74+ Never Let Me Go Quotes

The science fiction novel “Never Let Me Go” by the English author “Kazuo Ishiguro” describes the lives of ordinary citizens that are prolonged through a human cloning program.

The Novel is a reality of England in the early 1990s, and it has won many awards around the world. 

Never Let Me Go Quotes

– Sometimes, some of your precious memories fade surprisingly and quickly.

– With the water moving fast, he kept thinking about the river. 

– The memory that you value the most doesn’t fade ever. 

– The current is too strong to let go and drift apart. 

– You can love each other but can’t stay together forever. 

– It is a bit of a shock, and I need some time to adjust when I run into someone unexpectedly. 

– We took away your art by thinking it will reveal your souls. 

– Something we are not sure of is that our lives have been so different from the lives of the people we save. 

– What we have lived through or felt is not understood by everyone. 

– You often panic after the mistake since you don’t know the scale of the disaster that can be created after you have left yourself open to it. 

– Acceptance is an essential key to life, and you need to accept what is happening around you. 

– The feelings and opinions of people go one way and then it goes on another way. 

– Until our lives are closely interwoven, it never occurs to us.

– If the children are growing up without trauma, they must be deceived. 

– The only thing wanted was to believe in things happening around her. 

– There is a new world coming with more scientific and more efficient than today’s world. 

– In conversation, either you are always in a rush, or you are too exhausted. 

– The broken sleep has all crept into your being and becomes a part of you. 

– The way you move and talk, everyone notices your posture. 

– After losing something, we should not be heartbroken when we search for them but can’t find it. 

– You need to know who you are and what you are ahead of all lies, and then you can have a decent life. 

– We all are complete and need to understand it. 

Never Let Me Go Quotes

– The course of life that has been set for must run now, or it will be late.

– A part of us always stayed the same by fearing the things happening around us. 

– There are powerful tides that tug us apart, which is needed to complete the task. 

– Certain people are pleased to leave a thing as it is. 

– The pages of the old paperbacks have gone wobbly, and it seems like it once belonged to the sea. 

– They took his art away because it was revealing its soul and put it finely so that you can prove that you had souls at all.

– While playing chess and making your move, and after taking your finger off the piece, you see the mistake, and there you start panicking. 

– I am not asking you to forgive me for keeping you apart. 

– All I wanted was to put things right, but the mess was still there after keeping it right. 

– The only way to stop us from being swept away is by holding onto each other.

– We all vanished into the parallel universe where we had all this sex. 

– You will have only the roads to the big gray sky and my daydreams for my company. 

– The incidents seem to have more importance, maybe because I am looking at them in the light. 

– Sometimes, you are given a maths problem when your brain is entirely exhausted. 

– When you wish for something more, and the thing doesn’t happen often. 

– I would have had more chances to do everything correctly if I had been a particular person for once.

– People going north and south bypass it altogether. 

– I realized that I couldn’t be correct, and this interpretation didn’t fit the rest of the lyrics. 

– An immense tiredness came like a kind of lethargy in the face of the tangled mess over me. 

– After dark in our dorms, the woods played on our imaginations while trying to sleep. 

– She kept her eyes screwed shut but twisted her arms at first. 

– I suspect the truth was that, so I quizzed him on this point. 

– You do it because you think it can make someone laugh or it will cause a stir. 

– There is a time you can see me once in the afternoon, or you cannot see me more. 

– When I looked to the end, I could see it not turning up. 

– When you walk in the sea, you can sense just from the vast sky. 

– There was something in Tommy’s manner that was tinged with sadness, which is what I meant. 

– I am honestly sorry for not having any hard feelings now. 

– We are always suitable for each other until we start guessing about it. 

– The trend is never fixed and always goes after some time.

– I will have them gone forever, or else I will have to act pretty. 

– You are rubbish if you think about floating plastic in the branches. 

– Having the old tape and that song is appreciated. 

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