“Connecting paradigms” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Connecting paradigms by Matthew S Bennet is a concise and practical synthesis of approaches to facilitating behavior changes.

This is a must read for anyone who are working with struggling people. It contains detailed information regarding various types of trauma and methods of how to move on and recover.

Here are some inspirational quotes From “Connecting Paradigms”:

-“Every individual is born with a distinct power. To do good or evil and how to make use of the said talent will solely depend on the individual. This is a characteristic of a human under all the pretenses.”

-“Change is the only constant in this world. With the flow of time, traditions, rules, technology and thus living standards and styles will change and keep on changing.”

-“We should mingle with visionaries more. They are the ones who think ahead, and want to bring a change. They have no problem with adjusting to changes.”

-“It is better to avoid those who like to play safe. They shy away from all that life could offer. They are dullards. “

-“These safe players tend to get comfortable with a particular standard easily and thus inhibiting any sort of progress.”

-“Females tend to take things personally. They get emotional pretty fast. At the same time they adjust fast too. It’s hard to read a female mind.”

-“At least Two thirds of people in our community suffer from diseases that does or have the potential to decrease life Expectancy.”

-“Some are subjected to mental trauma like domestic violence, homelessness and poverty.”

-“What is unfortunate is most of these patients never truly have a chance to get properly healed.”

-“The challenge the doctors face is to bring out these peoples and address their problems and provide proper treatment.”

-“The greatest and strength and perhaps the biggest weakness of humans are the need to socialize regularly.”

-“Good personal relations both within and outside family are necessary to maintain good mental health.”

-“Unfortunately this is a fatal weakness too. Social Isolation is the worst problem a human will have to face. This could cause irreversible mental trauma.”

-“Proper mental development should begin from childhood. The first proper relation a child should have is with his/her parents.”

-“If a child doesn’t have a good and nourishing childhood, it could lead to severe mental trauma. The hatred that is born maybe be impossible to extinguish.”

-“The most dangerous situation a child could face with respect to mental development could be maturation before the required age.”

-“Over maturation happens at a price. It affects the emotional regulation. People could lose the much required qualities like sympathy and empathy.”

-“Distrust is the biggest obstacle in the path of forming relationships. Once a person loses faith then he starts to distrust almost everybody around him.”

-“Humans are blessed with an efficient brain. Our brains are mechanized to survive and adapt to high stress and traumatic situations.”

-“The in-built mechanism promotes survival. But proper guidance is required to guide the brain to adapt to academics and then employment.”

-“The brain needs motivation to work properly. It needs a goal. Then the brain sets up a system with methods to work towards and then achieve the goal.”

-“Humans have different goals. There are multiple reasons for the goals. It could be personal history, ideals, motivation etc.”

-“The so called ‘losing one’s mind’ is the result of trauma. Trauma tampers with emotions and lets it go out of control. It tampers with the judgment capabilities.”  

-“The biggest problem with trauma is the loss of hope. A loss of hope can impede improvement thus reducing chances for a permanent recovery.”

-“We need to understand how the mind gains the control back. That is the key step to recovery.”

-“If we understand how to recover, we can take necessary steps to bring the emotions under control and thus eliminating the problem of clouded judgement.”

-“The approach is extremely important to aid recovery.”

-“The clients need to engage actively in the changes happening and the services being provided. This will result in a positive result.”

-“Certain traditional practices unfortunately hamper treatment and progress. This could lead to resistance from the client or worse, they could drop out.”

-“The treatment could be divide into 4 different steps namely, statements, affirmations, reflections and summaries.”

-“The trust between the client and the institution is important in a safe and successful recovery.”

-“Due to the patients already being inflicted with pain and post traumatic stress, trust is very difficult to develop.”

-“If the patient lacks enough trust, their brains will automatically promote short term survival instincts and once that happens, full recovery will become a pipedream.”

-“The best way to help the patients is to aid them in integrating into friendly groups by motivational interviewing and harm reduction.”

-“A healthy environment promotes neurologically recovery and improvement and thus aids the clients in adjusting to the change in environment.”

-“Mindset is the key for mental development. Your mindset will define the path you take through the development process.”

-“Mindset is crucial, in the sense, they guide the client to realize ambivalence.”

-“The client will realize that they are not living a life which aligns with their ideals and dreams. Disillusionment could be both a blessing and a bane.”

-“If the client can move on from this phase of disillusionment also called cognitive dissonance to the path of motivation, progress is guaranteed.”

-“We need to plan in isolation, provided we are stressed, on how to achieve motivation after a trauma or a setback.”

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