“Self Discipline In 60 Minutes” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book ”Self Discipline in 60 Minutes” by William Jacobson is based on steps, techniques and methods on how to improve oneself in order to achieve victory or their respective targets. Many of the successful people in the world have one thing in common and that is self discipline.

Self Discipline In 60 Minutes Quotes

-Your character is defined by the actions that you perform.

-For your dreams happen for real, you have to observe them maintaining discipline.

-You need to prioritize your targets in order to make yourself disciplined.

-You should be able to differentiate between which path to choose and which one not to while working hard on your dreams.

-If you are unsure about what to purchase, you can never select a store to buy from. Same formula applies when it comes to reaching your goals.

-Have your goals crystal clear as if they are ambiguous, they seem hard to reach.

-Rather than walking in a haphazard manner to your success, take time and construct a path that is going to assure you your victory that nobody can stop you from achieving.

-Once you know what to buy, you can easily pick up a store. In life also if you visualize your target, you will figure out a way to reach there.

-If you make up your mind about purchase and the store, you can now focus on the brands and discounts. Similarly if you know your goals, you focus on minor details of life.

-Knowing yourself in the most important thing when it comes to be self disciplined and achieving your goals.

-People always go on finding better jobs with high pay scale and most of the times they end up being jobless. Always be sure of the decisions and the steps you take in life.

-When you finally decide which job to get and put all your efforts, you succeed in that mission. Same as that, when you fix goal and work hard, you can make impossible, possible.

-Problems are a part of life and since you cannot avoid it, you surely need the art of how to tackle it.

-If you do not take other people’s advice then the choice you are about to have tend to decrease.

-Take time to set your goal, plan your actions, put in your efforts, achieve success. Also do not forget to take your time to relax after you succeed.

-Give a little more importance to the measure while constructing your path to glory and putting in your efforts.

-Taking time while doing something helps you to reduce your problems and prevents you from being overwhelmed when there are any confrontations.

-When you have your target ready, start setting up a positive mindset. It will help you in building your path and travelling on it as well as take proper care of your health.

-Negative thoughts are never an option. Those who have these kinds of thoughts, are referred to as losers in the words of a leader.

Self Discipline In 60 Minutes Quotes

-Never ever doubt yourself. As success only comes when you have confidence in yourself which helps you to solve all your difficulties and move ahead in your life.

-Without a positive mindset and a positive outlook to life, all the hard work is of no use but all in vain.

-Deleting or figuring out the negative emotions in your brain first plays a very keen role in building a positive mindset.

-If negative feelings are not removed then they have a chance of being a hurdle in your path at any unknown time.

-Do not feel shy to accept the negativity which is inside of you. All of us have that in common and we need to remove that from within us.

-Negative mindset tends to create internal conflict within your brain, distracting yourself from the goal that you always wanted to achieve.

-Try to figure out the roots of the negative emotions inside you and rectify them.

-It is hard to go to bed with all the negativity and pain and sadness in oneself.

-Motivate yourself to achieve the final goal by concentrating on the instantaneous goals.

-When half of the negativity is cleared, you will notice certain changes in your thinking. That is nothing but the gradual building up of positive thinking inside of you.

-Optimism, courage, intelligence are the building blocks of success and a brighter future.

-Engage your mind in your achievements and let it hold up your self confidence in front of you.

-Intelligence guides you to tackle any problem and take any kind of a risk. And that’s the reason, it is considered a must.

-A good sense of humor makes you laugh at your own faults and mistakes rather than making you sad for those mere imperfections.

-Realizing your self-worth makes you a worthy person to achieve the success which you have always craved for.

-The more confident you are, the more food your brain gets to function properly and get past any problematic situation.

-Hope is another important aspect when it comes to success. Your victory may take time, but the best part is that time comes.

-Healthy environment also plays a vital role in making a person successful as successful people are always organized.

-Try to clean your workspace from time to time. It will help you to tidy your surroundings as well as lighten your mood.

-Organizational ability is one of the keys of self discipline.

-Form a routine or a schedule for your day to day life listing every single task that you need to accomplish to achieve your goal.

-Forming the structure is easy but maintaining it is the real challenge. It is same as lifting up a bag and holding it for half an hour.

-Make the hardships a habit of yours. Habits control your brain and shape you for a new beginning.

-Never leave a task incomplete. Always finish the task which you start, else it will turn into a bad habit.

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