“The Happiness Project” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Gretchen Rubin in her book “The Happiness Project: or why I spent a year trying to sing in the morning, clean my closets, fight right, read Aristotle, and generally have more fun” mentions certain things that will motivate you to change your life.

The book also focuses on popular culture, history, and many more things humans used to follow to find happiness. The aim is to make the necessary changes to bring happiness to your face.  

The Happiness Project Quotes

-Sometimes, people think that being happy is selfish, and they are misguided here because being happy is always selfless. 

-Often, the people who are happy, light-hearted, more selfless, and sometimes emotionally weak are those who are taken for granted by others. 

-His spirits didn’t matter to everyone, and no one tried to keep them high.

-You won’t receive credit sometimes after bringing happiness into someone’s life; it is very unforced, too.

-The years we spend are never long, but sometimes the days we spend are tough and long.

-Certain words, including no offense, should not be used to start a sentence.

-It is noticed that when people are happy, they connect with more people, and laughter becomes an important part of it. People make more eye contact when they are laughing or in a happy state.

-Happiness is complementary as you make others happy, you will be happy too, and the same thing happens if you are happy, then others can be happy too.

-Sometimes you do a great thing in a day, and it doesn’t matter, but it matters what you do in your day-to-day life.

-Sometimes, having nothing in your life can make you grateful, and you can always start with nothing.

-The biggest mistake people make is searching for happiness under others’ roofs instead of theirs.

-You may have many memories in your life, but sometimes the best memories are the things that go wrong in your life.

-Try to remind yourself to enjoy the present while anticipating much over the arrival of happiness in the future.

-If you waste your present time and wait for happiness in the future, you might not get it either.

-Try to appreciate some small moments in your life and live happily.

-Try to surround yourself with the people helping you overcome fears and inspire you in your life.

-There are days when you get success, and there are days when you face failures but try to make a fresh start every day since every day comes with a new opportunity.

-You need to have enthusiasm in your life as it is more important than your abilities in you.

-Sometimes, for the sake of more success, you are afraid of failure. 

-You need to accept all the feelings of your life, like feeling bad, feeling good, and feeling right and wrong, before the feeling of success.

-It is your wish to change yourself or not, but you need to accept yourself. 

-You need to use your time wisely as well as spend time on some other things. 

-When you express anger in your life, many things disappear from your life.

-Sometimes, you don’t have the ability to do everything in your life, but you can do anything in your life.

-You need to embrace the situation sometimes.

-The whole end of human life is to remain happy while passing through different phases.

-Sometimes money can be helpful to you as a servant but can be a bad master too.

-When you fail repeatedly, you become more creative in your life, and sometimes you enjoy it too.

-Sometimes, your fate is your soul mate, and you often ignore them.

-Sometimes we are busy paying attention to those things which can’t bring happiness to us.

-Laughing isn’t easier than complaining about things, and the same goes with yelling, too, as it is easier than sharing a joke.

-If you never try to make changes in your life, then you can never bring changes.

-Sometimes, people become happy with simple successes in life.

-When we grow in our life, we remain happy.

-If you are determined, you have 50 percent of happiness.

-You will do in adversity when you start focusing on small successes and solutions to every problem.

-You do work for others and then want them to acknowledge it.

-Sometimes, you explore too many things in life and face rejections in it.

-Often, people who are happy from the inside are more helpful and generous.

-Try to be happy always because one is always good at it.

-People think money is the reason for happiness, but it is the primary reason but remaining unhappy.

-To enjoy some activities, you need to pretend to yourself too.

-We feel the way we act, but we think that we act the way we feel.

-When you see things appearing familiar, change your lens.

-You can never be happy without anticipating things.

-Put away the childishness and the fear of it when you start growing and have the desire to grow more.

-Happiness is not a constant thing; it keeps growing with your progress.

-When you think that happiness will come from what you love, then there are chances of committing mistakes. 

-Decide how to act with a peaceful mind.

-It is never easy to be light-hearted. 

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