awareness, you are more likely to have high confidence, make better decisions, and build strong relationships.

Not only is it beneficial for individuals but it benefits the company.

The goal of doing the self-assessments is to provide insight into receiver performance and reflect on what you did so far. The results should be honest and unbiased.

And for that, you need to understand how you should be writing your self-performance review.  

Do Reflect On Your Feedback

To have an effective self-evaluation, you should understand the effect on others that your actions do.

When you are doing the performance review, make sure you are observant and mindful.  If someone gives you the feedback,  write it down in a note and reflect on the provided information.

List Your Accomplishments And Area To Focus

The self-evaluation helps in understanding what are the weak or strong side of your performance.

Before you start writing your review, make a list of things that you achieved and where they fell short.

Once you are done with creating the list you can compare the organization or department values, goals, and mission to see if it aligns with yours or not.

Get Analytics For Better Impact

Well to add the quantifiable data, can help in providing the real value and legate your results.

And for getting better results, make sure you are adding the numbers and actions words.

Use the analytics to showcase what you accomplished. You can also create SMART goals that can review your next performance.

List Of Self Performance Review That You Can Add

When you are writing the self-evaluation, make sure you are focusing on its three important areas which include:

  • What do you need to keep doing?
  • What should you stop doing?
  • And What should you start doing?

These are the areas where you need to focus better. And to make sure you have an effective and helpful self-performance review, here are the phrases that you can use.


1.      I am able to communicate with clients with conceiving speech.

2.      I can communicate with my team and share my expectations without being imposing.

3.      I can effectively communicate with different levels of the organization.

4.      I make sure to provide the difficult feedback tactfully and approach the sensitive  sessions

5.      I can present my views and ideas to all sizes of groups.

6.      I can proactively communicate with the stakeholders.

7.      To provide benefits to my team, I frequently share information with them.

8.      I appreciate my peers if they have done a good job.

Customer Orientation

9.       I can handle the customers who are hostile and irate.

10.  I can listen actively to the customers to decipher their side of perspectives.

11.  I never failed to update the recent ongoings and products to the customer.  

12.   I work constantly for making the customer experience enhanced

13.  I try to think from the customer’s side to understand their point of view.

14.  I achieved a total of ( add the specific numbers you have) on the customer service survey.


15.  I have completed ( add numbers) a percentage of my work before the deadlines.

16.  I don’t feel afraid of asking for guidance when it’s needed.

17.  I respond to my emails promptly when I receive them from peers or customers.

18.  I show up regularly on time and stay ready to start my day.

19.  I am able to prioritize my work and manage my time.

20.   I keep mindful to know my customer or team’s needs, and I keep my schedule well planned to provide time in advance.

21.  I am able to follow the commitments and am aware of the challenges I face.

Job Performance

22.  I take pride in the work that I do.

23.  I value my work and do it very well.

24.  I volunteer frequently for participating in projects that are beyond my responsibilities.

25.   I keep changing myself and improving my performance.

26.  I promote a work environment that is team-oriented.

27.  I am happy to provide the answers that my peers ask and provide the guidance too.

Innovation & Creation

28.   I look forward to improving the work process

29.   I am able to put myself in other’s shoes to understand their perspective and find solutions.

30.   I am able to adapt to the new predicament much faster and be open to new possibilities.

31.   I collaborate with the team to brainstorm and find new ideas.

32.  I have an eye for detail.

33.  I always think out of the box when I look for the solution.

34.  My idea ( add the idea) has been successful and beneficial for the team and company.

35.  I faced different challenges ( add the challenges) but I tackled all of them by finding the solution ( add the solutions).

Growth And Development

 36. My personal goal is my utmost priority. 

37. I keep myself updated with all the trends that are recent and apply them to my work.

38.  I keep seeking opportunities for connecting with employees regardless of which field they belong to. 

39. I am capable of quick learning and adapt changes much faster. 

40. I am curious and always interested in learning new things. 

41.I am committed to my work and training to make my skills better. 

Opportunities For Better Improvement 

42.  I feel shy to share but I have many ideas. 

43. Even though I believe that I am transparent but according to my team it’s not, I will work on that to make it better. 

44. I have positive thinking but some people still find it difficult to hold a conversation. I want to remove this misconception. 

45.I am happy to be a lucky person but people still believe that I am rude and arrogant. 

46. I will improve my multitasking so I don’t get stuck doing one task. 

47. I do have good communication skills but I find it hard to interact with a group. I will work on my public speaking. 

48. I have a knack for customer service but I still do more follow-ups, I will work on that. 

49. If I sometimes fail to meet my team’s requirements, I will improve my efficiency. 

50 I need to work on being more proactive and ask for help. 

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