61+ Daring Greatly Quotes

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown is a simple yet fascinating book focusing on the universal human experience. The book provides words to identify feelings and encourages readers to keep moving forward.

The book’s main aim is to help the readers not fear vulnerability and prove that everyone is worthy in their own right.

Daring Greatly Quotes

-“Courage is an important trait an individual should have. It starts with showing up and presenting ourselves before society.”

-“We need to accept ourselves before judging others because we will truly belong only when we can show the world our imperfect self without hesitation.”

-“Everyone is vulnerable to a certain extent. We shouldn’t let the vulnerabilities hold us back.”

-“Truth and courage may seem different, yet they are similar. They may not always feel comfortable, but we shouldn’t perceive them as our weakness.”

-“What we need is someone who can empathize with our situation as that would be the most effective way to erase shame.”

-“Humans crave love, joy, and belonging in their lives. That makes them vulnerable, but these vulnerabilities give their lives clarity.”

-“Vulnerability actually leads a human to have hopes and empathy. It provides the individual an account of his/her life.”

-“Narcissism is nothing more than a way to cover up vulnerabilities. Fear of the loss of reputation and shame for the lack of talent gives rise to narcissism.”

-“Narcissism is a mental defense mechanism.”

-“What we always know matters in the current world, but what matters the most is who we actually are.”

-“We need to face the world head-on as that effectively changes us. It makes us braver and better each time.”

-“Darkness and light are interdependent. Hit one, and the other automatically gets affected. We need one side for the other to exist.”

-“Loneliness is perhaps the deadliest of all. We need to others to live a proper life. Connection is extremely important to have a cheerful and happy life.”

Daring Greatly Quotes

-“The fear of isolation keeps humanity within the limits. It indirectly prevents many crimes as no one would willingly want to associate with a criminal.”

-“Women are now free from a lot of constraints unlike in the past, but there are still ‘expectations’ that restrict them.”

 -“The need to act sweet and modest is an outdated ideology that still plagues society in certain places.”

-“Being unspeakable is what gives ‘shame’ true power. Once we have the guts to speak out, we will have no shame.”

-“Progress has been a constant for humanity, but the direction of progress has always been a concern.” 

-“Progress always starts from the basic, that is, parents and children. Parenting is an art and perhaps the most important one as it shapes the future of -humanity.”

-“The purpose of parenting is not to raise perfect children, but to raise happy children, as perfection doesn’t really exist in the literal sense.”

-“Expectations can ruin a budding relationship. We can’t expect everyone to empathize with us.”

-“We need to fill every desire we have before we begin to share. Healing is tied to sharing but sharing with a larger audience may not produce the results we want.”

-“Vulnerability is a risk and It is definitely uncertain.”

-“Let’s consider love. Love is filled with uncertainties as our partner may not love us back. This is the risk involved with sharing emotions.”

-“Trust is built over time, but all it takes is a moment to crumble.”

-“We strive to maintain and raise our reputation and fame our entire life, But reality hits hard at the end when it shows us that the result is not worth the effort.”

-“To be wholehearted is very difficult as we would have to face our vulnerabilities head-on and believe we are enough.”

-“Children are tricky; what gives them happiness may not always improve them. But that is what makes childhood memorable.”

-“To love others, we need to love ourselves. Self loathing can only lead to self destruction.”

-“Children learn from their parents. It is known to all. But they tend to observe the actions of parents and learn rather than listening to what they teach.”

-“We don’t live in a rosy world. In our world, shame is an effective weapon to keep people in line.”

-“This is dangerous as humans could react unpredictably if cornered.”

-“People preach light. They worship anything they find holy. But to know the true meaning of light we need to understand the darkness.”

-“Light is complete only with darkness.”

-“Being self-confident is important, and we need to own our worthiness as that will help us be self-confident.”

-“We need to embrace our vulnerabilities and not fear them as that is perhaps ‘the way’ to spiritual fulfillment and enhancement.”

-“Everyone wishes to know why customer service quality is being degraded daily. I want to know the reason as well.”

-“Hope is no different than struggle. It is hope itself that makes us struggle to achieve greater  heights again and again.”

-“Wholeheartedness can not be measured. It is similar to the north pole in a way. We never arrive, but we know we are on the right path.”

-“Shame vanished the moment I realized that I am not really alone and that I am a human and I can make mistakes once in a while.”

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