“Forgiving What You Can’t Forget” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

‘Forgiving What You Can’t Forget’ is a philosophical book that emphasizes the importance of forgiveness in our lives.

Lysa Terkaust did a beautiful job in guiding the readers through their journey of knowing and understanding benevolence and the importance of forgiveness as every individual deserves a second chance.

Forgiving What You Can’t Forget Quotes

-I can heal them but my healing them will depend on whether I am willing or not rather than them wanting it or not.

-Humans gain a lot in their journey and while doing so they lose certain things too. It is a proven unofficial fact.

-God has blessed me with gifts. These Qualities and feelings will stick to me to my grave.

-Hope is what brings us together. The hope for a better tomorrow encourages us to keep going forward and to utilize our skills to the maximum.

-Hope needs faith. Humans’ constant desire for a better tomorrow, which sets them on the path of constant progress, acts as the required fuel.

-Faith will keep us alive and constantly motivate us to keep progressing and honing our skills and to make the world a better place for future generations.

-Forgiveness helps soothe the hurting soul. It not only gives the person concerned a second chance, but it helps us to move on and get rid of any existing regrets.

-The will to forgive is a god-given gift. We should actively preach forgiveness unless we are hurt gravely.

-Life is not a fairy tale. People get hurt, both physically and emotionally. This tends to give rise to despair and finally hatred, which can only be removed through forgiveness.

-Strong hatred and bitterness is not found in the heart of strong-willed and hard-hearted people.

-Hatred is born in the most tender of hearts who suffered grave injustice in this cruel world but was never awarded redemption or a second chance.

-My ability to heal is directly proportional to my feelings for the person concerned. First I have to be willing to heal the person and second, the person should deserve it.

-We should try our best to move on after getting hurt. We can blame the ones responsible initially.

-Persistent blaming will only let the ones who hurt us define our past. It won’t motivate us. It won’t pressurize us.  It will only increase our pain.

-Blaming others will mentally corrupt us. We won’t get revenge but our frustration will keep on increasing.

-The pain will consume us and ultimately we will be bound to project our anger onto someone else, probably someone who cares for us.

-We must not allow the pain we suffered to re-write our memories and control us, as it will only lead to disastrous consequences.

-Allowing pain to control us and motivate our future actions will ruin our future. It will also have disastrous effects on people around us.

Forgiving What You Can’t Forget Quotes

-I have always felt that forgiving someone who hurt us is unfair.

-We suffer the pain, but the person responsible for it receives forgiveness and is given the chance to start anew. This philosophy initially seems unfair.

-The pain and sufferings go un-answered. This will seem unacceptable to the ones who have actually suffered in their lives.

-Pain stains our soul, corrupt it. It changes who we are. Forgiveness is the only way to get rid of the pain. It cleanses our soul of any existing blemishes.

-The power to forgive is not there in every individual. We need tremendous willpower and patience to forgive the person who hurt us.

-The willpower to overcome the pain that haunted us the patience to forgive the person who hurt us.

-Only the truly gifted have the ability to grant forgiveness. Humans are supposed to be social creatures, but it is the emotion that drives our actions.

-The emotions born from within define who we are and the objective of our existence.

-These emotions give meaning to our actions and it is these emotions that make it difficult to forgive. We simply find it unacceptable to forget our pain.

-The only effective way to drive away these emotions is to sincerely forgive the culprit involved.

-Forgiveness is primarily a decision.

-We are given a choice when we are hurt and most of us choose to eliminate the cause of our suffering. Forgiveness never really has been placed on our plate.

-Our unwillingness to let the culprit go without punishment makes it downright impossible to preach forgiveness.

-The process of forgiveness is what makes it so tough.

-To forgive, we must first come to terms with our ill feelings. It is a tedious and mentally exhausting process, extremely difficult for sentimental individuals.

-Forgiveness teaches us essential life lessons. Life is not a bed of roses. We’ll face various difficulties and we cannot lash out at every minor problem.

-Forgiveness teaches us the shady aspects of life. We know and experience various sins being committed. This makes us treasure life more.

-We will need to embrace the reality of life one day or another. Instead of embracing the hard day, we should proceed in the path of forgiveness.

-Forgiveness eliminates any malice in our hearts and helps us think rationally during a difficult situation.

-Boundaries aren’t meant to drive people away. It is meant to create a comfort zone for you. Sharing is the way to move forward in life.

-We create boundaries to learns our own add other people’s flaws so that we can embrace ourselves and the concerned people fully.

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