“Extreme Ownership” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Jocko Willink in his book named “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy seals lead and win” describes how the United States Navy operated its missions in different parts of the world. The book is one of the most powerful books in the world that will make you learn many things from the Navy.

Extreme Ownership Quotes

-Every person wants freedom in his life but unless he has discipline in his life he will not be able to achieve freedom in life.

-Sometimes life is everything that you tolerate and not the thing that you preach.

-Some people are there who wake up when the alarm goes on and there are other people who put it off and then sleep again and even some people wake earlier than the alarm is timed.

-You can always win in life if you have the proper discipline to get out of bed at the right time.

-You will lose when you are mentally weak and you will go back to bed again.

-Sometimes the weakness that might seem small will transform you to more significant decisions.

-You need to check your ego and degree of humanity if you want to implement extreme ownership.

-There are several challenges for a successful team and they are admitting mistakes and taking ownership.

-It is often considered that there are no bad team members because there are only bad leaders.

-Sometimes leaders are the prime person who is blamed for everything that happens in a team and there is no one to take the responsibility after him and this is also his duty.

-The poor performances become the new standards when they set expectations no matter what has been said or written and if the substandard performances are accepted.

-You need to look around and take some time to relax and then you should make a call on something instead of taking the decision too fast.

-If you are a leader of a team, you should always go more and never be satisfied with some work.

-There should be a hunger for improvement in a team by the team leader.

-You can dominate any battlefield when you have high-performance teams and enable leaders with you.

Extreme Ownership Quotes

-If you have any problems in life, it is better to prioritize the problems and solve them one by one at a time and the highest priority problem should be solved first.

-There are many people who want to be successful so they would decide to do everything at a time but they fail because it is not possible for a human being to do multiple works with the same energy at a time. 

-It is better to do one task at a time with full dedication.

-To operate and maneuver, our freedom has increased through the discipline process. 

-When there is no team, then leadership isn’t possible there.

-Sometimes the temporary solution for a simple task is that you can’t make everyone listen to you and you cannot make everyone happy.

-A good leader will always explain to his teammates what to do and why to do and that is the most important part the teammates should know.

-You must operate things by thinking that you are a part of something greater than yourself and then you can be considered as a good leader.

-Leadership is one of the best things for a person and it requires the belief in the mission.

-The responsibility of success and failure is on the shoulder of the leader in every organization.

-If you are a leader then you should not leave your team in the middle of anything.

-Sometimes people think that a leader has nothing to prove but the fact is that there is everything to prove for a good leader.

-The leader has leaned very far in only one direction and this is the main struggle and this is the main root cause for the problem.

-People often complain that the other person is having an ego but it is very difficult to deal with the ego we have and every problem will have a solution if we can let go of our ego.

-Sometimes it will allow you to plan your own pieces of life and then plan them properly.

-At a certain age in your life, you will catch the mistakes of your life and will discover new plans to move forward.

-There should be a connection between actions and consequences and every human being should know it and also every animal is connected to it.

-The toughest military training is in the sea and you need to survive in every toughest situation.

-It will be our mistake if we start thinking that our enemies are not capable of fighting with us and we can never think that we are too good for every situation.

-Sometimes leadership isn’t about a single person leading the team, it is the group that is leading the team with efforts.

-We should dictate the situation instead of letting the situation dictate us.

-If a person has an ego, he will never blame himself in his life for anything instead he will blame others for his own mistake.

-The accomplishment of the mission is very important and the primary focus should always be there.

-A leader also can follow others while leading the team and sometimes it is the only solution left with him in some tough situations.

-People often feel shy to ask questions even after not understanding the answer because they think that others will make fun of them which is a wrong assumption.

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