“Secrets of Six-figure Women” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Secrets of Six-Figure Women” by Barbara Stanny is an inspirational book that mainly focuses on women’s empowerment. The book inspires the female population to step forward and to take their fate into their own hands, so as to abolish gender discrimination.

Here are some inspirational quotes from Secrets Of Six-Figure Women”:

-One must not be stuck in a single place. If he gets stuck in who she is now, she will never blossom in the future.

-One must let go of certain characteristics to have progress. Being stubborn will only hold you back in the long run.

-Fear is essential for progress. It can act as a necessary motor to boost your drive to keep improving.

-One should not stop due to fear. She should embrace it and then slowly but steadily conquer it.

-Our progress almost entirely depends on our state of mind and our thought process. It is a universal concept and there is no magic involved.

-Intention to do something and the desire to let go are interdependent in more ways.

-Intention can be expressed as a magnet that attracts what we want. It enables us to go after the things we desire.

-Every success story starts with baby steps. Like a butterfly is born as a caterpillar, one has to start from the ground if she desires to fly.

-It is fine to crave. Human beings are greedy by nature. We need to crave what we need as the desire will act as fuel to propel our actions.

-We need to crave and fear to wholly become who we are. The inherent need to crave and the trait to fear complete us.

-Supporters are essential for a woman to become a six-figure woman. There is a limit to what one can achieve alone.

-Loyal and trustworthy supporters are the key to the peak. Having an efficient backing helps you attain professional success.

-True believers are supporters who have unwavering faith in the one they support and continue to do so even after repeated failures.

-Way showers do not actively back you up. They help you pave the way to success and act as a witness to record your future success.

-Our intentions decide the path we follow. After all, we only do what we intend to do. So it is imperative we have productive intentions to have a successful career.

-Pressure brings tension. It keeps you in a constant state of discomfort. We should not give in to pressure. A calm state of mind is essential.

-The state of discomfort can kill us inside out. Our situation could be compared to a duck, all calm and expressionless outside but completely nervous inside.

-Self-satisfaction is the greatest form of satisfaction. Making others happy is meaningless if we aren’t satisfied with ourselves.

-We should live a satisfactory life so that when we are on our deathbed and when we look back, we don’t have too many regrets.

-If or when a girl decides to pursue the six-figure path, support is not an option anymore. It becomes a necessity without which the path can’t be completed.

-Striving for the impossible at the beginning itself is utter foolishness. It is a waste of both effort and time.

-We should start by doing what’s possible, what we can afford to do, and then increase our limits, and slowly we will see that we are doing tasks which were previously deemed impossible.

-Hard work is necessary for success. But working hard doesn’t mean working all the time. In fact, a good schedule is required to balance all tasks and needs.

-Negotiations and assertiveness are two important skills that need to be mastered if a girl wants to be a six-figure woman.

-Courses and training classes are a way to develop these skills, in case of a lack of experience.

-A true leader must have confidence in his own worth. People always trust the ‘vibes’ more than the ‘words’.

-Self-trust, Self-love, self-respect, and self-worth are four characteristics we should have to be assertive.

-Asking for more is a sign of self-love as it shows that we ask more to satiate our own desires.

-Saying no to suggestions we dislike is an act of self-respect. It shows that we have morality and bottom lines, traits belonging to respect-worthy individuals.

-Refusing to settle indicates our estimation of our own worth. We should never settle for anything below our true worth. We should demand what we deserve.

-Walking away from what we dislike is an indication of self-trust. We can walk away confidently only if we trust our instincts and decisions.

-A declaration of our intention is the first step towards financial success. And it is the most important one. We need to have a clear intention of what we are going to do.

-Humans always desire good results. But never be satisfied with good results as we must strive for better ones. Settling for ‘just good’ halts progress.

-Money will always be a priority, be it the main priority or a daily need. Money, is, after all, the common denominator, in this world.

-Martin Luther King had once said that one does not need to assess every step. One needs to have faith and climb the stairs.

-Strong intentions and deep commitment pave the way for future success. They are both necessary traits to achieve our dreams.

-We are bound to experience pain in our path. It is inevitable. But whether to continuously suffer or conquer the pain is up to us.

-Being passive does not guarantee success. We don’t get too many chances in our lives. We need to take advantage of every single chance we get.

-We should make it a habit to honor our intentions, and decisions that follow. This gives rise to self-esteem which will be crucial in our future endeavors.

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