“Hate U Give” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

In “Hate U Give,” Angie Thomas has put forward the idea of raising our voices against racial discrimination.

The book revolves around a teen girl who moves to the city and faces a challenge when a white cop brutally assassinates his black friend and how she protests against this.

“The Hate U Give” Book Summary

“The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas is a powerful young adult novel that addresses themes of racism, police brutality, and social justice. The story follows Starr Carter, a black teenager who witnesses the fatal shooting of her unarmed friend Khalil by a police officer.

The book explores the complexities of identity, activism, and finding one’s voice in the face of systemic injustice.

Starr must navigate between her predominantly black neighborhood and her predominantly white private school while grappling with the trauma of witnessing a racially motivated killing.

Thomas’s novel encourages empathy, understanding, and dialogue about racial issues and inequality. It sheds light on the Black Lives Matter movement and the importance of speaking out against racial discrimination and violence.

“The Hate U Give” is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged story that has sparked important conversations about race, prejudice, and the need for change in society, making it a crucial read for young adults and beyond.

Lessons Learned From “The Hate U Give”

“The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas is a powerful novel that addresses important social issues, and it imparts several significant lessons:

  1. Finding Your Voice: The protagonist, Starr, learns the importance of finding her voice and speaking up for what she believes in, even in the face of adversity.
  2. Racial Injustice: The book sheds light on racial inequality, police brutality, and systemic racism, highlighting the need for social justice and equality.
  3. Identity and Code-Switching: Starr grapples with her identity as a black girl living in a predominantly white neighborhood, showcasing the challenges of code-switching and the complexities of identity.
  4. Family Unity: The importance of family support and unity is evident throughout the story, emphasizing the role of a strong support system in navigating difficult circumstances.
  5. Friendship and Loyalty: The book explores the dynamics of friendship and the significance of loyalty, even in the most challenging situations.
  6. Empathy and Understanding: Readers are encouraged to empathize with the experiences of others, especially those from different backgrounds, fostering a greater understanding of diverse perspectives.
  7. Community Activism: The story shows the impact of community activism and peaceful protests in addressing social injustices.
  8. Educational Empowerment: Education is portrayed as a means to empowerment, enabling individuals to challenge the status quo and effect positive change.
  9. Media Influence: The novel highlights how the media can shape public perception and the importance of responsible journalism in covering sensitive issues.
  10. Emotional Resilience: Starr’s emotional journey underscores the importance of emotional resilience and self-care when facing trauma and adversity.
  11. Hope and Resilience: Despite the challenges faced, the book conveys a message of hope and resilience, encouraging readers to persevere in the pursuit of justice and equality.
  12. Courage in the Face of Fear: Starr’s courage in testifying against a police officer demonstrates the strength it takes to confront fear and make a stand for justice.

“The Hate U Give” is a thought-provoking novel that addresses contemporary social issues with depth and authenticity. Its lessons resonate with readers, encouraging them to be courageous, empathetic, and engaged in efforts to promote social change and justice.

the Hate U Give Quotes

– Don’t bottle up your feelings. Always speak out and make use of your voice.

– Everyone makes mistakes during their initial stages. We have to choose between our problems and the ones we love.

– The true definition of being brave is to fight back even though you are scared to death.

– Never let people demean you. Learn when to speak up under the right circumstances.

– The more we let other individuals let us down, the more it becomes normal for them.

– Never feel bad about your history; you cannot change it.

– We all remember the last moments of the death of our loved ones. It’s no fairy tale for us, but we should look out for a good ending.

– Wood can be destroyed but not a movement.

– The moment you see someone’s reason for being broken, you cannot possibly unsee it, and it would be looking at them as if they are naked.

– Instances of the murder of a black for just their skin color have been common these days. Ensure you have the loudest voice if you ever witness this.

– Intensions are never pretty. In reality, they seem good on paper.

– People who protest against these symbolize hashtags that rarely get any justice.

– There is still an undying hope that one time just one time, it will end in the right and just way.

– Goodbyes are the most painful when you do not have the person by your side.

– Every individual’s voice matters in their intentions, and their actions can influence others in many ways we cannot even imagine.

– There are barely any differences in these practices that were happening in Africa. The same thing continues in a different century with different faces.

– Americans are not quite quick to provide jobs to black communities despite qualifications.

– There is a rage built up in the minds of the blacks when they see their loved ones suffer, and when it is activated, there is no looking back.

– Learn to be like the roses which can grow on the concrete.

The Hate U Give Quotes

– People say misery looks for company. The same case is with our anger too.

– We cannot regard a hairbrush as a gun.

– Never let anyone put their thoughts in your mind. Speak for your own and make use of your brain.

– No one complains about traveling to the Harry Potter world or their wands.

– The author talked with her parents about how she would react if she ever had an encounter with a cop.

– The father stated that the black girls are never too young to get killed or arrested.

– Funerals are not held for the dead ones. They are just for the living.

– Fight every battle without worrying about being hurt or who you will hurt. Just give me everything of yours.

– White people thought that it was kind of dope to be black.

– The whole Hogwarts was like kind of a gang. All three friends would like to die before informing each other.

– The Saturdays are for recovering, whereas the Sundays are for repenting.

– Try to be a master at knowing what to speak to whom.

– The most important part of a protest is that the people should never forget the reason for that protest and go on with marching and shouting at the top of their voices.

– You cannot possibly murder an innocent when he is trying to open just a freaking door. And if that is what you do, you do not have the right to call yourself a cop.

– The one whom the author called a hazel-eyed friend others gave him the title of a thug.

God has provided us with a brain that can do many wonders. So we do not possibly need other’s thoughts and ideas.

– People have various definitions of normal. Try to know what makes an individual less normal than you when you compare anyone.

– Never put aside your thoughts because you are scared of anyone. Fear no one but God.

– There is a certain kind of hate some give to the blacks, which is what thug life is.

– Watch what you speak and try not to sound like a white.

– Being real has nothing to do with what we belong to.

– You can let go of someone sometimes. Do not always wait for a person to change.

– Never stop yourself from doing the right things. There is still a chance that things can go rough if you always do the right thing.

– People sometimes get tired of assumptions.

– People act like they have a Fragile label on themselves and do not speak anything, which is the worst thing to do.

– Sometimes, we act as a light in someone’s darkness, but we never know when we will require some light of our own.

– The act of hoeing will be universal no matter what.

– The blacks crave their freedom. Freedom to have the power to know the destiny of all the blacks together.

– Talking cannot be regarded as doing anything. It will always be more beneficial than stupid silence.

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