“A Year of Positive Thinking” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“A Year of Positive Thinking” by Cyndie Spiegel aims to change your life by transforming your mindset and by encouraging positive changes slowly but surely.

This book helps with daily inspiration and affirmations.

Here are some quotes from “A Year Of Positive Thinking”:

– Our ability to forgive is a blessing in itself. One who does not have it in him to forgive can never experience true peace of mind and real love.

– Every good person has some evil in them, likewise every evil person has some god in them. If we manage to understand this, it will make it easier for us to understand our enemies.

– Learn to enjoy the subtle nuances of your personality.

– Expectations can steal your joy. Be careful of the expectations and aspirations you set for yourself and others.

– Expectations do not leave any space for electric excitement and wonder of the unknown and a known life is a boring life.

– The things you make a conscious choice to focus on and give attention are the things that grow and flourish.

– Stand strong, accept that your current circumstances are the way things are meant to be, and walk toward your future with a sure step.

– If you have courage enough to speak your mind and put forth your idea of reality, then the world around you will set to work on co creating it.

– Always choose to live a good life, whatever meaning a good life may hold to you. This will give you the motivation to work towards the good others and yourself.

– Imagine how your circumstances will change if you only replaced your fear of the unknown with excitement, curiosity, wonder and optimism.

–  Give your heart a listening ear, the room to speak and express itself and it will.

– You have to make your own happiness. You have to motivate yourself and celebrate your victories, however small they may be. Others are not always going provide you with happiness.

– If you find that you are having questions about the authenticity of your relationships with others or are frustrated with your loved ones, remember that there are so many people who are utterly alone.

– Move forward and welcome each new day with the grace and wisdom you have gained from every yesterday and past experiences.

– Forgiving someone does not mean that you consent or are okay with what that person had done. You forgive because you took a decision to let g of the anger in order to move forward and achieve peace of mind.

– Ask yourself these questions: What things are you focusing that are not worth your attention? What things are you spending time on that doesn’t relax your soul?

– Listen to your heart and align your actions according to what it says, and you will discover that you have found your way home.

– Never ever give up. It is important to keep moving forward. Raise your left foot, put it down; raise your right foot, put it down; keep doing this until you arrive.

– It is normal for some friendships to grow, flourish and change along with you while others dissolve as you move forward in life.

– You usually end up becoming what you believe. So be careful of what you accept as the truth and if the same thing that is true for others is true for you too.

– There is only one person on this entire planet who will make the most impact on your life. You want to find that person? Look into the mirror.

– If you persevere and are optimistic, then you might just be able to achieve everything that you ever dared to dream of.

– Put conscious efforts into monitoring and changing your thoughts and you will be able to physically alter your brain.

– If you feel like crying, then empty your tear ducts. If you want to laugh, then laugh until there are tears in your eyes. If you hear music and can’t stop tapping your feet, then go dance. Don’t hesitate to truly feel what you are compelled to.

– You can never please everyone and make them happy. And that’s okay.

– Taking small steps towards more positive and optimistic thoughts can a lasting impact for developing long term happiness and peace of mind.

– Learn to challenge your fears; stare at it and refuse to stand back. You will find that you become bolder and surer of yourself and your decisions.

– Happiness is not something you have to chase at or you have to find. Happiness is created wherever you are with the people you are with and the choices you make.

– Happiness is a side effect of all the good choices you make. Your choice to take care of yourself, your choice to do what you enjoy, your choice to spend time with people you love and your choice to live a life you believe in.

– If we think positive on a daily basis then we can literally retrain our brains to focus more on positive feelings and see everything with optimism.

– Every new thought that goes through our brains creates a new neural pathway and repeated thoughts and feelings solidify that pathway, changing the functioning and structure of our brains.

– Spend time on focusing on every small thing which makes you unique and extra ordinary. Think about what makes you, you.

– Don’t become someone you are not or complacent in order to fit into others idea of you and to be liked by them. Original you should be good enough for them.  

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