60+ The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Quotes

John C. Maxwell in his book named “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow them and people will follow you” focuses on the 21things on leadership.

The author also tells that it is very difficult for a single person to adopt all the laws in his life. The book is one of the best sellers for people with leadership skills.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership Quotes

John C. Maxwell has mentioned some of the beautiful quotes in his book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow them and people will follow you”:

-You will have to move the people with emotion first and then you can move people to action and that is the reason it is said that head comes first and then heart.

-If people won’t understand your behavior in time, they will never care for the things that you care about.

-Often we believe that we are achieving something naturally when we are busy in life but sometimes it isn’t correct.

-Sometimes being busy is not very productive.

-Sometimes accomplishments are not necessary for a person to be an actor.

-There are certain persons in the world who know what is important and these people get success easily as they prioritize their work accordingly.

-Some things are least uncomfortable and sometimes painful downright and prioritizing causes us to do the things in a comfortable manner.

-Many people are hoping to go as far as they can go and they view success as they view the skill of leadership.

-To climb the ladder, you need to achieve the highest position of your talent.

-There are different types of leaders, one who attracts followers and the other is one who develops the other leaders.

-The person who embodies two seemingly disparate qualities is known as a great leader.

-Sometimes people are both highly practical and visionary.

-You need to understand that you have to use your brain to lead yourself and you should use your heart to lead others.

-When people admire you as a leader, they will be respecting you.

-People love you the most when they respect you as a friend and that is what friendship is known for.

-The people will respect you as their leader and they will feel proud of you if they follow you properly.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

-It is the leader who charts the course and other people can steer the ship.

-People who are good navigators are the people having good leadership skills and they can take their people about anywhere.

-It always depends on how far we advance others not on how far we advance ourselves and this is considered as the bottom line of leadership.

-Sometimes victory is inevitable and commitment is unquestionable.

-Often there are many qualities of a leader that are followed by everyone and one of these qualities is you need to believe that you can do everything.

-Potential requires perseverance and that cannot be done overnight.

-You need to have more leadership skills for climbing higher in life.

-If you want to make a big impact as a leader then you have to make a big influence on everyone around you.

-Sometimes with a leadership bias, the leader sees everything.

-The leader usually tries to make his employees learn many things and make them improve in certain areas so that they can grow on their own in the future.

-You should maximize every asset and resource for the benefit if you want to be a successful leader.

-True leadership only comes from the influence and it cannot be mandated.

-If you are doing a noble cause for the people as a leader then you will never fail in that and the people will always understand your intentions.

-We often think that our primary goal is to work on the improvement of ourselves and we believe that if we work on ourselves and improve then others are likely to follow us.

-Sometimes there are many messages in your inbox but every message is filtered according to your priorities and it also varies from person to person.

-Sometimes you need to stand out of your goals and adjust your priorities.

-People often think that a leader is made due to their position but the situation is different as it is the leader who has makes the position look so bright.

-In life, you have to make things right in the first time because you may not get a second chance always.

-A person often thinks that it is very difficult to find a leader and he is wrong here.

-Things that are helpful to others can never be buried.

-In the ring, if when you become the champion then you are merely recognized.

-Sometimes people misunderstand the concept of leadership.

-Sometimes people assume an individual to be the leader when they hear that someone has an impressive title or is being assigned a good position.

-Leading doesn’t have any connections with earning titles in life and there is often a wrong assumption in it.

-You can never lead others if you don’t have the influence and capability to motivate others.

-Sometimes for an individual, it is very small enough and for a family, it is very large enough.

-One can never be as smart as all of us are.

-The fear of change is the barer for success by a person.

-Sometimes people think that if someone is given a charge he is a leader but it isn’t true because it isn’t necessary that someone is a leader when he is given a charge.

-Leaders have their priorities and they make their own choices too.

-If you can do more than one thing well in life, then you have the ability to do well in life as a leader.

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