“Girl on fire” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book “Girl on fire: How to choose yourself, burn the rule book, and blaze your trail in life and business” by Cara Alwill Leyba focuses on the power of the girls in their life. The book describes some situations in life where you don’t need anyone’s permission to do certain things.

Here are some of the beautiful advice from “Girl on fire”:

-People will often judge you and will recommend you to do things that are correct according to their point of view.

-There are some people in your life and you don’t want to fit in their shoes and hence try to stay apart from them.

-You should be the person that can help yourself in changing things.

-There are some obsessive thoughts that will be peeping into your mind in crucial situations.

-They didn’t know your potential because it is only you who knows your potential of being an author.

-Sometimes you get rejected from many authors when you are a fresher but you need to be strong enough to move forward after that.

-Never throw the towel and decide to give up your dreams in any situation.

-Sometimes you need to have clarity of choosing yourself and then you start your journey.

-Start sharing the contents of the book to the audience that makes you believe in it.

-The only way in which you can be available for multiple time zones is by sleeping late at night and waking early in the morning.

-There are people who wait for something big to happen and then they would be acting in it but often these people fail.

-If you want to be a successful person, then never wait for the right time because it never arises until you start now.

-Some people promote themselves on the platform they made while some people try to get fame on other platforms besides their own.

-Some words are so powerful that they can give purpose to your life and it is more powerful than millions of dollars.

-Sometimes we imagine many things but we don’t feel that way and it makes us upset but it is okay not to feel everything that we imagine.

-When you are very strong and start building your dreams so that others’ opinions don’t even matter to you.

-There are different situations in our life where we don’t feel good because we are rejected by some people but then there are certain situations where we are crazy about being selected by some idiots.

-Decide to choose your idea and then put your book out there.

-You don’t need any permission for what you would put out in the world.

-Working on the banishing of limiting yourself is important before you fully choose yourself comfortably.

-When you have hundred percent confidence in yourself, then you would have already chosen yourself for the work before anyone said it.

-To let go of the fear of judgment, you may need the extra push in your life and that is important too.

-To try something new and evolving around new things you are not an imposter and you need to know it very well.

-First, write and then re-write and after that rearrange before publishing.

-Your actions are the superfast ways to plow through your self-doubts.

-There is something impossible to make us reach but we even created their stories in real life.

-Sometimes things are very easy, but since you are telling yourself that things are very hard, it appears to you to be harder than it is.

-It is the right time to step into a new version of you and it is a matter of pride too.

-Sometimes you need to crown yourself and it is the best thing you can do.

-As a customer, people usually fall in love with the products and programs and there they start their journey as a beginner.

-You can get all your desires fulfilled, the sooner you start to acknowledge yourself.

-Some people are convinced that they are not good enough in their life by some silly things.

-If you wait for the signal of your giveaway, you will never be able to give it.

-In the wake of failing, she never started in her life and that is where she stayed behind everyone.

-Flipping your fear into strengths is one of the greatest powers of yours.

-You are being turned down for many positions if you are climbing the corporate ladders in your life.

-There are many better things like taking a course and connecting with different people in life.

-For connecting dots in life, you will have to look back once to find some clues in the past.

-Never start your business with fear, anxiety, and self-doubts.

-When you have some dreams in your life, it is important to speak to them.

-Optimism and momentum are the basic reality of our lives.

-You need to have trust in yourself while you are speaking to your dreams.

-Never indulge with your dream killers or else there is no point in watching a dream.

-Your passions are only important for you so prioritize them.

-Writing your first book is one of the feelings that I wanted to have in life and now I have that.

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