“You Are a Badass” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Jen Sincero in her book “You Are a Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life” explains the things that act as a speed breaker in your life and distracts you from getting things that you wanted.

The book will teach you many things about life and self-realization. 

Here Are Some Important Quotes From “You Are A Badass”

-There is always a way by which you can change your life but to find the way you need to be serious in life.

-When you say things or do certain things, then you should not blame others for it because it is you who took the decision.

-After doing certain things, never make yourself responsible when people start freaking about it.

-Never think that you lack something within you or else you will be wasting your time and would be considered a fool.

-There are twists and turns in life and they are never wrong because they are meant to happen like that.

-Sometimes you don’t need to take things up to the end, there is always a beginning and you just need to give your best while doing the thing.

-Always remember you are unique and you can’t be anyone because you are always you.

-It is not good to complain about the world rather than accept it and start working to make a change. 

-Never try to be the football of others’ opinion because you are the original one.

-Remember that there is someone always who loves you more and fearlessly. 

-The world always wants to give what you desire but you need to work for it. 

-When you start basing your worth on things that people think of you, then you start losing your control over you and it is never a good thing.

-Never think of things happening in your life if you don’t have control over them.

-We often worry about things that have no importance in our lives and waste our time.

-The risk to blossom isles painful than the risk to remain tight in the bud and it is very hard too.

-If there would be no discrimination based on religion, skin color, and sexual preferences, then we would get a peaceful world.

-Many times we haven’t made the decision but to impress others we take a quick decision and say yes. 

-Until you get too uncomfortable, don’t try to sign off and quit.

-If you are facing some criticism for being yourself, never apologize to them for this.

-Human beings and all the living creatures are only present in somebodies for a particular time so enjoy the moments.

-When you live in the present you will get peace and similarly when you think of the future and past, you will be anxious and depressed respectively. 

-If you want to be happy then laugh at your mistake.

-Every successful person in the world has faced some struggle in some parts of their life and all of them came out of their comfort zone to be successful.

-When you are doing a part, your guest list is prepared by you and the same goes with your life and you need to make decisions of inviting people.

-To make things happen in reality you need to think first and they will convert to reality through many phases.

-You will never fail in life because every time you fail, you will collect some information and you fail if you quit.

-When you are in the present moment try to do things that make you happy.

-If you dare to take risks without thinking much, then you can have the life you craved for and used to get jealous of.

-Your body matters more than anything because the better your body will be the more you will be happy so it is better to give more attention to your body.

-You can never meet an awesome person better than you.

-Many people face challenges and enjoy them and try to hang out with those people and learn from their experiences.

-You will always receive awesomeness at some point in your time.

-In the process of transforming your life, you need to have strong faith.

-Only you can choose to let things go.

-People always search for a bitch in their life forgetting about their brain.

-You will love yourself when you are surrounded by good-quality mirrors.

-Things turn to reality depending on your focus.

-Always believe that you are surrounded by many miracles around you.

-Try to be good and be grateful when you want to solve your issues.

-You may fall in many ways while trying certain new things but you should know one way to rise again and start things.

-Sometimes your problems are limited to your false beliefs.

-There will always someone in your life who will act like crabs and pull you back.

-The best way to remain sad is to compare yourself with others. 

-With the help of your perception, you can create your life and also can change it when needed.

-We fear wasting our maximum time.

-The things that are true in your life are those things that matter to you.

-With the help of your frequency, you raise yourself.

-Sometimes when we are busy achieving our goal, we miss little things in our life. 

-Sometimes you are praised for the things that you haven’t done.

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