“Breath Becomes Air” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanthi has beautifully portrayed the lessons of life and death.

It describes his story where he is a noble doctor, and the person who gives the gift of life to others was later diagnosed with cancer. It has all the struggles he had to face and is truly inspirational.

When Breath Becomes Air Quotes

-Nobody in the world can achieve perfection, but all of us can believe in an asymptote that pulls us to it.

-Knowledge can never be saturated in only one person.

-Knowledge is always growing whenever we are involved in a relationship with others.

-Knowledge can never be complete.

-In our life always try to fulfill a person’s last wish with sated joy.

-That joy we give is not because of the thirst for more but for time satisfaction.

-The joy that the man feels on the deathbed, and if we have caused it, it’s like a huge thing in today’s world.

-At a point in time, all of us will face a time when the details of living triumph over our experiences.

-No man is so wise when we face this situation in his life.

-Life can never be regarded where we will avoid all the sufferings.

-When will people question you? Your reply should be that you would go on instead of that you couldn’t go on.

-Science can possibly solve all the technical problems, but it lacks in one aspect.

-It lacks in the aspect that is certainly most important to us, our emotions.

-One should always remember that mercy always wins over justice.

-When a person knows that his end is soon, this changes almost everything and nothing.

-This may happen as a person always knows that he will die but never knows the time.

-The concept of death is very disquiet as they are no alternative way to live.

-Never ever question why you are doing a particular job when saving people.

-A doctor should know his patient’s psychology before getting any treatment.

-One should get an idea of the patient’s values and what is worth saving his life.

-Whenever a doctor loses a patient, it is like the heaviest burden on his/her shoulders.

-The process of understanding the features of humans is surely thriving.

-When a person faces an illness, one can witness a constant change in his/her behavior.

-A person will certainly question himself about what is wrong with him, which will sting as a pin.

-Death and living a life with a terminal illness are two very separate things.

-When you know your death, it’s like someone has ripped you off your credit card, and you are struggling with the budget.

-One moment, you may think you are going to continue with your career and be all determined.

-Then, in the next moment, all you want to do is to rest up and listen to the saxophone.

When Breath Becomes Air Quotes

-We continue the process of living until we actually die.

-A doctor must know how to deal with a family that has lost a loved one.

-His duty is not to send them back to their old lives but to strengthen them to know the worth of their own lives.

-Every person should ask himself what makes his life worth living; in a moment, he will again be determined.

-There will be times when you will be just perfect, but the world will be cruel.

-At times, you will know that the matter is not in your hands but the greatest thing to keep trying.

-When we read literature, it also provides us with a moral reflection rather than just the other person’s life history.

-In the end, everyone would seem to give way to limitedness.

-One can see the beauty in almost everything around us.

-There will be times when you will feel that the wisdom of children and the elderly will not matter.

-Science can never give us a permanent rule as it results from human hands.

-Science can never describe hope, beauty, jealousy, virtue, etc.

-One will never know that he would be able to love the person even after he is long gone, yet this power will be felt in sorrow.

-When you miss that person, it will be like moaning under the guilt of that weight.

-We should always remember to rise and rise when we go to the peaks of our everlasting mountains.

-On the mountains, the sight would be magnificent, and the breeze will take everything away with it.

-Dispossession is like the honeymoon of married life.

-Hope is a product of confidence and aspiration.

-An illness will only affect an individual but the whole family life.

-For a surgeon, his only tools are his words when the scalpel does not work.

-A person can never know how she/he will impact another life after he/she is gone.

-At some point in time, all you need to do is to sit down and be ready to know the actual meaning of courage.

-People learn to live their lives in a new way when death seems as an unknown visitor. 

-A person can live through an illness with grace if he is blessed with his own strength and the loving aid of his loved ones.

-Brains help us to make a rational relationships but sometimes they also have the power to end those.

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