“Uninvited” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst explores the topic of rejection and abandonment. She shares her own experience with these emotions and how they affected her relationships and her faith in God. The book reminds people that everyone deserves constant love.

Uninvited Quotes

-Honesty finally finds me on a quiet early morning. It calls out to me and pulls out the real me, and lays it bare for me to look at.

-It doesn’t matter how free, mature, saved, or sanctified we may be. There is always some sort of crack in our souls.

-Honesty does not intend to hurt you; it wants to heal your wounds by making you acknowledge your pain and fears.

-Honesty wants the plain truth. It has a hawk’s vision, and its mind cannot be changed by pretending or bluffing.

-The mind is always hungry and devours what it focuses on. What resides in our minds always will define our perceptions and, ultimately, our actions.

-Honesty then asked me to bring forth the essence of my being and put it up in front of the light that holds all that is true.

-You need to remember that God is good; he is doing things that are good for you. God is good at being Himself.

-My present rejections are like sharp-pointed needles which pierce my core and open up the rejections of my past, and the pain consumes me all over again.

-We are not one another’s enemies. Keep this in mind.

-When you give something, give it freely and fully. You will experience nothing but disappointment if you give up on expectations and longings.

-Always strive to be on the side of the truth. To live with truth is the greatest weapon against evil.

-Don’t try to fix your hut and pain by outside validation. Your materialistic achievements will not soothe the wounds of your soul.

-Your level of success and achievement depends on your dedication and hard work. Someone else’s success is not going to affect your success.

Uninvited Quotes

-The feelings of rejection rob you of your most excellent qualities by making you believe the worst things that have been said to you.

-If someone doesn’t accept you, it does not mean you are not worthy of acceptance.

-Stop measuring your worth according to the unstable measures of this world, which change without a moment’s notice. Focus on your own goals and perception of where you want to be.

-People who are more concerned with being always right rather than having the right answer are the ones who are usually wrong all along.

-Don’t set unrealistic hopes for people you know will not be able to meet them.

-Your thoughts and your life will take a wonderful turn once you realize that being set aside in life is God’s way of telling you that you were made to be set apart.

-My periods of heartbreak help me learn and grow, but they are not meant to define me.

-You can’t be the victim and the victorious one simultaneously.

-When you set unrealistic expectations on people, you are actually being greedy in disguise.

-Each hole created in my heart by rejection will open up more space to accept His grace into my heart.

-Our need to be loved and accepted leads us to contradict our true personality to such an extent that we don’t even recognize ourselves after a time.

-Acceptance keeps your old wounds from reopening and festering and affecting your present lives.

-Rejection in your life can become a distraction or a slight delay in your journey but never let it become your ultimate destination.

-The devil can be vicious, but don’t let it be victorious. Fight.

-Only ideas and knowledge without any practical application will never result in transformation and progress.

-Live in a place where you are given love abundantly, love served on a platter, rather than where you have to beg for mere scraps.

-My heart struggled to accept that God had the power to ease my path and change hard things, and I still chose not to. 

-Just imagine how dangerous it can be when your soul is suffocating and gasping for the grace of God, but you are too occupied seeking validation from the outside world.

-You can provide assistance to a person in crisis, but no one can be expected to provide constant support and be a lifeline to another forever.

-God made all of us forgiving and giving.

-Your pain is the evidence of brokenness. Pain motivates us to fight with determination and courage so that we can reach healing on the other side.

-Surrender yourself to the One who made you, and you will realize that you are always loved.

-Don’t get too focused on the mess in your life, all of the pain, hurt, and rejection that you fail to see the miracles coming your way.

-Don’t pay attention to all the negativity which hinders you. Focus on the praises of God, who will give you salvation.   

-When the world knew sin, it broke God’s heart and design. But what it did not break and never can is God’s goodness. He will rid this world of sin.

-If we live believing that He loves us, then we will stay rooted in reality by His love.

-The most wonderful thing is that you were made to live with the love of God. His love is far greater than any rejection you will ever face.

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