“The New One Minute Manager” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“The New One Minute Manager” written by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson describes a person who is searching for a manager and takes several interviews but wasn’t satisfied till he found a person who he named as one minute manager. The book is one of the bestsellers in the country and highly rated.

Here Are Some Important Quotes From “The New One Minute Manager”:

-Everyone in the world has the potential to win and sometimes people are disguised but don’t worry by their appearances.

-You can produce the best results when you feel good about yourself and be confident about yourself.

-When you are a manager and you have some employees under you, then both of you should be clear in your expectations and have a clear vision too.

-The problem arises at that moment when you have desired something but things don’t go in the right way and you get different output.

-If your team is not clear about the entire team’s performance, then you cannot be a good manager.

-As a manager, you need to understand the potential of the employees and sometimes help them to reach their goals.

-Sometimes quantity matters but most of the times quality matters and that is known as productivity. 

-Sometimes you need to listen to others and work side by side and help them develop their input and that is a good quality of a manager.

-You can review your team’s goal and performance in a minute also.

-The employees should understand that our manager has given some responsibilities and he works with us to help us in completing those works.

-If you have your goals, just look at them once and then look at what you are doing to achieve your goals and compare between them. 

-If you start being lazy, you won’t be learning fast.

-What things you should focus on and what things you should not deal with come with the clarity of the goals.

-Being a manager of the company, you need to have motivation within yourself and you need to constantly boost your employees to do certain things and motivates them regularly.

-When you see a mistake of an employee, don’t try to avoid it rather tell them about their mistake and try to correct it soon and ask them not to repeat it politely.

-There is a difference between a problem and a complaint. Sometimes you don’t have a problem but you still complain about something.

-The companies usually invest more in technology and maintaining buildings and manpower.

-Now a day’s people are keen to finish their work and maintain their lives.

-Try to make a meaningful contribution to your team.

-People are not willing to satisfy the needs of others outside the work.

-A good manager manages the work of his employees as well as his work and tries to make a profit for himself and his employees.

-The manager should ensure that his employees have an idea of what exactly is a good performance.

-Never fear making mistakes because there is no problem in making mistakes but without learning from and moving forward is a problem.

Feedback is very essential since it keeps us moving ahead and you can know your strengths and weaknesses through it.

-Being tough in behavior and then being supportive with the team members is a very good character of a manager.

-We are not responsible for our behavior but we are responsible for managing our behavior.

-The power of your management styles comes from how you care for your employees.

-A manipulation is never an option and if you trying to manipulate and make your work done then you are not doing a good job.

-If you can manage people and make them learn to work and enjoy simultaneously, then you can change many things. 

-Sometimes people may end up with bad performances but their intention is never bad and being a manager you need to notice it.

-Motivate people by saying they can do better work than what they are doing currently.

-Never expect a good performance from the person after leaving him alone to do the work.

-The way of managing should differ from person to person.

-Sometimes you need to do things right and sometimes you need to learn things to do it rightly.

-If you become a good motivator, then people will have an interest in your life and will learn things from you.

-As a manager try to redirect your employees sometimes.

-Never believe in others’ opinions without knowing the facts. Always know the facts first and then rectify your mistakes. 

-Try to remain silent and listen to your employee’s problems. 

-As an employee, you shouldn’t repeat a mistake every time. 

-Sometimes praising people doesn’t work.

-When you do things right, then you need to praise yourself too.

-You should adopt the life changes and it is one of the main goals in life.

-People that create their success are the people sitting in some of the best restaurants. 

-If you produce a low quality of products and provide low quality of service, then you can’t run a business for a long time.

-Success is now measured in the form of a new currency and that is speed.

-If you have confidence in yourself, you can make any deals from your company.

-Catch your employees doing something and rectify them.

-Encourage everyone to perform well and work together.

-Try to do things before being said.

-Never decide on behalf of others. 

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