Sanguine Personality: Meaning, Benefits And Traits

Sanguine Temperament

A Sanguine personality individual seems to live an optimistic, carefree, and buoyant life where they adore adventures and exploration. 

This personality type is one of the classic and known temperaments from history, whereas the other three are Melancholic, Choleric, and Phlegmatic

These personality types were first used by Hippocrates, who appears to be the first medical practitioner in history to do so. 

Since then, these personality types are still an integral part of the medical tradition. 

Even though there are studies disapproving that bodily fluids dictate the personality development of the person. 

Still, they have maintained to keep the definition, the foundational ones to this date for each personality. However, now they are grouped into different response categories, making them more like personality test results. 

The sanguine personality type is the building block of the individual approach, where it is a sort of generic personality. 

Characteristics Of Sanguine Personality

Characteristics of Sanguine Personality Type 


  • Sanguine personality type individuals are quite quick and forward to forgive others. It is one of their dominant characteristics noticeable in them. 

  • However, a lot of them still struggle to make a decision towards forgiving someone when they have been wronged. 

  • They have trouble with managing their negative emotions and preventing it directed towards the person. 

  • These personalities do not like to dwell in the past; they like to and want to move forward with things. 

  • In fact, they are more on the side of letting go by making things clear and amending mistakes. 

  • Also, they look at mistakes as a way to improve things. Their preference to live in the present further pushes them to move forward. 


  • Sanguine-type personalities are mostly very emotional. Their emotion, although, is more like a fleeting reaction or response to a situation. 

  • It becomes essential for them to deal with the given emotion emerging in certain circumstances. 

  • This is also very much related to their approach to the present moment.

  • They might hate the person for some moment or some part of their life because something really tragic happened. 

  • But within that, they also understand how it needs to be forgotten in order to move on as it is in the past. 

  • They are quite fleeting on the emotional part, so that’s why they might appear to be a person who often seems changed at times.  

  • Usually, they just get to their old good and cheerful self in no time. 


  • This personality type is quite the performer. In fact, it is something that relies very much on nature. 

  • They are someone who you might encounter them the first time in a local bar singing on Karaoke night. 

  • Or they might be someone crushing the dance floors or something which is quite a storyteller and a charmer in the group. 

  • They seem to have aced in some kind of performance in their life which also becomes pretty much the highlight of their personality. 

  • Like you might just remember them as a guy who did extremely well in dance at that wedding or a guy who sings so well. 


  • One of the prominent characteristics of a Sanguine personality type is having an authentic and extraordinary sense of humor. 

  • You would find them very open to humor or any kind of comic elements or approach in their life. 

  • It means they are accepting when it comes to humor. However, they are not very okay with the negative tones in the sarcasm. 

  • So, they are also good at finding humor in things. Their sense of humor is not dry or subtle. 

  • In fact, they are pretty much known for it and are a vibrant part of their personality. They also keep looking for fun things in the present moment.  

  • Sanguine personality types are happy when they smile, laugh frequently, and joke about things. 


  • It is also one of the commonly seen characteristics in the Sanguine personality type on different levels. 

  • There are personality types with high confidence levels and self-control that are often mistaken for arrogance. 

  • However, in the Sanguine personality type, there is often a tendency for them to be arrogant. 

  • Apart from this, they like to show off whenever possible. So people see their high level of confidence which for them is self-esteem. 

  • It makes them feel invulnerable, in fact, invincible, so they get pumped up and feel like they can conquer the world. 

  • But at the core, the intent for doing all this, showing off and having this strong personality, is to show people how amazing they are. 

  • Most of the time, it backfires as being arrogant and showing others how they are better than them.


  • Sanguine personality type individuals are mostly extremely friendly and energetic.

  • They have this enthusiastic presence that makes others feel their presence very strongly. 

  • These personality types of people quite have a surge of energy within them that makes them playful, charismatic, and forward with everything. 

  • They make others feel like they have known them for years, even if they are just strangers. People are often drawn to their charm and playful nature. 


  • Sanguine personality type individuals are often caught up in either side of things but at extremes. 

  • They are often known for experiencing severe mood swings, so much so that you can compare them with someone who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

  • These personalities are often noted to be seen at their extreme highs and lows within a matter of minutes. 

  • Some of them might get into times of self-loathing, getting melodramatic with people, and even go beyond to blame themselves. 

Positive Attributes of Sanguine Personality Type 

Sanguine Personality Benefits

The sanguine personality type is characterized by a lively, optimistic, and outgoing nature.

Individuals with this personality type are often described as sociable, charming, and energetic, with a love of fun and adventure.

Here are some benefits of having a sanguine personality:

Positive Attitude:

Sanguine individuals tend to have a positive and optimistic attitude toward life. They are able to see the bright side of things and find joy in even the smallest of pleasures.


Sanguine individuals are generally adaptable and able to adjust to new situations easily. They have a natural curiosity and an eagerness to try new things, which makes them quick learners.


Sanguine individuals are often natural leaders due to their charisma and ability to connect with people. They are great at making friends and building relationships.


Sanguine individuals have vivid imagination and are often creative. They are able to come up with innovative ideas and find unique solutions to problems.


Sanguine individuals are typically resilient and able to bounce back from setbacks quickly. They have a “never give up” attitude and are able to find ways to overcome obstacles.


Sanguine individuals are enthusiastic about life and have a contagious energy that can inspire others. They have a passion for life and are able to motivate others to pursue their dreams.

Overall, having a sanguine personality can bring many benefits, including a positive outlook on life, adaptability, charisma, creativity, resilience, and enthusiasm.

These qualities can help individuals with this personality type succeed in various life areas, including careers, relationships, and personal growth.

Four Humors Sanguine

In ancient Greek and Roman medicine, the theory of the four humors was developed to explain the human body and its functions.

According to this theory, the human body is composed of four basic substances, or humors: blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm.

Each humor was associated with a specific temperament and set of personality traits. The sanguine humor was associated with blood and was believed to be warm and moist.

A person who was believed to have a sanguine temperament was thought to be outgoing, sociable, and optimistic.

They were said to be cheerful, confident, and enthusiastic about life. People with a sanguine temperament were thought to have an excess of blood, which was believed to make them warm, friendly, and quick-witted.

While the theory of the four humors has been largely discredited by modern medical science, it is still sometimes used as a framework for understanding personality and behavior.

The sanguine personality type, in particular, is often associated with positivity, sociability, and energy. However, it is important to remember that personality is a complex and multifaceted trait that cannot be reduced to a single bodily fluid or temperament.

Negative Attributes Of Sanguine Personality Type

  • Due to their thrill-seeking tendency, they often put themselves at risk or in unsafe situations. 

  • They get bored very easily. 

  • They are attention-seeking and need reassurance from others 

  • They get impulsive and tend to make quick irrational decisions. 

  • They often have mood swings. 

  • They often have emotional outbursts for a very brief time

  • They have very poor concentration. 


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