“Real Hope: How Hope Drives Actions” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

 “Real Hope: How Hope Drives People” is an inspiring book by Dr. Richard K. Nongard that paves a way towards hope and how it helps people overcome the worst of fears to achieve their success.

Dr. Nongard had delivered a ted talk, called, “Why Not Transform” and he has shared his thoughts.

Some profound quotes from “Real Hope: How Hope Drives Actions” are listed below: 

-Hope is mentioned 129 times in the Bible and this is how we get to know the amount of positivity it can emit.

-Napoleon Bonaparte, Hellen Keller, Debora Mills etc. have spoken about truth and are the living legends of this phenomenon who have understood the value of truth.

-Nongard revere’s his master Oogway from the movie Kungfu Panda for his great saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery; all we have is the present, and that is why it is a gift.”

-Hope is our present and how we act upon it.

-We must not shy away from the present and neither the opportunity to take part actively in the process of achieving the goal we strive for.

-Being mindful means to keep hoping.

-The wilful stories of KFC and Oprah inspire us daily to strive for success.

-There shall always be people who would say “no” to us, but we must stay hopeful and work hard.

-A life to look forward to is a life full of hope.

-Hope in our hearts is equivalent to good luck.

-Hope is a thing that even the greatest of psychologists prescribe.

 -Hope will help us transform our hearts’ misery into a new ray of success.

-Hoping unequivocally means to stop getting negativity in us, and the same hope gets us out of our depression, anxiety and all kinds of fear.

-Your dream and reality will converge only if you are hopeful enough to do the things you love and let go of the negativity that fills your inside.

-But mere hoping is not all. We must make “hope” turn into a verb.

-To hope is to act and to act is to get one step closer towards our goals.

-Hope is not always mechanical and need not be huge.

-Hope can be as simple as hoping for the repairman to arrive early, or to find a new explanation for his back pain or to get the laundry before.

-Hoping will always lead to thoughts and thoughts will lead us to actions.

-Hoping is a constant reminder to say that at least some of his tasks shall be positive in outcome.

-Hoping is how his life gets going.

-Belief and action are the pillars of hope.

-Belief and action affect the way hope affects our lives.

-One tip that Nongard instills in us is to muse on the innocent hopes we had as children and how we had believed in them with all our heart.

-Hope is powerful and is real. It is not only a concept, but rather a steady effort to perpetuate a reality that lies in our hearts with love and belief.

-Hope is as simple as our belief in what the Bible says and our hope in God.

-Hope comes into play in the strictest of situations when the problem is bigger than we are, or than we perceived it to be.

-Tyler George won, he preserved the Ecuadorian rainforest because he had hope in his motive; he ingrained hope into the hearts of the people around him.

-Even things as trivial as setting up companies by Amazon and Tesla circles around hope just like the gold miners from one hundred and fifty years ago.

-Dr. Nongard shares his own story in his Ted talk and how his life has changed only because he chose to hope and create actions out of this hope.

-As a leader in today’s world it is imperative to be hopeful to overcome whatever difficulties that we might face.

-As leaders it is also a characteristic necessity to inspire hope out of the team in order to evoke the greatest weapon of all, the state of being hopeful.

-Taking care of others, communicating with the team and building a belief that leads to betterment is what comprises a good leader.

-A good leader will understand and act upon the truth and build the team bit by bit through hope.

-Hope is not a one way bridge.

-It takes up courage and commitment to engage in hopeful excavations and lead towards a goal of leadership from one generation to another.

-Hope is interchangeable with good intentions since one is dependent on the other.

-Hope and intentions help the larger picture to fit right in.

-In case of Starbucks, and many other companies the primary leader or founder might have left but the companies still run efficiently because there is a hope that that it will work. 

-Hope invites the future generation to work on the misery or antiquity left by their previous generations in order to establish a superior front and re-establish success.

-Hope generates generations of hope.

-Hope fights the darkness of fear and lights the way to conquer our goals.

-Hope is not an acquired skill but is an innate emotion that we must recognize.

-Hope gives us time to elaborate on our skills and work towards the same.

-Not only does hope provide progress but it is vice versa. 

-Hope is what we perceive as a change maker, being hopeful gives impetus to our actions and hence, provides the necessary changes required in our success story.

-Hope is a good thing and it should inspire us daily to achieve more and more.

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