“The Power of Broke” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Daymond John in his book “The Power of Broke” mentioned people who tackle many difficult situations to achieve success.

The book describes that a person can be broken and still he can be successful in life. It also states that having money can’t solve all your problems. 

Here Are Some Important Quotes From “The Power Of Broke”:

-Learnability is the key to achieve success. One should learn from everywhere and every time and should not hesitate to learn new things. 

-You should have passion in your life and should be serious about it. 

-Being a student will help you more to learn things and you can experiment with them later. 

-Money matters in life but wasting time on the money that you don’t have isn’t worth hence one should not focus on the things that he doesn’t have. 

-One of your greatest capitals is your hope.

-Your strength is one of the biggest assets in your life. 

-If you believe in the business you are starting, then you can achieve growth in the business too. 

-Try to find your character because it helps you in building your future and makes your life smooth. 

-Never afraid of falling, because when you fall you learn too and it is important to know where to fall and how to learn again. 

-One should have his own steps to reach his dreams.

-Never forget your dreams due to some other issues and build your own path to achieve them. 

-The things which are hard are those things that can give you big rewards too. 

-You will definitely achieve your goals when you put all the things that matter to you and no one can stop you in any circumstances. 

-When you decide to do a thing, then there is no going back after that. 

-Never allow other’s opinions to affect your goals.

-Always try to hear the word yes rather than the word no in life.

-Sometimes there are certain things that are very necessary for life and you should be willing to do that with positive intent. 

-When you are not able to find anything after several attempts, then try to create new things instead of wasting more time on them. 

-If you are worried about your age, then stop thinking much because age doesn’t have any role in the success and it is just a number. 

-You may achieve your success but it isn’t only yours since there are many people behind your back. 

-Sometimes people are waiting for you to create a problem so that they will solve them and in this way, they get their job.

-Sometimes you face a problem and think of it as a huge issue but it might act as a solution to a bigger problem than this. 

-Giving up isn’t a solution to any problems in life and in business too. 

-In life, you will face many tests and then you will learn lessons from it and hence it is considered as a cruel teacher. 

-In reality, how we react to a situation matters more than what happens to us. 

-There is no perfect time for anything, all you need to do is utilize your time perfectly and hence you can manage your time too. 

-In business always try to give more effort than thinking about the results. 

-Sometimes business with good funding fails since it couldn’t find efficient clients for their business. 

-You can work hard all day but you cannot become rich until you do your homework properly and homework matters more.

-Some successful businesspersons have faced a lot of failures in life than achieving success. 

-While sleeping at night you see dreams and the dreams that you often see are the person that you become in the future. 

-When you start your brand, never be in a hurry to make it popular and wait for the right time.

-The way a father loves his child should be the same way in which you should love your business. 

-The money behind the idea is less effective than the efforts behind the idea to make it grow. 

-No one is the same in this world and if you are worrying about it, then you are wasting your time. 

-When you have nothing to lose, you can only grow and upgrade yourself. 

-When you have limited resources, then you become more creative and more imaginative. 

-Sometimes the right decisions aren’t expensive at all and they are very effective.

-Money plays an important role everywhere and it can also break the company.

-Your work will not be hectic if you love to do that work.

-Your idea may not be perfect but you don’t need anyone to back your idea. 

-New Innovations are never connected with money but money can help them to grow more. 

-Everyone has different advantages and you should work accordingly so that you can get your things done properly and in a proper manner. 

-Even if you work hard, there will be people who will never appraise you and you just need to ignore them and move forward. 

-Often companies don’t have money so all they do is use others money and gain profit from it.

-Research is always a vital part of any business as it will help you to work on your faults. 

-If you want to sell a lie it will be very difficult for you to sell instead of selling the truth. 

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