46+ Inspiring Quotes from “The Miracle Morning”

“The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod claims to be a guide to transform your life by developing certain early morning habits. The book enlists simple practices that can help us take our life in the desired direction and achieve everything we want. It is one of the best motivational books out there.

Here are some quotes From “The Miracle Morning”

– You don’t have to choose between the life you have and the life of your dreams. Make sure to love your present life while working towards your dream life.

– Start accepting responsibility for every event in your life. This way, you can start changing anything that you want to in your life.

– Give up being perfect for being authentic.

– There is nothing to fear about change because you cannot fail- you can only grow and learn and become a better version of yourself.

– Discipline is the creator of lifestyle.

– Your entire life will transform the day you decide that you will not accept mediocrity for yourself.

– Success will always be a distant dream until we work every day to become the person we need to create the life we want.

– Our inner world will always reflect our outer world. Our personal development will always parallel our level of success.

– Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.

– By making simple changes to the way you wake up in the morning, you can bring about a transformation to any aspect of your life faster than you would have thought possible.

Presently, you are in a life situation because of who you were in the past, but where you go from here depends completely on who you choose to be.

– Make sure that every day you live is the best day of your life because there not a good enough reason not to.

– One of the most hurtful things in life is when you look back and have regrets knowing that you could have done and achieved so much more.

– Wake up every morning with determination, and you will go to bed every night with satisfaction.

– You are not mediocre based on how you compare to other people. Your mediocrity comes from not being motivated enough to grow, learn and improve continuously.

– We incorporate the lessons of the books we read either consciously or subconsciously. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body, and prayer is to the soul.

– The universe works in such ways that you will always find yourself exactly the place you are supposed to be in, at exactly the right time, learning what you need to learn to become the person who will create the life you want to live.

– People who are controlled by their moods end up not doing much. To be successful in life, you have to take action even when you don’t feel like it with the knowledge that the action will produce the motivation needed to carry through the job.

– If you want to feel energetic, then put yourself in the energy’s way. Your body will naturally respond to the energy surrounding you. You cannot simply sit around complaining that you don’t have enough energy.

– When you dedicate yourself to a purpose much bigger than your problems, you will find that your problems will seem to be insignificant and that you can overcome them with ease.

– Make this your mantra: I am giving my best at this moment in my life, but I will strive to do better still.

– Is there a difference between average and mediocre? Think about this.

– For most people, the reason they are unable to achieve their fulfilling, extraordinary life- their level 10 life- is that they are so overwhelmed and mixed up in their day to day life.

– My brain is a place of wonder and miracle which can heal itself and improve my memory but only to the extent to which I believe it can improve. Have faith in yourself.

– It is widely regarded that the first hour of your day is the rudder of your ship. If you are dull and disorganised in the first hour after you wake up, then your day tends to be unfocused and dull. But if you put in the effort to make that first hour productive, the rest of the day yields much more favourable results.

– Always aim for a fulfilled, meaningful and exciting life without regrets and excuses; don’t settle for anything less.

– Practice the art of silence; it is the most secure way to reduce stress immediately and increase your self-awareness to clarify your priorities, goals and plans.

– Develop a personalised success ritual and start every morning off with it.

– The best way to learn is from the experts themselves, those who have already achieved what you want to achieve.

– The only exercise most people get is jumping to conclusions, sidestepping responsibility, running down their friends and pushing their luck.

– Your outer world and circumstances will improve only if you put all your effort and dedication into improving yourself first.

-Every single one of our thoughts, choices, and actions contributes toward who we become, which will influence the quality of our life.

– It is a fact that if we don’t start thinking and living differently than most people now, we will end up living a life of struggle, mediocrity and regret, like most people.           

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