“The Book of Longings” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book is based on tremendous research and writing. ”The Book of Longings” is an approach to the life of Jesus where he focuses on humanity.

The book has inspired many and is an account of a single woman who is fearless enough to follow her passion and reveal the potential she contains inside.

“The Book of Longings” Book Summary

“The Book of Longings” is a historical novel by Sue Monk Kidd that reimagines the life of Ana, a young woman who becomes the wife of Jesus Christ. Set in the first century, the novel weaves together elements of history, faith, and feminism to create a compelling narrative.

Kidd’s book provides a unique perspective on biblical history by introducing Ana as a central character. Ana is portrayed as a strong, independent woman with a deep desire for knowledge and a longing to share her own voice and experiences.

The novel explores themes of women’s rights, spirituality, and the power of the written word. Ana’s quest to write her own gospel and the challenges she faces in a patriarchal society add depth to the story.

“The Book of Longings” is a thought-provoking and beautifully written work that challenges traditional interpretations of biblical narratives. It encourages readers to consider the untold stories of women in history and the importance of pursuing one’s passions and beliefs, even in the face of adversity.

The book blends historical fiction with themes of empowerment and self-discovery, making it a captivating and impactful read.

Lessons Learned From “The Book of Longings”

“The Book of Longings” by Sue Monk Kidd is a historical novel that reimagines the life of Ana, a fictional wife of Jesus Christ. It imparts several important lessons:

  1. Agency and Independence: The book portrays Ana as a strong-willed and independent woman who seeks her own path and purpose in a patriarchal society.
  2. Voice and Writing: Ana’s passion for writing and her determination to have her voice heard reflect the importance of self-expression and the written word.
  3. Questioning Tradition: Ana’s questioning of societal and religious traditions prompts readers to consider the value of questioning the status quo.
  4. Women’s Rights and Empowerment: The novel highlights the struggles and limitations faced by women in the ancient world and underscores the importance of women’s rights and empowerment.
  5. Spirituality and Faith: “The Book of Longings” delves into the complex relationship between spirituality, faith, and organized religion.
  6. Love and Partnership: The book explores the idea of love and partnership as equals, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and support in relationships.
  7. Resilience: Ana’s resilience in the face of adversity and her determination to pursue her passions serve as sources of inspiration.
  8. Social Justice: The novel touches on themes of social justice, equality, and the fight against oppression.
  9. Education and Knowledge: Ana’s pursuit of knowledge and her desire to educate herself and others underscore the value of education and enlightenment.
  10. Courage and Rebellion: Ana’s acts of courage and rebellion against societal norms challenge readers to consider their own capacity for breaking free from expectations.
  11. Interfaith Dialogue: “The Book of Longings” promotes interfaith dialogue and understanding, exploring the similarities and differences among religious beliefs.
  12. Freedom of Expression: The novel celebrates the importance of freedom of expression, particularly through writing, as a means to share one’s thoughts and beliefs.

“The Book of Longings” is a thought-provoking novel that encourages readers to reflect on themes of faith, empowerment, love, and the pursuit of one’s passions. Its lessons inspire individuals to question tradition, advocate for women’s rights, and value the power of self-expression and knowledge.

Quotes From The Book of Longings

-Anger requires no effort. Kindness is tough to show.

-Teach me about your god, and I’ll teach you about mine. We can find the god behind them together.

-Every pain that exists in this world wants itself to be seen.

-One must look for a way to find love in this world. You have discovered yours.

-Your time will come as you want it to.

-For so long, I tried to be what they wanted me to be. But now I just want to be myself.

-When your moment comes, try to extract as much as possible from it.

-Bless the good inside me, no matter how bad I am.

-Life and Death are inevitable. They can’t be changed.

-Returning evil to the world for evil does no good to them. Therefore, I try to return the goods now.

-You think by your brain; you go by your heart.

-It is always a miracle when one’s problems don’t begin bitterness in their life but brings kindness instead.

-“When my bones turn into ashes, sing over me,” said her voice.

-I will meet you at a place where there is no death.

-He heard the screams in my heart but did not bother to silence that.

-She had everything I did not at that moment. I hated every single thing of hers that I did not possess.

-The thing that is the most hurt within us always finds a way.

-You do not have to care for her. Just treat her with a little love.

-Return to what you have. It is going to make you learn a lot.

-How to avoid fear? Strengthen it.

Quotes From The Book of Longings

-I hoped that my grief didn’t turn into despair, a scar that could not be removed.

-Women hide their desires deep inside their bodies.

-The cruelest state for a woman is denial; for men, it is an utter shame.

-Either we make our moments, or we do not. There’s no in-between.

-Maybe you can submit yourself to motherhood. My only concern is, what will your mother do?

-So he thinks that my writing is not a prayer? Just because I hold a pen doesn’t mean that I don’t have grief in me.

-When I began writing, I felt I was returning to myself.

-The thing that keeps you on track is the spirit that revolts yet stays inside of you.

-I also think about you; god cannot be restricted.

-I can never forget the thought of you leaving me. That memory will always remain as a scar, but I wish to be loved.

-To be disregarded and unremembered led to the worst sadness of all.

-Women’s toil didn’t have a beginning or end like God’s.

-He laughed, frowned, and laughed again. I can love him only for that.

-All of us have some kind-heartedness in us, don’t we?

-My own kindness has been to bless yours.

-I am gathering up yet getting scattered.

-Never leave it to fate. You should do the corrections yourself.

-The author’s target is not only to show the world their current scenario but also to explore what’s beyond it.

-I was fond of her like you are fond of god, with all my heart and soul.

-I must submit myself to something.

-The light entered dim and slow but never arrived fully.

-The brightness in me will never quench.

-Conceal your writings so that one day they can be discovered again.

-Loss is the birth of a daughter. The wickedness of a man is better than a woman who does good.

-Let your life just be itself.

-Who am I? I am a voice that is crying in the dark.

-You have grieved enough for yourself. I get that he has left you, but do you want to leave?

-I am the slut, and I’m pure. I am the spouse, and I’m scared.

-Get out of that cage. It has been over a month since that sickness made its first appearance in the city.

-This suffering is not there to tear us apart but bring us closer.

-If god was a woman, she would have acted earlier.

-This was the most wicked yet beautiful profanity I’ve ever heard.

-Your time will come; as it does, grab it with every ounce left in your body. It will come because you want it to.

-Some truths are like rocks that can’t be swallowed.

-I was captivated by this dark, fixed fear.

-I told the truth to my husband. But did not tell him everything.

-The fact that we are separated does not hurt me anymore.

-They have been criticized as impure. But god is love; he would not let them be criticized as he is not cruel.

-I should not have let the world slip from my arms when I held it too close.

-My heart is so filled. Even speaking has been difficult for me since.

-We are captured once again.

-My aunt’s mouth was a hole filled with thrilling utterances.

-What we had is engraved within the sufferings that we faced.

-Hi. I am Ana. I was the spouse of Jesus ben Joseph of Nazareth.

-The endless effort to find what could not be found seemed stupid.

-When she smiled, the skin around her eyes wrinkled, making her look even more beautiful.

-Father said that my mind was weak and my tongue even weaker. Now it seems that my tongue is not weaker but the fiercest part of my body.

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