58+ Go-Giver Quotes

“The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann is a heartwarming story that highlights the importance of giving.

It entails the story of a young man named Joe who realizes the value of giving back and how this act gives unexpected returns to him.

Go-Giver Quotes

– Your true income is calculated by how many people’s life you improve and how much you give back.

– You’re worth in life is determined by how much more you provide to others as compared to the amount you take in payment.

– The most valuable thing that you can give to people is yourself. No matter what materialistic thing you think you are selling to them, what you are really offering is yourself.

–  As long as you are trying to be a different person or behaving like someone else said you should, you don’t really have a chance of reaching people.

– You can give back effectively only if you stay open to receiving.

– Always remember this: no matter which field you work in or what training you have received or what your skills are, you will always be your most important commodity. You, yourself are the most valuable thing you can offer to someone.

– Your influence over others and society will be determined by how willingly you place other people’s interests and well-being over yours.

– Everybody can achieve success because there is no restriction on giving.

– Usually, when a person is more successful, he becomes more willing to share his secrets to success.

– Always look for the best in a person, and you will be astounded by the amount of talent, ingenuity, and good you will discover.

– Remember that people tend to do business with and give opportunities to people they like and remember.

– Appearances are almost always deceiving.

– A bad restaurant serves food just good enough in quality and quantity to justify the money it takes from customers. A good restaurant dedicates itself to giving the customer his full money’s worth.

– How often and how sincerely you express gratitude determines your level of happiness and also your rate of success. It is difficult to stay happy without gratitude.

– Sometimes, even if you feel foolish and look foolish, do the thing anyway if it’s the right thing.

– What the marketplace really wants is people who know how to care, communicate effectively, and make people feel good about themselves.

– You see, fifty-fifty is a losing proposition. The only winning proposition is a hundred percent; look after the other person’s interest and invest yourself in the other person’s win.

– Whoever said being anxious gets more accomplished?

– The first question before an act should be, “Does it add value to the life of others? Does it serve people?” And if the answer is a definite yes, then you can ask, “Does it make money?”.

– Most people’s mind works this way: they need to see some benefit for themselves before making a contribution. But things don’t really have to work that way.

– The wealthiest people in the world are those who have a greater passion and dedication for what they are giving- their product or service- than what they are getting in return.

– When the richest people lose their wealth, it is often because they care more about getting value than giving something.    

– People who love to give have attractive power. Givers attract.

– Build your network with people you know and trust, and they do so in return. They will act like your army of personal ambassadors and will be genuinely invested in seeing you succeed.

– When you start building relationships based on who owes you what and how much you owe them, that’s not a friendship. That is being a creditor.

– There are three reasons why people work: to survive, to save, and to serve.

– What makes you beautiful and unique is what’s inside you, not the external wrapping.

– Achieving any goal you have set takes ten percent technical skills and ninety percent people skills.

– Make giving a simple way of your life, not a strategy, and then very profitable things will begin to happen.

– The more you will give, the more you will have.

– Work on being more receptive. Being curious, having big dreams, believing in yourself, everything is a part of being more receptive and open.

– Receiving is the natural result of giving.

– Your compensation in life will be directly proportional to how many lives you touch and influence.

– Focus on positives. What you focus on is what you attract and what you get.

– An interesting game you can play is the reverse gossip game. Find out how many nice things you can say about someone when they are absent.

– You become a commodity when you place a price tag on yourself, but when you sell yourself on values, you become a resource.

– You know that you have influenced someone’s life when you get the results you want out of them while making them feel appreciated and valued.

– People often view selling as a mere business transaction. But it is way more than that; it is the forging of a human connection.

– To succeed in life, you must create short-term and long-term relationships attracting others to you.

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