“Believe in yourself” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

In “Believe in yourself” the author, Dr. Murphy, emphasizes the importance of having faith in one’s skills, believing in one’s inner self, and having the bravery to pursue one’s dreams no matter what.

He’s emphasizing the fact that sentiments and emotions have power, and that we may learn to channel them toward attaining our goals.

Here are some Quotes On Having Faith In Yourself

-It’s important to focus on positive things as whatever we focus on expands, magnifies, and multiple our experience. 

-Life is made up of additions! Death is the result of subtraction. You enrich your life by picturing what is real, wonderful, noble, and Godlike.

-One can never be a victim of your surroundings, environment, or circumstances. You can become successful if you imagine and feel yourself to be successful.

-When you recognize that nothing external may upset or injure you until you give your mental consent, you can cultivate the proper mental attitude.

-People achieve great things in calm periods, assuming that the invisible things that have existed since the beginning of time are clearly visible with imagination.

-You can become a mental wreck by imagining illness, accident, and loss. You will lose your peace of mind, health, and happiness.

-Do you imagine the evil in others? If you do, since the negativity that arises in your inner self and how it mentally distress you.

-One should have a strong connection with his subconscious mind because that’s where all the imagination happens.

-Imagine things you want to do, gradually you will discover yourself being promoted to do all those things that will realize your dreams. Being imaginative is the key.

-The birth of an idea in your imagination is the first step toward your goal. The idea’s manifestation is the second phase.

-When the rest of the world replied, “It’s impossible; it can’t be done, “a person with imagination said, “It’s done!”.

-Confusion arises in the conscious mind as a result of fear and concern also causes confusion in the subconscious mind, and nothing but chaos occurs in man’s dealings.

-The power that God possesses is highly unimaginable, one should always stay grateful to God for all the things that he has done for himself.

-The man with a disciplined imagination rises beyond all appearances, disharmony, and sense evidence to see the glorious principle of harmony at work through, in, and behind all things.

-Imagine your perfect life; live in accordance with this vision. 

-Allow the best to grab your imagination. You will gravitate toward the idea that rules your thinking.

-Inner voice of any individual plays a huge role in his/her life. It makes sure that one understands what he/she is doing at that point in time.

-Imagination should be free of all negative thoughts, fear, discouraging self-talking.

 -Our outer self mirrors our inner self-inner world of thoughts, feeling, beliefs, and inner conversations.

-Make a decision right now! Begin to think in a constructive and harmonious manner. To think is to say. Your word is your thought.

-Thoughts that are focused and directed reach the subjective levels; they must be intense. Concentration leads to increased intensity.

Quotes On Having Faith In Yourself

-When imagination is disciplined, spiritualized, controlled, and directed it becomes the Nobel attribute of a man.

-Your imagination is a multi-colored coat that can dress and objectify any desire or concept.

-Nothing lasts forever in this transitory world; however, the truth of God lasts forever. -Keep your focus on your ideal and refuse to stray from your life’s purpose or goal. 

-You will witness your goal manifest in your surroundings as you become mentally immersed in the reality of your ideal, adoring and keeping committed to it.

-It’s just as simple to envision yourself successful as it is to picture yourself failing, and it’s a lot more fun. 

-Feeling is the source of all power. To get results, we must imbue our mental images with emotion.

-If your desire and feelings are joined together in a mental marriage then it will definitely become answered prayer.

-Thoughts that are focused and directed reach the subjective levels; they must be intense. Concentration is required to achieve intensity.

-Concentration means returning to the core and contemplating the Infinite Power that lies stretched out in a smiling repose inside you.

-You must halt the wheels of your mind and attain a tranquil, relaxed mental state in order to concentrate adequately. 

-Concentration entails gathering your thoughts and focusing your entire attention on your ideal, goal, or objective.

-Other thoughts may come to mind that ridicule your strategy or ambition. 

-You learn that you have a mental battle with your own brethren, and opposition arises. Detaching your attention from sensory facts is one approach to deal with mental opposition.

-The only way one can understand the effectiveness of prayers is by being attentive while connecting to God and those prayers should be flawless.

 -When you keep your imagination occupied with noble, Godlike ideals and ideas, you will discover that it is the most effective of all your faculties in your continuing spiritual quest. 

-One will always find harmony and peace in God’s action.

-With the passing year a person always gains wisdom and divine knowledge.

-God will always find a way to one’s despair state, all you need is to put your internal faith in it.

-When you stand alone with God and cease giving power to external things you will need no props of any kind.

-Set a goal and commit yourself wholeheartedly to it give all your attention and devotion to your ideal, as you do so gradually all your fearful thoughts will fade way.

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