“Radical Candor” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

In the book “Radical Candor: Be a kick-ass boss without losing your humanity”, Kim Malone Scott discusses the work of the bosses in the company.

The book focuses on making youths a kick-ass boss so that you have an excellent relationship in business. This will also help the readers to make a workplace better.

Radical Candor Quotes

-Being a boss or the leader of the team you should see your teammates and members of the team with fresh eyes only.

-There is a chance of the evolution of people around you and your relationships will also evolve and then you should also adopt the process of evolving.

-Never try to put your employees in the closed boxes and leave them in trouble rather try to care for each one of them.

-Don’t try to collect the wood or drum up the wood if you want to build a ship and never assign members of your team a task without even teaching them.

-A better start to a healthy relationship is to leave the unwanted things in their way and make a fresh start.

-Being nice is often prioritized in every workplace and work environment.

-It is natural to be worried about earning someone’s respect in life. 

-Never force anyone to respect you because they will definitely backfire.

-There is criticism in every phase of life and you need to respect those things too.

-Getting overwhelmed by circumstances is not the essence of leadership in life.

-There are many situations where a team wants to go home but due to work pressure they are not able to go home and the best gift to them in that situation is allowing them to go home.

-Try to spend little time alone so that you can have trust in yourself and that is the best way to regain trust in yourself. 

-Knowing your worth is most important and you need some space from the regular world to have knowledge about your worth. 

-Results can be better if you have the ability to listen more and act accordingly to them.

-You can challenge your superstars and make sure that they are constantly learning and it is the best way to keep them happy.

-When people are screwing up then it is hard to explain them at that moment and it is considered better to leave them alone.

-It is advised to keep silent and not say anything when you don’t have anything nice or good to say.

-All of a sudden it will be your job to say anything and you have to say it.

-You need to have proper praise to criticism ratio in life.

-Sometimes people work for the company for more than ten years or even more without even having advancement in life but because they are in love with the company and that is the reason which makes it difficult for them to leave the work.

-Their teams are lucky when their bosses are lucky and similarly their bosses are lucky when their teams are lucky enough.

-Treat people with the honor that they deserve and retain individuals who try their best to make things best and maintain the balance in the company.

Radical Candor Quotes

-You should know how to roar back when someone is roaring at you.

-While working in a company, for every piece of work you miss, you will be angry at yourself.

-When you are doing something then don’t assume it to be not good or bad.

-When you feel that a person is a bad person or when you get some negative vibes from the people around you, then you can never begin a conversation with them and you will always have fear within yourself.

-The dog will die soon if you are not able to teach him to sit properly.

-You need to bend down sometimes to get inside or else you will have to wait outside.

-That man was in my face now but for some moments until I disallowed him to be anymore.

-The way to build trust is the way you ask for criticism and the way you react to it.

-You can make a team of people exhausted and there is no worse way of making it.

-It is only by the selection and elimination process, we can know about the better things in life.

-You need to choose yourself what to select and what things to eliminate.

-Often it is noticed that the feedback is personally taken by the person when he receives it.

-To build a culture there are several other ways too.

-It is the best way to show that you are aware of the wrong things in life and you are not going to make it happen again.

-Under your guidance, you will have a better scope for your future and sometimes you need other’s guidance too.

-From the speaker’s mouth, the things are never measured because it is always measured by the listener’s ears.

-A person is considered a strong leader when he has the confidence to listen and challenge things.

-You should find a new job for yourself if you cannot adjust with your boss and you have to listen to each of his words if you are in a job.

-Sometimes management is the only way to achieve higher compensation.

-The command is the key behind radical candor.

-Sometimes the quality of the management suffers due to the mismanagement of the employees.

-The idea is always to collaborate and innovate and not replace.

-The employees are sometimes happy as the company puts more effort to make them happy. 

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