30+ Rewards And Recognition Ideas To Boost Employee Recognition

In many companies, employee recognition programs are a proven way that helps in increasing engagement, minimize attrition, and boost morale. 

However, there are chances that several efforts might seem self-serving and inauthentic. As the employee sees right through all of these thighs which leads to failure. 

To make it creative, it’s important to come up with ideas that are tailored and especially for your recognition program. Here is the list of rewards and recognition ideas for you to consider. 

Say More Often Thanks 

Well, a lot of time people underestimate the power that a simple thank you holds. But how many times do you hold the door for someone and wonder when they are going to even notice that. 

According to research, people feel happier and more motivated when they get appreciation. So saying thank you can do more than you think. 

It’s important to create the habit, even though it might seem forced at first but as time goes on, it will be natural. 

Give Compliments Which Are Sincere 

When you notice someone is doing really well, you should point it out and comment on it. 

For example, if your employees are responding to emails quickly, you can comment on that and it’s something you like about them. 

When you are doing it right, this can be a great way to reinforce positive behavior.  However, it’s important to be seen. 

So don’t make vague compliments, it gets noticed really fast and even when you do it sincerely, it won’t have an impact. 

Send Thank You Note 

Instead of just saying thank you, you can do it more officially by sending a thank you card or note with it. 

A card can be more memorable, also a physical keepsake that employees like to keep. 

There are different ways that you can do this, you can find online services that can deliver to their home. Or you can create on your own. 

Not just that, add what you are thankful for and what exactly the thank you note is for. 

Have Thanks Feed In Your Company 

You can announce things internally, it can be a source, catch-all email, or physical tannoy system, make sure that you are adding a thanks feed to that. 

If you are announcing the good things that your employers did internally, this can help in encouraging a culture of recognition and appreciation. 

The people who get recognized feel good while otters work harder to be in the same place. 

Consider Giving  Gift Cards 

Cash incidents might have their fair share of problems, however, you can consider the gift cards. Also, let them choose what they want to have as their reward. 

You do have to spend time thinking about which store to get it and it should be something that your employee feels appreciated. 

Do Town Hall Meetings 

Well to open up dialogue between the people who make the big decisions and those who will execute them, town hall meetings can be the ideal way. 

A good two hall meeting can teach employees about why the company made some decisions and shows the strategic vision. 

Also, it’s not one-sided, so it helps in giving feedback and opinion too.

Not just that, it can be considered an important recognition as it shows that they are important enough to be in the market of organization secret for their success. 

Consider Award Certificates 

You can also consider the certification to make this more special. You might not want to it for every single thing as it will end up losing its value/ 

But if you are keeping it moderate, this can be a way of helping them feel good and productive. 

Offer The Extended Breaks 

The next one you can consider is offering extended breaks, for example, if the regular lunch is for 30 minutes, it can be for a 1-hour break. 

But if you struggle to give such long hours, then you can offer small breaks as a reward. 

Not only is it going to be manageable, but having more breaks from the screen and moment breaks can help in offering productivity. 

Offering The Early Finishes 

Well, you can offer them the early finishes, here they have to fish their daily targets early in order to enjoy the reward. 

It’s important, especially for those who are achieving their target on a daily basis.  It is not just for showing the recognition, but also a great way to motivate them to hit those daily targets every day. 

Add Free Time For The Gym 

If you can, then you should give employees free time for visiting their gym. This can encourage health and well-being. 

To show your appreciation, you might pay for the gym membership. 

Add Team Walks

You can help the employees to keep them feeling active by doing more team walks. 

Again, this shows that you care about their health and mental well-being. 

This can also help in changing the scenery which can help me feel fresh and invigorated. 

More Time For Power Naps 

Well, feeling like your brain won’t function and feeling sluggish, it might feel like the brain will shut down anytime. 

However, at such times, you might need power naps to recharge and relax the brain. 

Instead of forcing your employees to battle their tiredness. So you can give them time to take a power nap. It can be a room with comfortable chairs and sofas especially for taking naps. 

Take Them Out For Lunch 

It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but make sure your employee feels relaxed during lunch. 

Not only is it a great way of showing employee recognition, but you can do meetings too.  Also ideal for team building. 

Treat With Random Surprises 

You could also take your employees for random and surprise treats or a day out. 

For example, you could get from work early and leave a basket of treats for each person’s table. 

Or you can take a team for dinner during weekends. Or you can order pizza for the team. 

Schedule Regular Treats For Week Or Month 

Of course, you can do the element of surprise but some employers might need predictability. 

So you can show recognition by planning your regular treatment,  it can be once a month, a week, or once a day. 

Whatever you choose, make sure you are letting your employee do it so they can manage their day according to that. 

Go For Team Drinks 

A Lot of companies also take their whole workforce for regular tam drinks. It can be on Friday as you can show that you do employee recognition for the hard work they did during the whole week. 

And choosing to do it is the weekend to relax and recover from starting their work again. 

When you are taking out for team drinks, consider paying only for the first round as most organizations do to protect their finances. 

Publish The Annual Yearbook 

This can be a little old school, but it’s not actually a bad idea. Publishing a yearbook once a year can show that you are doing employee recognition for the last 12 months. 

You can be a little creative, and add the best picture of your employee along with adding a unique line about them. 

Add-In About Us Page 

There are some companies that put their employees’ names and pictures on their about us page. 

Showing the people who are behind the success, showing their publicity, and telling people about them can be the ideal way of showing employee recognition. 

Give Them Personalized Gifts And Rewards 

When you are giving the gift or prize, you need to personalize the gift according to the individual. 

And it’s not just adding their name, but going a little better. So you need to give them related hobbies and interests. 

So if there is an employee who is particular about the musician, send them the ticket or poster. 

Directly Ask Them 

There is nothing better than asking them what they want from the company as a reward. 

If you want to give them something personal, you need to ask them about it. 

Give Them Custom Oil Painting 

Well even though it seems crazy, companies like Twitter and Yelp are doing this to recognize their employees. 

You can give them custom oil paintings. And this can get a little bit expensive but it is something your employee won’t forget. 

Gift Them Custom Caricature 

Giving them the custom caricature is not just fun but it’s also personalized. 

Most cartoonists exaggerate their physical characteristics when they do the drawing. It can be extra chins, big ears, etc. So make sure you are paying attention so they don’t mind it. 

Write Them A Personal Poem 

You can go creative and write them a creative person l poem. 

No matter what you write, it is going to be memorable for them. So you can make it personalized, adding fun and making it more interesting.      

Do The Professional Photoshoot 

Sometimes some companies also give professional photoshoots to the employee. It doesn’t mean they have to do the catwalk, but the aim is to give the best light and capture the top-notch professional photos that can be used for their profiles. 

This also gives a good image to the company, as the customer sees the top quality headshots instead of bad selfishness. 

Give Them The A Nickname 

Nicknames can be a nice way that shows you are appreciating and noticing them. How it’s very important to pay attention if you are not crossing professional boundaries. 

So be thoughtful and kind when you are giving the nicknames. It should be something that fits well and highlights their professional strength. 

Provide Them the Training Opportunities 

You can give them training for certain areas because the law requires you to do it. 

However, as an organization, you should give training to make them better and improve their performance. 

But it’s important that you are Negan and it should be relevant to them so they feel it’s a reward, not self-service. 

Lunch With The Leader 

Give them the opportunity to talk and have time with the leaders of the company, this will help them in making them feel special and also get guidance as well as sharing the opinion that they might need from them. 

Pitch The Ideas For Relationship 

You can talk about the idea of connecting the senior leaders and employees and take it one step further. 

Instead of arranging the informal lunch, create an event where employees are allowed to prepare for the pitch, and attempt to sell their idea. 

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