“Questions To Ask Yourself” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

55 Questions, Across 8 Dimensions For a New You! By Manoj, Chenthamarakshan is a book that makes you question yourself and get answers about who you really are.

A human character generally has many shades, and unless we question ourselves, we won’t be able to know our versions in a better way. 

Deep Questions To Ask Yourself For Personal Growth

  • Having a clear self-image is very important for the character development of any human. You are your biggest critic and need to know yourself well to have mental clarity. 

  • The only person who should know exactly who you are, is you, yourself. You need to ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ to start with.

  • You might sometimes have to dig deep into your history to know facts about your environment, which can help you answer who you really are and whom you look at in the mirror every day. 

  • You need to ask yourself if you are positive or negative. As in, you need to know whether you are happy with your position in life at the moment or not. 

  • There may have been certain goals of yours that you had 5 or 3 or 2 years back, not necessarily about your career, but anything. Have you achieved those goals? 

  • You need to ask yourself if you are happy with the way you relate with the people around you or not. You need to know if you can fulfill your own goals or not. 

  • You need to list your top three models, the ones who inspire you in your life, the ones whom you consider to be your idols. 

  • Since you have role models, there must be certain characteristics of theirs that draw you towards them that inspire you. List them down and evaluate how much of their characters you have inculcated in yourself. 

  • A very vital part of knowing yourself is knowing your strengths. Scrutinize what your strengths are, doesn’t matter how petty or irrelevant they are. 

  • It is not always necessary that your strengths have to be recognized by anyone. The most important factor is that you need to recognize your strengths to know who you are. 

  • Every human faces obstacles in their life, and you are surely no exception. List the obstacles that you’ve faced in your life and introspect exactly how you have overcome them. 

  • Always remember, there is no barrier to how big an obstacle is. Doesn’t matter how small an obstacle is; it matters for you, yourself. 

  • There must be something that you love doing that gives you peace and works as an escape from the harsh reality. List down all the things that you love doing; you’re passionate about. 

  • You have been living with yourself every day, 24×7. Ask yourself what the things that you love about yourself the most are. The more the list goes, the better it is. 

Questions To Ask Yourself

  • You need to list down the things that make you lose track of time. Things that you love doing, which make you genuinely so happy that you forget to keep track of time. 

  • Ask yourself what you’d do if you had abundant money. This might seem to be a hypothetical question, but the answer really helps you know the personality traits that you have and the priorities that you’ve set. 

  • Even if you have all the money in the world, there has to be one thing that you’ll still continue doing. Ask yourself what that one thing is. That is the actual thing that you love doing the most. 

  • Every human has something that completes him as a person. What that one thing is for you, that one thing that helps you maintain your sanity, keeps you happy. 

  • It feels good when someone else compliments us. What is the thing that you are complimented for the most? The thing that people like the most about you. 

  • It is very important to know one’s goal, for the destination sets the path right for you. Dreams and goals are what keep a human alive. 

  • Your passion always has to meet your talent, and then only you can find happiness in what you do. So, ask yourself what is your goal in your career that will keep you happy. 

  • To achieve your goal, there must be certain prerequisite knowledge and skills that you need to have. List down all the skills that you need to acquire to reach your goal. 

  • When you are fixing a goal for yourself, you should have a time frame for when you want to achieve it. Fix the time you think to be the most suitable to achieve this goal.

  • Ask yourself exactly how you would feel once you achieve this goal. Your happiness and contentment matter the most. 

  • You have dreamt of this goal surely with some changes to be happening in your mind. What are those changes? Be it in yourself or in your surroundings, list down all the changes. 

  • Asking yourself certain value-based questions can give you the most clarity because you cannot lie to yourself, and you’re crystal clear here.

  • You need to know what you stand for. You shall have a strong opinion in the aspect of values that you will be following in your life. 

  • What is it exactly that irritates you the most? Something that you hate from the core of your heart, something you can never stand. Write it down on a piece of paper to know yourself better. 

  • Every human is passionate about something in their lives that they can fight the world for. List your things down so that you can depict exactly what it is. 

  • For you, what is the definition of a successful person? Success surely has a different meaning for every human; you need to know what it is for you. 

  • List down all the points that you want to be the differences between the present you and the success in the future. You need to know how you want to change and that is the key point to warming up for success. 

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