71+ Inspiring Quotes from “Designing for growth”

“Designing for Growth” is written by Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie which is based on ideas to grow your business.

The book focuses on the potential of the businesspersons and how they can design ideas for the growth of their business and how to solve their crisis.

This is especially followed by many managers in the company and they learn a lot from this book.

Here Are Some Important Quotes From “Designing For Growth”: 

-If you watching someone doing something, you are practicing the same thing in your mind and that is the reason observing a person is learning from the person.

-When there is a problem and the cause is also known to the people but to avoid the punishment, they start telling a story. 

-Sometimes the cause of a problem can create many disturbances and sometimes it unites people and brings some changes. 

-Sometimes a good story is all about a cause and it is interesting too. 

-The thing that used to give us puzzles is itself a mystery and it is too difficult to solve.

-To have the stability of power and control, you need to build large organizations. 

-When there is a problem and there is high uncertainty, then design thinking comes into effect and it can help you to solve the problem. 

-There is always a difference between design thinking and innovative thinking which maximum people don’t understand and assume both of them to be the same.

-User design experience is needed and it is the main focus of the analysis of data. 

-Sometimes you will find a design having creative work and there will be some design based on the practical situation but design having both of them is considered as a good design. 

-In business, we need designs since they play an important role in making things look real and it becomes easy for us to proceed further. 

-Always remember that the products and services are part of the market and these things are made by human beings and design understands it. 

-You need to be heavily analytical and factual while doing design thinking.

-With the help of design thinking, we knew that truth is done by facts not by debates. 

-Sometimes we do a premature selection without seeing other good options and pitches but design thinking avoids it and helps to select the best from all of the choices. 

-Words are considered the most important tool and can help us to connect to the customers. 

-You should understand the user always and should know his physical and emotional aspects too. 

-Sometimes you can staple yourself to a particular order and this way to recreate customers’ journey. 

-Your goal should be to represent one thing at a time and don’t always believe in statistical views. 

-You should find a key that will make you understand the point of view of looking to the world. 

-Sometimes people are very emotional and make many important decisions at that time. 

-Bargaining is always important and design thinking can help you in this case by increasing your bargaining power. 

-Some people don’t spend their money in business and still earns a huge amount by spending other’s money.

-Being analytical and creative at the same time is a dangerous combination and helps in your growth too. 

-The process of finding patterns and collecting information from them is the most important thing. 

-Sometimes posters work more in an advertisement and hence you can put all the pictures and hang it on the wall. 

-Problem statements are very crucial for good brainstorming planning.

-Sometimes you don’t focus on the problems inside the scope and think beyond the scope.  

-By the integration of numerous ideas, we can find the concepts of the complete solution.

-You need to know which assumptions will lead you to the conclusion and then you can isolate and test those. 

-There is always a difference between facts and beliefs and you know that difference to understand many things.

-There are many prototypes that are very complex and hard to understand and there are also many prototypes that are very easy to understand.

-Creating a prototype crudely is more valuable.

-The things that you learn from the prototype are the actual values of creating a prototype.

-There are many companies that never share their unfinished work neither they talk about it too.

-You need to have a set of customers on a particular range and you need to fix the range for both customers and non-customers.

-There should be options available for the customers to comment and choose several things.

-Some business schools treat their prototype correct and their assumptions as wrong and sometimes it doesn’t work.

-You must plan to scale up your offering on a particular day.

-You need to have a good idea of the market before entering into it.

-Sometimes you can change your targeted customers depending on your products.

-When your efforts are big, you will also face big pressures.

-After doing a big experiment in business, you will learn a lot from it.

-There may be a gap between the ideal and original products and you need to fill it.

-Sometimes it doesn’t give productive results by trial and error method rather you need to think and do it.

-Sensitive matters can be analyzed properly with care.

-Create a new way to engage customers with new services.

-Often our interest is in the problem rather than the solution.

-The test of the complete offer is the main output of the final stage.

-Always do experiments that are affordable to you. 

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