“The Science of Mind Management” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Swami Mukundananda investigates the four basic areas of the human mind in “The Science of Mind Management” and creates a roadmap for controlling and using it to her benefit. The inner war is a difficult one, and the author uses real-life examples, anecdotes, and even Vedic myths to help us win. 

Science Of Mind Quotes

-God wants you to succeed in your fight with the enemies of your mind.

-Conquer on the enemies of your mind.

-Practice is the essential element of mind management.

-Practice is the key to open the doors of mastery and excellence.

-The inner war is a difficult one, and one should look upon the real-life examples, anecdotes, and even Vedic myths which will help you to win.

 -One should detach himself from the results of their actions and solely focus on the efforts, to free himself from stress.

 -Human minds are like blank canvases, it becomes attractive only when painted with good thoughts.

-When human minds are neglected the result is disastrous just like Wild Weeds and Thorny Shrubs.

-There is an infinite potential that abounds in the human mind and as a painter of this blank canvas, we must ensure its beauty and productivity.

-Our sole responsibility in life is to tenderly care for our minds, allowing them to blossom with exquisite thoughts and noble emotions.

-We expend a significant amount of energy fighting external foes we believe to be potentially dangerous to us. 

-Be receptive to what you’re learning. Let us not turn this world into a “University of Hard Knocks”, where we are forced to learn the hard way through adversity.

-The mind is the sole source of both enslavement and liberation.

-Suffering leads to evil thoughts like a cart’s wheels follow the oxen pulling it.

-Inner successes are the true foundation of external achievements. 

-Try to understand and listen to your inner self, first.

-Doors of hope and happiness are never shut, even when one is closed another was open, it’s just us losing our time looking for the closed one.

-Life is an exciting business, and it is even more fascinating when it is lived for the benefit of others.

-The sun is a metaphor for truth. You can block it for a time, but it won’t go away.

-Elevate yourself rather than degrade yourself by the power of your mind, because the mind can be both the self’s greatest ally and its worst foe.

-Even in the middle of the most dreadful situations, if you learn to nurture a joyful mentality, you will experience wonderful bliss.

Science Of Mind Quotes

-The mind is its own realm, capable of transforming heaven into hell and vice versa.

-The feeling of appreciation has a tremendously favorable effect on the psyche. 

-Appreciation, behind selfless love, is the second most beneficial emotion.

-It is our emotional relationship to a thing, not its inherent qualities, that drives our desire for it.

-The single most essential aspect that influences the quality of our lives is our mind.

-If we can keep our mind under control, it becomes our best ally; nevertheless, if we let it run wild, it steals our inner serenity and undermines all of our creative efforts.

-Our mental condition defines our experience of both happiness and sadness.

-External enemies may cause us to harm for a time, but the demons within us have the power to make every moment a living nightmare.

-If someone hurts you physically you will most likely forget, but if someone says something hurtful it can agitate us for years, given the role of thoughts makes it becomes important to understand their power.

-Good thoughts lead to good acts, whereas poor thoughts lead to harmful deeds.

-Those who devote their life to serving humanity do not arrive at bad actions by chance.

-When we try to eliminate undesirable behaviors from our personalities without changing the underlying beliefs, we put the cart before the horse because we don’t comprehend the cause-and-effect link.

-Our mental state is linked to our level of consciousness. We are, without a doubt, what our mind is.

-Your spirit will be exalted or degraded to the amount that you elevate or degrade your mind.

-True health care involves the management of both the mind and the body.

-Every human being has an inner world that represents their external world.

-Circumstances enter our lives for a reason, and they stay until that reason is fulfilled.

-Every hindrance that we come across has a lesson to teach and it’s a never-ending process.

-Situations are a tangle of nuanced limits and opportunities, just as people are a mix of qualities and flaws. 

-It is naive to believe that we know the exact rationale for each given occurrence in our lives.

-Many events in our lives are the outcome of our karmas or past actions, whether they occurred in this incarnation or in previous ones. 

-The more we win inside conflicts, the more external success will come knocking at our door. It’s as simple as that: we shape our destiny thought by thought.

-A perfect Taoist saying- “The snowflakes fall slowly to the earth, each flake landing in its right spot”.

-You’ve probably realized that nothing is consistent in life or in this world. We are constantly challenged to improve and expand.

-Always try to free yourself from all kinds of negativity like hatred, anger, jealousy, greed, fear, hypocrisy.

-There are many laws that govern this universe and one of them is the Law of Karma.

-A sublime life is the result of cultivating positive thoughts in our minds.

-One can never change the external circumstances; however one can always try to bring changes in their inner self.

-Our actions are the mere results of our thoughts. If we wish to improve our actions we should start working on our thoughts.

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