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“Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand is a biography of Louis Zamperini, a veteran of World War II. The book describes a former Olympic athlete who survived a plane crash and spent some years in prison. The book is an inspiration for many people and is one of the best sellers in New York. 

Unbroken Quotes

– Essential things of a human being include water, food, oxygen, and dignity as well. 

– Many people believe their release will only come when their tormentors suffer. 

– There is no identity without dignity in human life. 

– The truest test of faith in God is their invisibility. 

– God makes him unseen to know who sees him. 

– When you think about history, you should only remember the divine love you believed in, and it saved you. 

– Forgiveness, beauty, effortlessness, and completeness shifted inside him, and it was done very sweetly.

– Men are defined by the circumstances they are forced to and the captors, not by themselves. 

– Only to realize you don’t speak, people will have longer conversations with you. 

– Everything happens for a reason, and everything will come to good at the end. 

– That morning, he was a new creation when his fear, rage, helplessness, and humiliation fell away. 

– It is a real touch of heaven when you are being filled, and you want to be kept on filling.

– People are wired; some may be for optimism and others for doubt. 

– Life is always cheap in war conditions.

– The innermost armaments are self-respect and the sense of self-worth of a human beings.

– People experience profound wretchedness and loneliness when they are subjected to dehumanization. 

– The ocean of darkness seemed to swallow heaven itself. 

Unbroken Quotes

– Your face might be seen from above, which is why you are afraid to look up. 

– It comes back to you when you dig into it, and this is the way war continues. 

– Never give up or never give in because there is always a solution to everything.

– When you are unbroken, the rays of light will be the rays of happiness. 

If we were taught music as engineering is taught, we could agree with all theories without music.

– When we learn music, we practice in the beginning, and we practice for the entire time. 

– Going home to God is called death, and the bond of love will be unbroken forever.

– An unbroken series of successful gestures is known as personality.

– There are many situations sometimes, and the unbroken succession of it is life. 

– He would have killed himself if he would know that he had to go through those horrifying experiences again.

– The laundry can know your situation when you are scared.

– People can be easier subjects than sea biscuits because they can talk.

– In war, all you can see is dead body breathing.

– Have enough room for your chest when you go around with your shirt open. 

– He recites the prayer he has heard in the movies because he has no idea what to say to God. 

– There was only one thing coming to his mind: he could not break him. 

– He was so fit that he could climb mountain peaks every week and run a mile in under six minutes.

– These men’s post-war life was to restore their dignity and see the world without menacing backless. 

– Louie dropped onto the plate like a vulture when Torrance couldn’t finish his entree. 

– He laid the blame on the sinful absurd but not on himself, and last, he saw himself as a victim. 

– He found the chocolate bars wrapped in wax-dipped containers after dividing them into segments to resist the gas attack.

– The floor was jingling with metal flakes, and the turret was shot with the holes. 

– Louis saw a typewriter instead of a dead body and then flattened. 

– He refused to run away although he had a chance. All he did was put his hands in front of his face and take it. 

– He was called Iron man when he trained people in his residence. 

– It is possible to forget the dead friends after a few beers briefly. 

– The words composed in his head never passed his lips, and all he did was pleaded for help that night.

– At the time of crisis, he panicked and ate the left food, leading to starvation in the future. 

– Louis prayed he would dedicate his life if God would quench his thirst. 

– Reaching for his flask became as easy as slapping a swatter on a fly when the harsh memory push ran through Louie. 

– Be confident and resourceful enough to escape any predicament. 

– Sylvia became hysterical, sobbing so loudly when he heard that her brother was missing. 

– Sometimes, we lose ourselves when we lose our close ones. 

– Every person should be strong enough to fight for himself and his family in every situation. 

– Disappointment in oneself is otherwise known as defeat; hence we should never give up.

In war, death is like cutting a tree that everyone cannot notice except your close ones. 

– Louis realized that his worst enemy is not the opponent soldier; it’s his fear. 

– War separates people, and it is the brutality of the war. 

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