“Homegoing” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Homegoing”, beautifully written by Yaa Gyasi, describes the two distinct lives of two half-sisters, Effia and Esi, who were natives of Ghana and belonged to different villages. The story throws light on Efia, who lives a luxurious life, whereas Efi suffers from poverty and slavery.

Homegoing Quotes

– The writer or creator of a story is the one who holds most of the power.

– Always connect with the missing voice that may have been suppressed in a story. 

– The definition of weakness is when we treat someone like our private property. 

– The actual strength lies within the idea when we get to know that every individual is the owner of themselves.

– The family can be symbolized as a large forest. It appears as dense when you flee from it, and the same forest can be seen accurately if you live there for a long time.

– The only problem of history is that we know what we are being told. We can never imagine the experiences of all those hidden voices.

– While reading history, we appear to depend on others for our words and knowledge.

– When you stab an innocent goat, you can’t possibly assure them that you would take out the weapon without causing any suffering. 

– The free ones can never actually forget being captive for once.

– Once you become evil, there is no stopping it; it will gradually consume you day after day and step by step.

– Some day or the other, we all are weak, scared, and afraid.

– If the blacks learn the lifestyle of the whites, they would learn what the whites want them to learn. 

– Never let regret make it a space in your mind.

– The moment you find clarity in your actions, ensure that there is no regret.

– The God of the whites also resembles his devotes who have the idea in his mind that he is the supreme one. 

– The whites can never do anything which will be good for the benefit of the blacks.

– The older you get, the more understanding you become, and the value of forgiveness comes with more understanding.

– Never look out to seek the future, as one might miss out on seeing what is bothering them now.

– In the early times, the blacks were traded just like the types of shackles.

– What can be possibly worse than being dead? Not punishing the wrongdoer even if you have clear evidence against it. 

Homegoing Quotes

– The whites live a lifestyle that will not ever guarantee to live.

– When a lioness mates with a lion, she makes the lion perceive as the king of the whole kingdom. 

– A lioness is like everything which lies between being a king and a queen.

– Once, a father explained to his child that waterways traded off blacks, so they always maintained a distance from water. 

– When someone does a wrong deed, it can be associated when a man spreads his large fishing net over the water.

– The clear meaning of prayer is not asking God what we want by folding hands; in practice, it is like putting forward the desires that are present deep down one’s heart.

– Being free is always associated with an uncountable number of sacrifices.

– Always remember the place you belong to. Always remember your roots.

– The segregation of whites and blacks is still present today. The white kid will still mock the black and send him off to the last seat on the bus to feel he is unequal.

– Hell is not a bad place. It is where one will fondly remember his moments in life before it becomes useless.

– There is nothing as ‘I could not do. If you want to learn something, then you will do it under any circumstances.

– Never run to anyone for advice. It is like another way of asking for permission. If there is anything you want to do, go for it.

– The one who can feel something extraordinary that the others cannot; we cannot recognize him as the crazy one.

– A blind can never call a normal person crazy when he sees something.

– People will always continue to blame you for something or another.

–  They will develop to rule the country for them, serve them, and never assert their freedom.

-. Even if you stab someone, there will always be one thing: blood.

– We can never imagine the experiences of all those hidden voices.

– Some day or the other, we all are weak, scared and afraid.

– Sometimes, a person will continuously tell a lie until he represents it as the truth.

– Do not think of yourself as stronger if you have muscles and height. Everyone has their fears.

– We can never imagine the experiences of all those hidden voices.

–  Everyone has their own fears.

–  If you want to learn something, you will definitely do it under any circumstances.

– Every fish cannot possibly forget that they were caught.

– Evil will always trace its path to you like it is like a shadow.

– White people smiling at the blacks will only mean that they were planning much bigger trouble for them.

– It does not matter where you belong; it is over for you if you are black.

– Be aware of the power of fire. Know when to draw warmth from it and know when to stay cold.

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