“The Wu-Tang Manual” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“The Wu-Tang Manual” is one of the popular books which are written by Chris Norris and RZA who is the prominent member and producer.

The book focuses on a music band group in the United States and describes details about them in different segments. RZA has explained his views on music and other things in this book. 

Here Are Some Important Quotes From “The Wu-Tang Manual”:

-Sometimes you try very hard and still get defeated but if you have the potential to live through the defeat, then you can never be defeated in your life. 

-You can lose if you can acquire wisdom and even after getting beaten by someone. 

-If you want to improve by yourself then first try to lose yourself and then start improving day by day. 

-With the help of the exchange of words, achieving enlightenment is some kind of impossible thing.

-You can be called a leader when you do things and people get inspiration from it and many people learn from it and when many start following you. 

-The power of the wind and the rain is very powerful than anything and it is very natural.

-There are many things which everyone repeats and there is nothing special in it. 

-You can do your things and these things will be unique and interesting too.  

-It doesn’t matter about the number of people who are feeling for you, it matters that who is feeling for you, and that will make more bonds with the person. 

-Always try to be fair with yourself and never cheat yourself and be genuine with yourself so that you can be genuine with others.  

-An artist always believes in spirit because he knows there can be art with spirits and his creativity. 

-There are many things which are unnecessary in our life and art can eliminate them and hence is considered as one of the best medicines of it. 

-When the world turns, the hard-headed will never learn from it. 

-On the top of your cortex, his beats traveled like a vortex and traveled through the spine. 

-When you get an opportunity to do something, then give your hundred percent to it and try to think of it as your last opportunity while doing that. 

-Sometimes you regret it because you cannot watch yourself sitting in the theatre between the audiences. 

-When you stand in the middle of many things in your life, then you will find chaos in your life. 

-Everyone looks for happiness from another person instead of within himself and when you are satisfied with what you have you can never be happy. 

-It is the confusion that was gifted to you by God so that you can think and work hard to find the solution for it. 

-You can be the producer of your own life but before that, you need to seek detachment and that is one of the best things that humans can do.

-It is very easy to break something but it is very difficult to make the same thing and it sometimes it takes years to build a thing and few seconds to break it. 

-Mathematics is considered to be the truth because it has no lies in it and it never shows you the fake thing.

-If you can listen and observe, then you can build a strong foundation of yourself and you will move forward to achieve your goals.

-Before doing a particular thing, have adequate knowledge about it. 

-Sometimes you right footsteps but end up in the wrong direction.

-Don’t try to repeat history instead learn from it and make something new. 

-If you don’t know about yourself, then you cannot know about others and this is the reason knowledge is important. 

-If you are with a team and follow every order, then you will understand their every action and if you can’t, then you are not in the team. 

-We always try to convince ourselves by saying that it wasn’t our responsibility. 

-There are times when you need to say something to prove yourself and there are other times when you need to be silent for the sake of self-respect. 

-Always try to know how that happened and how they are going now and how it all started. 

-In today’s generation people tends to believe in others very easily and have very percent of beliefs in themselves. 

-You cannot appreciate a thing that you haven’t experienced.

-Always try to spend time around the person with good knowledge and most people waste their time by not doing this.

-The output will be great if the input is great and sometimes you don’t get a good input but the output remains great.

-The ultimate goal should be using your highest level of energy in life. 

-When you are young and learn chess, it helps you lifelong. 

-If you are too much strong and dedicated in your intention, then it is very difficult for someone to refuse your offers.

-Often it is noticed that the movies with gang wars and crime genres give us the teachings of loyalty. 

-Money has a different meaning in different phases of life and the same money will be different for you and your parents. 

-Spreading love is one of the greatest kind things that you can do in this world.

-It is believed that every gene has certain knowledge and every cell too.

-The underboss has answered every time and nobody else.

-The diamond sutra is one of the most important sutras of all.

-Sometimes you need to learn things by yourself as no one can teach that to you.  

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