“Grit” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Angela Lee Duckworth is an American psychologist and a popular science author who is famous for her book “GRIT”.

  Her study and research claim that grit is a power that explicates agony and determination to achieve goals. Her work focuses on the establishment of grit in teenagers and parents especially.

Grit Motivational Quotes

-The feeling to excel in life is common but the strength and persistence behind the efforts are very rare.

-One should be aware of his potential because when it comes to fear or a powerful mindset one can easily increase his or her potential to achieve the goals.

-The shortcut road to success often comes with dangerous consequences.

-Nowadays success comes with very ease but that does not persist for a longer period.

-The real implementation of skills, talents, and delivering goods or services often comes with real-life problems.

-Take your time to learn skills and become an oracle in that to deliver services with higher proficiency.

-Grit is all about working upon your own passion for something with full dedication and loyalty.

-Success comes with a little talent, extreme efforts, and a bit of luck.

-It always gives a better feeling when we become better and better after putting our efforts into our work than to remain as a bodger.

-The biggest secret to win over your own fear is achieved through one’s grit.

-One should not hide his failures or setbacks during his struggle journey because these are the real things that motivate you for your goals.

-The quality of one’s goals determines the amount of perseverance one should acquire to achieve them.

-Long-term passion is rare to find but beautiful to watch.

-Giving up upon your own efforts justifies your feeble character.

-The more we get exposed to the outer world, the more chances we get to find our passion or interest in something.

-The key to persistence lies in your own passion and efforts.

-Every goal requires a positive and strong mindset without which the efforts will go in vain.

-It is better to try to make your tomorrow better than to feel that tomorrow wil be a better day.

-Never try to give excuses for not putting effort into your goals because at last, it’s you whom you are trying to make fool of.

-Never bother your own feelings for the sake of anyone because it’s only u who is going to fix it later.

Grit Motivational Quotes

-If your goals don’t serve mankind, then maybe you are wasting time working on those goals.

-One should have real companions to provide moral support and help him or her in every problem.

-Friends are the ones who help you with your struggles and efforts and expect nothing in return.

-One should always stick to your own work ethic because that’s what you are meant for.

-Without discipline one cannot excel in his or her own life because it’s the discipline that tests your patience and your ability to persist for a longer period of time.

-Knowledge has no limits and so do your efforts and developments.

-Groom yourself with such skills that no emotional or physical setbacks can ever hamper your success.

-It’s better to work upon your efforts to overcome any burdens than to make excuses or complain about the system’s loopholes because they are not going to help you make a winner in the end.

-Success is just a temporary feeling of happiness and pride but it’s the perseverance that stays with you for a lifetime.

-Past failures always find a chance to ruin your self-confidence, future goals, and ambitions but strong persons always find a way out of this problem.

-The thing that separates the most successful people from the rest of mankind is Grit and it is a quality that is not found in everyone.

-Life pushes you into such dangerous situations which u can’t think of but it’s the grit that helps you overcome the hurdles and brings glory to you.

-Real-life heroes don’t have certain costumes as they show us on televisions but they have grit as their costume which makes them the real heroes of life.

-There are many temporary attractions in life that try to deviate you from your path of success but it’s only your grit that can help you to manage these situations.

-Patience is such a simple thing to keep yet many fail to keep patience because their amount of efforts to fulfill their dreams are not adequate and lack techniques.

-Often trying to quit chances or upon your dreams becomes a habit which is realized later.

-Your dreams are on the other side of your comfort zone and the only way in which you can get there is by perseverance, winning attitude, self-belief, sacrificing some wants, and technique.

-Life is a mess only when you think about it in that way otherwise life is a blank book that is to be filled by you in your own way.

-Only motivating yourself and not working upon your efforts will be very unproductive and a waste of time.

-Failures are the greatest gifts of competition and the real performer knows its worth.

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