“Believe IT” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The popular IT Cosmetic founder “Jamie Kern Lima” wrote the book named “Believe IT: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable” which describes the struggling story of a waitress and how she became one of the billionaires in the world.

The book will provide many details about some brands and how she many challenges in her life. 

“Believe It” Book Summary

“Believe It” is an autobiographical book by Jamie Kern Lima, the co-founder of IT Cosmetics, a cosmetics company that achieved remarkable success. In this book, Kern Lima shares her personal journey, highlighting her challenges, failures, and triumphs as she built her business from the ground up.

The book chronicles Kern Lima’s early experiences, including her struggles with self-doubt, rejection, and the initial difficulties in getting her cosmetics brand recognized in a highly competitive industry. She discusses the setbacks she faced and the moments of self-discovery that led her to believe in herself and her vision.

“Believe It” is a testament to Kern Lima’s determination and resilience in the face of adversity. She emphasizes the importance of self-belief, perseverance, and the willingness to learn from failures. Kern Lima’s narrative inspires readers to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles with confidence.

Throughout the book, Kern Lima also shares insights on entrepreneurship, leadership, and the power of authenticity in business. She provides practical advice for those aspiring to start their own ventures and offers valuable lessons on the value of authenticity in building a brand.

“Believe It” is a motivational and empowering read, encouraging individuals to believe in their abilities, follow their passions, and work towards achieving their goals, no matter the obstacles they encounter along the way. It is a source of inspiration for those seeking to turn their dreams into reality.

Lessons from “Believe It” by Jamie Kern Lima

Jamie Kern Lima’s “Believe It” is a memoir and self-help book that chronicles her journey from struggling entrepreneur to the founder of IT Cosmetics, a billion-dollar beauty brand. It offers valuable life lessons and insights:

Perseverance: Kern Lima’s story exemplifies the power of perseverance and determination in the face of numerous rejections and setbacks. She teaches readers to keep pushing forward, even when the odds seem insurmountable.

Embracing Imperfection: The book encourages readers to embrace their imperfections and vulnerabilities as sources of strength and authenticity. Kern Lima’s success is rooted in her relatability and authenticity.

Resilience in Rejection: Kern Lima faced relentless rejection when trying to launch her business. Her story illustrates the importance of resilience and maintaining belief in one’s vision, even when others doubt it.

Building Confidence: The author shares her journey of building self-confidence and self-worth, offering insights into how others can overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Authenticity in Branding: Kern Lima’s approach to branding and marketing emphasizes the power of authenticity and connecting with customers on a personal level. It underscores the value of being genuine in business.

The Role of Networking: The book highlights the importance of networking and building relationships in the business world. Kern Lima leveraged her connections to make strategic partnerships and grow her brand.

Overcoming Fear: Kern Lima’s journey involved facing her fears and stepping outside her comfort zone. Her story encourages readers to confront their fears and take calculated risks.

The Power of Belief: “Believe It” emphasizes the significance of believing in oneself and one’s vision. Kern Lima’s unwavering belief in the potential of IT Cosmetics was a driving force behind its success.

Adaptability: Kern Lima discusses the need for adaptability in business and life. She encourages readers to be open to change and to pivot when necessary to stay relevant and meet evolving needs.

Giving Back: The book demonstrates the value of giving back and using success as a platform to make a positive impact on the world. Kern Lima’s commitment to philanthropy is a key part of her journey.

Turning Criticism into Motivation: Kern Lima faced criticism and naysayers throughout her career. She teaches readers how to turn criticism into motivation and use it as a catalyst for growth.

Balancing Ambition and Gratitude: “Believe It” explores the balance between ambition and gratitude. Kern Lima encourages readers to strive for success while remaining grateful for what they have.

Persistence in Entrepreneurship: The author’s entrepreneurial journey serves as a testament to the persistence and tenacity required to build a successful business from the ground up.

“Believe It” is a story of entrepreneurship, resilience, and the power of self-belief. Jamie Kern Lima’s experiences offer valuable insights and inspiration for anyone looking to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, both in business and in life.

Important Quotes From “Believe IT”

-We are not the person what others say to us in our real life and we should believe what we are.

-We have our own identity and not the nicknames that other people have given to us.

-Everything can be broken in this world and never think that there are some things that are attached with super glue.

-It is often noticed that we don’t believe in ourselves until some belief in us.

-If you need someone to help you, never think that you are weak because we all are humans and we will need help from someone to move ahead.

-Being humans it is our duty to help each other and move forward in our lives.

-Always remember there will be no part in life that will be easy as some parts in-game and consider you a champion as they don’t like to play easy games.

-Focussing on our energy is necessary and we need to choose it wisely otherwise different results may come.

-If you are living alone all of your life then it is not your life.

-Sometimes people are very connected that they feel the same thing at a particular time.

-Try giving to people and that is the best way to receive back things but don’t do with the intention of receiving back things.

-You gain more knowledge on a topic after sharing your point of views on the topic with someone worthy.

-When you do a new thing and achieve success, not only you celebrate it and feel happy, there are many more persons who will follow on your way to achieve it and will be happy as you.

-You should use everything to help others because at the time of death there shouldn’t be any regrets that you couldn’t help after having some resources too.

-It is better to stand for what you have and believe what you have instead of being popular for things you don’t have.

-Sometimes you do good things and face criticism and sometimes you do great things and still face the same criticism and there is nothing that comes without criticism.

-If you don’t get comfortable with the criticism by the people they don’t say about your life to anyone.

-To do great things in life, you make lots of efforts and struggle but not everyone is going to appreciate your efforts.

-Sometimes to get future success, you may get hurt from some setbacks.

-It doesn’t matter how many people underestimate you when you are doing right things in your life and not letting anyone harm from it. 

-People will ignore your struggle and only see where you are standing in your life.

-Sometimes after listening to some people you generate self-doubt.

-You need a light that can burn yourself doubt and that light is always with you.

-Sometimes a small light will boost your confidence.

-You are in a cage of friends if your friends aren’t supporting you in your hard time.

-We often mirror the negativity of the person if there are negative people around us.

-Everyone should believe in their intuition.

-We can change our minds anytime we want since we have our control.

-The destination where you are going is based on your qualities and manners.

-It doesn’t matter where you are born, you can always achieve your dreams.

-All the things in your life are possible when you following you do things with good intent.

-When you dream things, never share with anyone because sometimes your dreams may convert into doubt after sharing with everyone.

-You have many choices in life if you can deal with things without emotions.

-We are tested by situations of uncertainty. 

-When you win or achieve something, then try to share it with others too.

-Sit calmly and think about a moment to cherish you.

-Sometimes you want everyone to like you and try hard to impress others but you end up hating yourself.

-It is better to get away from a toxic employee when you find him toxic.

-You can even make peace from the broken piece of your heart if you have a strong dedication.

-Insecurities are imaginary and cannot control your brain unless you want to.

-Dreams are often murdered by self-doubts.

-When you get knocked down take help from the toolbox that you have to build.

-Lying under the covers when she was in deep pain.

-Sometimes you need to put aside your potential in order to make your company grow.

-When you are very excited your heart seems to be in your throat.

-What she was wearing was glanced at by everyone present there.

-When you plan something but you some other things, this is what life is.

-The anchors in the news channels wear a mask of makeup before appearing on TV.

-You ask God for clarity in your life by praying to him.

-When you do things bravely and confidently, you never regret the outputs.

-Making others happy is one of the biggest artists ever and not everyone can do it.

-If you want to do certain things, then the important thing is your willpower.

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