51+ get out of your head quotes

“Get Out of Your Head” by Jennie Allen helps you to gain control of your mind and your thoughts.

We can be truly free if we can learn to pull ourselves out of toxic thinking patterns and submit ourselves to Christ.

Get out of your-head quotes

– God concerns himself not only with what is contained within our hearts but also with the people with whom we interact.

– To make the most of the short amount of time available to us here on earth and to fulfill our mission in life, we have to let others help us; we cannot make meaningful contributions alone.

– We cannot simply laze all day, read some book, eat, pray, and hope that our circumstances will change. We have to put in the effort and make changes if we want to bring about a change in our lives.

– One good thought, one that follows the principles of God, has the power to change the path of humankind and eternity for good.

– One small lie can change into a long line of increasingly bigger lies, and that can bring out the destruction of your life and relationships.

– According to a theologian, people are not usually attracted to holiness; they don’t tend to adopt a life of prayer, faith, and godliness. Most people drift toward what they think is liberation, but it actually is godlessness.

– If a person exercises humility, then it is a sign that the person has accepted, without any inhibitions, his absolute dependence on God.

– Learn to be humble and accept that this life you are given is the greatest gift you will ever receive.

– When people choose to believe in a lie about themselves, the lie is usually one of these three: that they are worthless, that they are unlovable, and that they are helpless.    

– Anything evil hides in the shadow; it does not want to be noticed. Evil will quietly sneak and take over our minds, and we won’t even notice anything wrong until it is too late.

– You are the thoughts you think about in your mind and the feelings you feel in your heart.

– The notion that you will not feel the pain if you distract yourself is entirely wrong. You will be at peace only if you are with God; one day with him is far better than a hundred elsewhere.

– You can never be alone or abandoned in life because God is present inside of you. Instead to being stuck within your own mind, reach out to people who love you, care about you, and want to be with you.

– You will find true joy in choosing God and other people over yourself. It is wrong when someone believes that life will be better for them if they have higher self-esteem.

– Jesus, being a God himself, did not use that fact to his advantage. He came to earth as a mere human, and in choosing to appear as man, he submitted himself to the will of death.

– The people I admire the most are those who trust in God more than their ability to make things work out right.

– Dear reader, I pray to Jesus to set you free from all that holds you back; I pray to him to give you the strength to fight the evil which hounds you.

– We are the creations of greater power, of God. We are not qualified to judge his decisions and doings.  We are not qualified to question whether his methods are effective or not.

– Submit yourself to God completely. He says, “Today, my mind and my actions belong to you. I will do anything and everything you say willingly. I am in.”

– Take every unruly thought captive, imprison them and obey Christ.

– Allow God to take over the space in your mind; let him pervade your thoughts, and you will find that all your fears and worries pale in comparison. You will no longer need to wrestle against your every fear.

– It is said that there are mainly two reasons for people to write books: either that person is very well informed on that subject, or that subject excites that person enough to spend years trying to find the answers.

– Don’t leave the healing glow of God because in the shadows of the night, the devil can put all the hateful thoughts he wants in your head.

– Remember that there is light within all of you. I know that. I am sure of it.

– The feeling I mistook as joy and bliss was the temporary delight of continued distraction.

– We can win the battles being waged in our minds by putting all our focus on Jesus- every minute of every waking hour.

– The thoughts in your head, the things you believe in matter. Nothing you do is small.

– The enemy knows that your thoughts are valid and he will try his best to distract you from being good and make you sink into darkness and helplessness and everything which is unholy.

– Doubting yourself, doubting your relationships, doubting God, they all steal away hope. And without hope, things that are wonderful don’t seem as important anymore.

– The most dangerous effect of toxic thinking is that it almost always makes an alternate reality where even the most irrational notions seem to make sense.

– The only things standing between us and our ultimate commitment to God are three things: our wounds and our sins, and the devil who produces them.

– Giving ourselves up to God and taking delight in his presence allows us to tear down our walls and let in trust, hope, and everything good.

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