61+ Inspiring Quotes from the “Hate U Give”

In “Hate U Give”, Angie Thomas has put forward the idea of raising our voices against racial discrimination. The book revolves around a teen girl who moves to the city and faces a challenge when a white cop brutally assassinates his black friend and how she protested against this.

Here are some insightful Quotes From The “Hate U Give”

– Don’t bottle up your feelings. Always speak out and make use of your voice.

– Everyone makes mistakes during their initial stages. It is us who have to choose between our problems and the one we love.

– The true definition of being brave is to fight back even though you are scared to death.

– Never let people demean you. Learn when to speak up under the right circumstances.

– The more we let other individuals let us down, the more it becomes normal for them.

– Never feel bad about your history; you cannot change it.

– We all remember the last moments of the death of our loved ones. It’s no fairy tale for us, but we should look out for a good ending.

– Wood can be destroyed but not a movement.

– The moment you see someone’s reason for being broken, you cannot possibly unsee it, and it would be looking at them as if they are naked.

– Instances of a murder of a black for just their skin colour have been common these days. Ensure you have the loudest voice if you ever witness this.

– Intensions are never pretty. In reality, they seem good on paper.

– People who protest against these symbolize hashtags that rarely get any justice.

– There is still an undying hope that one time just one time, it will end in a right and just way.

– Good-byes are the most painful when you do not have the person by your side.

– Every individual’s voice matters their intentions, and their actions can influence others in many ways, ways we cannot even imagine.

– There are barely any differences in these practices that were happening in Africa. The same thing continues in a different century with different faces.

– Americans are not quite quick to provide jobs to the black communities despite qualifications.

– There is a rage built up in the minds of the blacks when they see their loved ones suffer, and when it is activated, there is no looking back.

– Learn to be like the roses which can grow on the concrete.

– People say misery looks for company. The same case is with our anger too.

– We cannot regard a hairbrush as a gun.

– Never let anyone put their thoughts in your mind. Speak for your own and make use of your brain.

– No one complains about travelling to the Harry Potter world or their wands.

– The author had a talk with her parents about how she will react if she ever has an encounter with a cop.

– The father stated that the black girls are never too young to get killed or arrested.

– Funerals are not held for the dead ones. They are just for the livings.

– Fight every battle without the worry of being hurt or who you will hurt. Just give everything of yours.

– White people have a thought that it is kind of dope to be black.

– The whole Hogwarts was like kind of a gang. All the three friends would like to die before informing each other.

– The Saturdays are for recovering, whereas the Sundays are for repenting.

– Try to be master at knowing what to speak to whom.

– The most important part of a protest is that the people should never forget the reason for that protest and go on with the marching and shouting at the top of their voices.

– You cannot possibly murder an innocent when he is trying to open just a freaking door. And if that is what you do, you do not have the right to call ourselves a cop.

– The one whom the author called a hazel-eyed friend others gave him the title of a thug.

– God has provided us with a brain, and it can do many wonders. So we do not possible need others thoughts and ideas.

– People have various definitions of normal. Try to know what makes an individual less normal than you when you compare anyone.

– Never put aside your thoughts because you scared of anyone. Fear no one but God.

– There is a certain kind of hate some give to the blacks, which is what thug life is.

– Watch out what you speak and try not to sound like a white.

– Being real has nothing to do with what we belong to.

– You can let go of someone sometimes. Do not always wait for a person to change.

– Never stop yourself from doing the right things. There is still a chance that things can go rough if you always do the right thing.

– People sometimes get tired of assumptions.

– People act like they have a Fragile label on themselves, and they do not speak anything, which is the worst thing to do.

– Sometimes, we act as a light in someone’s darkness, but we never know when we will require some light of our own.

– The act of hoeing will be universal no matter what.

– The blacks crave their freedom. Freedom to have the power to know the destiny of all the blacks together.

– Talking cannot be regarded as doing anything. It will be always more beneficial than the stupid silence.

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