61+ Inspiring Quotes from “The Book Thief”

“The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak is set in 1939, Nazi Germany. It tells the story of a little girl, Liesel, and her love affair with books against the brutal background of Nazi Germany.

Narrated by death himself this story burns with intensity.

Here are some quotes from “The Book Thief”:

– WORDS; I have loved them for the freedom they have given me and I have hated them for the evil they have caused and I sincerely hope that I have done justice to them.

– Do not be deluded by happy times; most misery starts with an illusion of happiness.

– It pains me to see how people die and what they leave behind after them.

– Do you know what can be worse than a boy who doesn’t love you? A boy who truly loves you.

– You know even the formidable death has a heart and it is haunted by humans.

– I wonder how the same human beings could be so beautiful and ugly at the same time and how their journeys and acts both glorious and damning.

– To children the proof that someone loves and cares about them is very simple: they never leave them alone.

– The human race is complicated and full of surprises. I always overestimate or underestimate it.

– A lasting friendship can be ensured by a snowball in the face.

– The strength of humans amidst absolute destruction amazes me. Even with their cheeks wet with tears and an unsure step, they move on.

– She stared at his lifeless body but did not say goodbye, she was incapable of saying goodbye.

– If only she could get her innocence back, could be oblivious to the world’s pains, to feel uninhibited love and not mistaking it for laughter.

– The lemon haired boy longed for a kiss from the book thief but he was also afraid of it.

– Humans do a lot of foolish things, but they at least have the common sense to die.

– I have seen the best and the worst of human nature. I have seen them beautiful and loving and I have seen them greedy and vicious.

– My heart, it is so tired.

– Here is a universally true fact: You are going to die eventually.

– Even though I was glad that I was present there, it still punched a hole in my heart.

– Deep down within his heart, there was an itch, but he always avoided scratching it. He feared what might come out.

– Humans tend to notice the colours of the sky only at sunrise and sunset, but I, I observe them through all their ever changing shades.

– A single day contains an array of shades and tones which change with every passing moment. A mere hour can consist of a bright yellows, cool blues, fiery reds and murky darkness.

– They sat together and smiled as every carefully thing collapsed into nothingness; they smiled at the beautiful destruction.

– Humans have always taken some amount of pleasure in destruction. It started with sand castles and house of cards, though their ability to escalate is their true skill.

– Those days were the best of her life and she never wanted them to end. It was always with a stone in her heart that she watched the setting sun and the sky turning dark.

– I don’t look like your worst nightmare and I don’t carry a scythe. If you want to know how I look, then go look into a mirror.

– If they managed to capture him and he met his death tonight, then at least he would die alive.

– My heart is a circle. I have the ability to be at the correct place at the correct moment.

– If you are lucky enough to find a man who really sees and appreciates colours and even speaks them, then you should probably make him your friend.

– It might take you two weeks to bring about a change in the world but it will only take them fourteen days to destroy it.

– I am not always morose, I can be amiable and affable and all the B’s and C’s. What I cannot be is nice, nice has no relation with me.

– I stared at the stars and they burned my eyes.

– No matter how hard you wish you cannot cheat death, you cannot live forever.

– Words are the precious drops of water which fuel life.

– A person’s character can be determined by how well they keep their word.

– Why was he treated so wrong? What was his fault?    He was a living reminder of human’s humanity.

– Can a person steal someone’s happiness?

– When my father smiled at me I could hear the notes of his accordion.

– If you are human then you probably understand self obsession.

– Sometimes even death fells like he needs a vacation.

– Sometimes she caught herself wondering just when the words and the books came to mean not only something, but everything.

– For an inexplicable reason people on the verge of death ask a question to which they already know the answer. Maybe it is because they can die knowing that they were right in that moment and perhaps their whole lives.

– It is easier to stand on the precipice of the cliff than to jump headlong into the abyss. That, would still take some time.

– War is far from my best friend. It is more like an overbearing boss, who stands over me works me to my death.

– The word shakers are the ones who understand the power words hold. She was the best word shaker in the area because she understood how powerless and vulnerable one can be without words.       

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