75+ How To Win Friends And Influence People Quotes

The book “How to win friends and influence people” centers on the significance of other individuals’ perspectives rather than our own. The book gives us methods to develop ourselves by which individuals will get interested in us.

The creator Dale Carnegie focuses on transforming others’ conduct by adjusting our mentality.

How To Win Friends And Influence People Quotes

-It doesn’t matter what you are, what you have, who you are, and what things you do that make you happy, but what you think about the situation.

-You shouldn’t be afraid of the enemies, rather than be afraid of the friends who might backstab you.

-The easy way to make friends is by bringing interest in them instead of waiting for their interest in you.

-It is effortless to criticize, condemn and complain about things, but a great character understands every situation and doesn’t criticize or blame others for it.

-Happiness can be achieved by controlling your thoughts, depending on the inner conditions.

-People will listen to you for many hours if you talk about them.

-Deal with people by thinking they are creatures of emotion, prejudices, and motivated by pride.

-It is correctly said that you can’t win an argument because you will still lose if you win.

-You should be interested in someone so that they will be interested in you.

-In any language, names are the sweetest sounds.

-Don’t kick the beehive if you want to take honey home.

-Everyone has fear, but some sometimes go against it to achieve success, even to death.

-Talking about what we want is very childish. We should not talk with people about our desires very often. It may sometimes lead to trouble that one faces in the future.

-Instead of blaming people, it is better to understand them.

-Criticism wounds a person’s pride and hence tries to avoid it, which is hazardous.

How To Win Friends And Influence People Quotes

-If someone is hungry for emotional importance, they will go insane to achieve it.

-You can get many things by yielding instead of fighting with someone.

-If you do a terrible thing, you will hear it many times; similarly, if you do two good things, you might not hear it after you do it.

-Knowledge should stick to your mind and nothing else.

-A barber is often seen lathering a man before shaving him.

-You can measure a person’s size by measuring what makes him angry.

-Temper should always be in control, or you will face the consequences.

-The people who help unselfishly are often taken for granted by others.

-We are often interested in those who have the same interests in us.

-Learn from every man you meet in your life.

-You can never teach a man about anything; you can just help him find his way.

-Actions and feelings go hand in hand.

-I can fulfil your work, but it depends on what you want.

-Your financial progress depends on your technical knowledge, skills, ability to lead, and most importantly, your personality.

-Every successful person loves the game rather than winning it. You should enjoy the game as winning and losing is a part of the game.

-You should love reading books. Books will give more knowledge than watching movies.

-Everybody wants to be appreciated by others.

-The secret of success is to speak all the good things about a person.

-You can change the level of respect to change someone’s behavior.

-Criticism isn’t good because it puts people on defensive mode, and people find it easy to blame someone rather than take responsibility, which makes you lazier.

-To be interested in the cause, we should not dislike the effects.

-Excel your friends if you want enemies.

-Your friends will excel you if you have true friends.

-The acute angle should always be avoided.

-We should always talk about others’ points of view and respect them. So that people will understand you and respect your point of view.

-The great man always shows his greatness by respecting little people.

-It is always seen that the people who are always wrong assume themselves to be correct, which isn’t a mistake.

-Actions are always the reflections of what we desire. Our actions should be positive, so as your desires.

-The secret of success is to see from the other person’s angle.

-Always try to make good memories and leave good impressions on a trip because you will surprise in the future when these small things lead to a beautiful life ahead.

-The value of a smile is more than anything in the world. It can make someone’s day, and doing things with a happy face is recommended.

-The main reason the wives run away is the lack of appreciation from their husbands. So you should always respect and appreciate others for their work.

-One should always encourage people instead of demoralizing them. That is why encouragement can lead you to many things instead of punishment.

-Never try to spoon-feed others because they will never learn anything, and you will be wasting your own time on them.

-A shopkeeper must close his shop if he can’t smile because people won’t prefer his shop if he is always upset and isn’t smiling.

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