“Year Of Yes” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book “Year of Yes“ is a creation by Shonda Rhimes who is a famous  American television producer. This book has basically helped the author to agree with particular things in life and changed her life on good terms.  

Here are some insightful quotes from “Year Of Yes”:

-Every brain likes to revolve around fabrication or fictional stories.

-Being addicted to fiction is an inferior practice but gives out a wonderful experience and also takes huge courage for one to quit.

-There is a lot of difference between one’s destiny and his fiction and this difference marks a great impact on one’s life.

-It is often said that people must be allowed to dream as big as possible but rarely do people talk about the implementation process of one’s dream.

-Dream big only if you have that much courage, grit, and skills to transform it into reality.

-No matter how successful one gets, one should not judge others because time is a dangerous weapon and it can make anyone more stronger and powerful in no time.

-One cannot be a fictional stories’ writer if he isn’t a liar.

-Working upon your own passion not only makes you happy but also inspires you every time to become a better version of yourself. That’s when you learn to develop the qualities of grit, perseverance, and decision-making.

-One’s imagination must not be limited to a particular field of life instead he or she should imagine things that can happen for the well-being of others.

-This small word “Yes” can create a huge impact on one’s life depending upon the type of situations he or she is into.

-It takes immense courage and confidence to accept our flaws than to hear our appreciation from anyone.

-It is wisely said that one single lie gives rise to a number of lies and results in affecting the relationship of the liar with his friends or family.

-Nobody is fully perfect as we all are humans and mistakes are a vital part of our life without which life would become dull and aimless.

-Over-imaginative people are often avoided by societies because their way of sensing and expressing things varies a lot with the other people.

-It is very hard for one to express his conscience or state of mind to anyone because it’s very difficult to trust anyone’s soul.

-This small word “Yes”  can be a reason for one’s happiness or someone’s sadness.

-The person who is often willing to say yes to anyone for any proposal shows that he or she is either very lonely or has a deep interest in exploring the world.

-It is very unlikely to judge one’s character based upon her instant judgments or comments because we don’t know their state of mind at that instant.

-The truth is that science fiction movies have won the hearts of several young persons which is proof that the minds of young men are always in search of fascinating, unrealistic events or things.

-Qualities like cleanliness, helpful, obedient, truthful are often taught to one during his early age and are later more developed during one’s school days.

-Sometimes life teaches some of the terrible lessons which one cannot even think of to prepare him or her for his or her future.

-The way of living life is different in different countries because of different mentalities which show that money is not the only thing that decides the status of a person.

-Never compromise with your own vibes or choices because once you start compromising on those things you slowly begin to lose all of your self-esteem and status.

-There are thousands of reasons for the society to blame your skill or talent but in the end it’s you who you are competing with.

-Never take your enemy for granted because he is the biggest motivator for you.

-Life becomes very much miserable for people who hesitate to communicate with other people because only that way one can gain an enormous amount of knowledge, suggest ideas or thoughts.

-You need real moral support to achieve your goals and the moral support’s sources are your friends.

-Imitating others should be restricted to fun games only because to prove your worth, you have to be unique and intelligent.

-Use social media to expand your business not to spend your precious time over it.

-People will only mark out the difficulties that one will face if he desires for a certain profession because they don’t want any competition in their path.

-Always be ready with a backup plan because life can become very harsh with you sometimes.

-One must be financially independent before he or she delivers any judgment upon something because it’s the only thing that people see when they judge you.

-Gaining knowledge doesn’t come from a particular path instead one should have multiple sources of knowledge.

-Try to distance yourself from people who don’t have any aim in life because those people often act as an obstacle in your path to success.

-Build trust upon those with whom your soul connects.

-Never beg for anyone’s attention because it is an indirect way of losing your importance in his or her life.

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