64+ The Power Of Positive Thinking Quotes

“The Power Of Positive Thinking ” is a 1952 book by Norman Vincent Peale that provides the idealogy of positive thinking using a divine approach and practical instructions. This book helps its reader to achieve a cheerful attitude and know the quality of life.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Quotes

The path to happiness is achieved by keeping your heart free from hatred and your mind free from tensions.

Simple living, fewer expectations, and more charity are the key to a valuable and meaningful life.

Most of us suffer because of praise and honor rather than being saved by criticism.

We as humans are only expected to do our duty at the right time, irrespective of the quality of the result.

Every human must respect God’s s will and intention because it’s always right and good.

Never build up any hurdles in your mind because it’s the only place where the most intense decisions are taken and executed.

Design and fix a mental picture of yourself as succeeding in your mind because your mind seeks to develop it as soon as you work for that result.

Hurdles are specially designed to test your patience, caliber, and confidence.

The only thing which can help you overcome an obstacle in your life is your confidence and faith in yourself.

Never worry about your results because God will decide your result.

The habit of mind that we fertilize decides our range of happiness.

The term “worry” is a word to describe the unhealthy and weak sentiment of one who is helpless about his deeds.

One should expect the best results when they have done good hard work.

Having a clean soul is so rare because not a single human is perfect by nature.

One should have a heart like a child’s and a clean soul to enjoy the tastiest fruits of life.

It is believed that every matter has its vibrations, which are somehow connected to the universe.

When one prays for another person, he emits vibrations that consist of love, care, and sympathy for that person and all of these works in this spiritual universe.

Sincere belief, faith, and meditation to God help remove dirt from one’s s soul and body.

Among physical, social, and mental health, mental health is the root of every health condition in the human body.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Quotes

You cannot succeed in your entire life without confidence in your abilities and powers.

Being worried makes you mentally and physically weak because the old pains, fears, and hate that had already haunted you in the past find a way back in your mind through your weakness.

The simplest teachings of the religion are that God is the only permanent companion you will ever get.

The best technique to get devoid of an inferiority complex or self-doubt is to create tremendous faith in your creator.

Relax and peace of mind are often ignored in the race for money and fame.

All the insecurities and egos are the results of our thoughts and actions.

The best way to transform yourself starts with the practice of self-knowledge.

Never be so proud of your success that you ignore its hardships.

Right knowledge, good thinking, and execution time are the iconic factors for one’s success.

One never does right by doing wrong.

Pray with pure belief and sincere love rather than flowers and sweets.

Never be reliant upon others because you can’t assure the quality and durability of the results if the thing is done by someone else.

Depending upon the tone of conversation we use in our daily communication, it reflects our mind’s maturity and thoughts.

The term “silence” is a word that can shut down furious enemies and turn down negative minds and devilish actions.

Seeking drugs or any other bad habit to relax our nervous system is considered an act of self-punishment.

Working on a platform that makes you feel love can never make you feel sick.

The human brain is a storehouse of a tremendous amount of thoughts and knowledge, but it’s the humans who decide what to be kept and what to be erased.

Greed, self-doubt, anger issues, and lack of mental strength together burns our mental peace and causes uncurable pains.

Patience determines your strength results determine your attitude.

Think of losing, and you will get defeated soon, and think of winning, then you will gather more energy to produce at least satisfactory results.

Admiring others’ success can make you feel motivated or make you feel insecure and desperate.

It takes immense courage to accept our flaws and more courage to transform them in a better way.

Try to enjoy the smallest moments of life and be thankful to God for being kind to you.

Never make fun of anyone’s financial status because no one can tell about anyone’s fortune.

Beliefs in unrealistic things such as ghosts and aliens often tend to cultivate your mind in a sinister way.

Gentle behavior, kind acts, mature thoughts, and sensible ideas often attract people to you.

Even in the darkest of times, Almighty God will always be there to save you as you are his child.

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