“Never Split The Difference” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book named “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it” written by Chris Voss focuses on the guidance of proper negotiation.

The book also shows some situations and how people react from their point of view. The book also has some emotional parts that will make you emotional too.

Never Split The Difference Quotes

Chris Voss has mentioned some quotes in his book named “Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it”:

-Sometimes people are being disagreeable without disagreeing with a situation in life and it is one of the secrets of negotiation.

-The resolution, creativity, and the truth are brought out to open by conflicts.

-When you are in the middle of the negotiation and start thinking that the guy opposite to you is thinking the same as you and then you start approaching him, then you are wrong because it is not empathy since it is always a projection.

-Sometimes it is about convincing the people that the solution they want in their life should be their own and they should work on their ideas for a bright and smooth future ahead and this is the best thing that you can do.

-Sometimes you need to ask them questions that can open paths to your goals and don’t beat them with logic or brute force.

-There are certain situations in which you won’t demand the idea of the other person and this is one of the beautiful things that you can have.

-You can have many strategies but you can depend upon hope and consider hope as the strategy.

-Negotiation is a process of discovery and not the act of the battle.

-Sometimes when you have a chance, then you should try as much as possible to fulfill your goal and grab everything that is necessary for you.

-When you are verbally assaulted, you should try to stay calm and cool and do not try to attack suddenly or at that moment and it is considered as a simple rule.

-You should always disarm the counterpart by a calibrated question.

-Sometimes people should observe things around them and the best way to deal with negativity is and without even reacting to the situation.

-Sometimes we have the fear that the different things are drawn similarly and there is confusion to select any one of them.

-To increase your bond, you should use a mirror and emphasize your courage.

-It is proved that the people usually listen more to themselves than any others and sometimes people act like they are listening to you but they will listen mostly to them.

-Always try to evaluate and clarify the thoughts and feelings in life.

-Popular opinions are also a part of the controversy.

-Sometimes your attitude should be very easy and they should be encouraging sometimes.

Never Split The Difference Quotes

-Sometimes you have the key with yourself and that is to relax and smile during negotiation but people often tend to argue more.

-Sometimes we don’t know what our negative qualities are and then it is very difficult for us to achieve something in this situation.

-You need to be sure that you are driven by two primal urges when you meet different people in the world and the intensity may differ from person to person.

-It is a valid negotiating technique and that is called remaining dumb.

-The mirroring instinct and your counterpart will be inevitably elaborate and it will be repeated back by the people.

-There are some people who are always across the table and they are never a problem for negotiation.

-Films are usually based on real-life situations and hence we don’t need to learn from them since it is already made from our experiences and it is better if we learn from our own experience.

-To fake, a conviction repeatedly is really hard and it is near impossible to do it.

-Silence is the last rule of labeling and you have to be quiet and listen when you are thrown out of the label.

-Babysitting is sometimes relaxing in the evening rather than caring for the child.

-You can frame the benefits at any deal when you know your emotional driver in your life.

-I will be having constructive behavior unless I get everything clear in my mind and take it positively.

-You should never try to commit to something which you are assuming because assumptions may not be hundred percent correct.

-When you are going for a deal, you try for a good deal but sometimes you have a bad deal and then you try to make no deal but something bad is better than nothing so you should accept the bad deal rather than no deals.

-You could sometimes talk about psychological judo.

-Presenting and underlying are the basic terms of emotions.

-You must be strong and emphatic when you are setting your boundaries and you should observe yourself before setting boundaries.

-Sometimes we don’t put ourselves in the shoes rather we spot our feelings and turn them into words.

-When you have flexibility, the forefront of your mind comes into the negotiation and you come in with a winning moment.

-Sometimes you should apologize and then go back and start everything new.

-There will be a situation when people prefer no rather than yes and it is best sometimes for them.

-You will learn nothing but you can increase your communication skills in negotiation.

-Sometimes life is like a tailor calibrating questions to know to unearth the motivations behind the table.

-The primary language of conversation is the language of the negotiation.

-When you can question the assumptions, then you can be a great negotiator.

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