51+ Inspiring Quotes from “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

“Emotional Intelligence 2.0” by Travis Bradberry is a guide for people to accurately measure and increase their emotional intelligence.

The book is based on extensive research and tested practical strategies which can be adopted by anyone.

Here are some quotes From “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

– Emotional intelligence can be roughly defined as one’s ability to accurately understand and recognise one’s emotions and others as well and then using this awareness to dictate one’s behaviour and relationships.

– Becoming angry is very easy, it comes naturally to most. But what is difficult is becoming angry at the right time, for valid reasons, at the right person and the right way.

– Sometimes in your sub conscious mind you are aware that the situation is not as bad as you seem t make it but your brain refuses to hear it goes on a downward spiral.

– Brains are tricky; once a negative mood comes it loses sight of all the good things, you hate your work, are irritated by your family, not happy with your achievements and your optimism goes for a toss.

– You must practice self awareness. Fight the tendency to ignore the discomfort that comes when you strip away everything and see yourself as you really are.

– Your feedback should comment upon the problem at hand not the person who presents the problem.

– Intelligence can be said to be a person’s ability to absorb information learn, and it is the same for someone aged fifteen or for someone aged fifty five.

– The human feels five base feelings: happiness, anger, sadness, fear and shame. All other emotions are different combinations of these five core feelings.

– Trust is one of those resources which grows over time as we use it, rather than getting depleted.

– Having factual knowledge is good for making decisions but for making good decisions we need more than just factual knowledge. 

– The best and most effective decisions are based on knowledge of the self and mastery of one’s emotions.

– Your brain is complex. Usually, it has a hard time to differentiate between what your eyes are actually seeing and what your mind is visualising it as, your brain can get confused.

– Your emotional intelligence and your earnings are directly proportional. It has been found that for every one point increase in your emotional intelligence, your earnings increase by $1,300.

– Self awareness means that you know yourself fully and completely.

– Self management does not mean to resist problematic or explosive behaviour. It means to manage and consciously control your tendencies and apply the skills thus learned in various situations.

– Emotional Intelligence has come out to be one of the biggest parameters to measure performance in a workplace and a strong criteria for leadership and excellence at a personal level.

– Objectivity is the biggest barrier on the path to developing self awareness. When every single days seems like a new mountain with a steeper slope, it can be hard to find perspective on one’s tendencies and emotions.

– Feeling and understanding emotions is very important. They provide you a peep through the key hole and help you understand things which you will never be able to understand otherwise if you don’t ask the question why.

– Practice to gain awareness of your good moods and the regretful decisions these seemingly good moods can lead you to make. This way you can enjoy being happy without unnecessary regrets.

– An indication of a self aware person is that he knows what he is good at, he knows what drives him and gives him satisfaction, and under what circumstances he loses control.

– Your physical appearance and your attire sends a clear message about how you are feeling and what point are you at in your life.

– A person’s personality is a culmination of their personal preferences and choices, like one maybe an introvert or an extrovert or an ambivert. 

– Unlike IQ, someone’s personality cannot be used to determine or measure their emotional intelligence. Assessing emotional intelligence is much more complex as the mind is at best a maze.

– If you are going through a financial or familial hard time then it is going to cause you to have prolonged negative emotions which might eventually result in stress, which is not good for your physical as well as your mental health.

– A person can be said to be socially aware if he can sense the emotions of other people and figure out what is really going on in their mind.

– If you ignore your feeling in the hopes that they will go away forever then you will be in for a shock when they resurface again when you least expected them to. The solution is to assess them and deal with them.

– The more we get to know ourselves, the more we take note of our beauty and the not so beautiful things, the better off we are to reach out full potential.

– As long as you are aware of an emotion, you will be able to control hoe you react to it. You will be capable in controlling the thoughts that follow that emotion and how best to manage them.

– Reflecting on the past will gain you valuable insight and planning for the future will make you prepared, but if you throughout the day then it severely affects what is right in front of you: your present.

– Relationship management is the process of using your ability to sense others emotions and the awareness of your own emotions to keep the flow of conversation going smoothly.      

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