51+ Inspiring Quotes from “Girl Wash Your Face”

“Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis is a witty and a feel good book which breaks the illusion of lies which surround us.

Each chapter deals with a lie the author believed in and which made her feel unworthy and overwhelmed.

Here are some quotes from “Girl Wash Your Face”:

– Life is supposed to be lived not merely survived; it is not meant to be overwhelming.

– Every dream you have is worth giving a shot. You might not know what life might throw at you but you will be the one who will control the fight.

– If you think changing common habits is impossible, think again. Everything in your life- your happiness, how you react to others, how you deal with stress- can be altered with a change in perception.

– The one and only person responsible for who you will become and how happy you will be in life is you.

– Comparison is a vicious trap, it is the end of happiness. The only one you require to be better than is the person that you were the day before.

– The words we speak hold immeasurable power, but our lives are ultimately shaped by our actions.

– What someone else thinks of you should be none of your business.

– If you really want to accomplish a goal, you will find a way to make it happen. But if you don’t desire something completely, you will come up with an excuse.

– It is never about the destination you reach, your goal or aim. It is about what kind of person you shape yourself into on your way to that goal.

– If you consciously choose to be happy and grateful everyday, no matter where you are or in which situation you are, you will find that you are happy.

– They only regret that hurts more than giving up is wishing that you hadn’t.

– Have faith in the timing of God; by not being present where you believed you should be, you might end up somewhere you were truly meant to be.

– I refuse to live as only half of myself just because people cannot bear to deal with all of me.

– I will say this to you once more: You do not have your own permission to quit.

– Your will overcome this difficulty and come out on top. Do not spend your life avoiding risks just because you had one hard time.

– It is really very simple- just decide what tasks are of utmost importance to you and then pursue those things first.   

– An effective way to overcome unhealthy habits is to look into yourself and analyse why you are behaving the way you are behaving as an adult.

– God created you for a job, find your calling and work hard to achieve it. You will make mistakes but do not fear failure; you cannot fail at something He created you to do.

– You focus on creating your magic and putting it out in the world. Don’t fret thinking about how it will be received by others, that is there choice and perception.

– Take care of your body and mind; they sustain you. Consume clean and healthy fuel for your body and take in positive and encouraging thoughts for your mind.

– Our society allows a lot of room for laziness and procrastination. Accountability is not taken seriously and half the problems stem from there.

– God did not make you to be small, you are no longer a little girl.

– Our judgement of others holds us back from making deep, meaningful relationships. We are unable to connect in a richer, truer way and are stuck with surface level assumptions and misunderstandings.

– Things that withstand the test of time are not achieved quickly. If one’s legacy is a lasting one, then it was not made in a single day, it is rather a culmination of one’s experiences.

– Don’t let your childhood trauma become a life sentence. Understand it and overcome it so that you can make progress.

– Most people judge others because it makes them feel secure about their own life choices. People usually judge because they think they have their life figured out but in reality they do not.

– If you are judgemental and want to change then start by policing your judgemental thoughts. If you see a person and start judging then than immediately stop yourself and start complimenting that person instead. 

– The stories we see circulating on media have a considerable impact on us. If we create content which supports and encourages women then we can bring about a great change in the world.

– Force yourself to make a list of all the wonderful things you have accomplished and you come to the conclusion that you don’t need to be so harsh on yourself on the things that you haven’t.

– You are affected by the things and people that surround you. If you feel that you are surrounded by negative energy then take a look at who and what you surround yourself with.

– Sometimes, the correct thing to do is to walk away even if it pains your heart to do so. It is an act of self love, leaving behind what is dragging you down.

– Love clouds your judgement and you are unable to see the signs that you would normally be able to decipher.

– Whatever obstacle gets in your way, don’t let your eyes stray from your goal.

– Don’t give up on all the progress you have made just because of one setback, even if it seems that you cannot overcome it.

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