81+ Becoming by Michelle Obama Quotes

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama takes us to the journey of the very descriptive life story of the Former first woman of the U.S.A.

It has depicted that no one is born successful, and we have made efforts for it. It has shown the beautiful phases of motherhood and her health campaign.

Becoming by Michelle Obama Quotes

-The ridiculous question is when an adult asks a child about his dreams for the future, as the future is not finite.

-The process of growing is continuous, and it does not simply stop after you have a career.

-People will not absolutely have any time to draw a definition of you.

-Make sure to stand out and create an own unique definition of yourself.

-The process of becoming is not about fulfilling your finite aims.

-The concept of becoming always means to go onwards and to evolve into a better version of ourselves.

-Never ever settle for the world as the way it portrays itself to be.

-Try to open your own doors to others when a door has been opened for you.

-Always be together so that the amount of fear is less and the wrong judgments about others will not prevail.

-Stay together to drive out all the harsh and inhumane stereotypes that separate us.

-Always try to celebrate the similarities instead of pinpointing the differences.

-There always requires a certain level of power to be known and heard by others.

-When a person tries to listen and know others, it is a sign of grace.

-Failure is actually a feeling when a person feels long until he or she really faces it.

-Failure can be defined as a combination of vulnerability and self-doubt that is finally accelerated by fear.

-Every individual is an owner of his or her own story, as it will always be a part of us.

Becoming by Michelle Obama Quotes

-The small acts of kindness are what lay the foundation of the friendship between women.

-Grief can prove to be so lonely at times.

-When you lose someone, the feeling of the pain is not describable.

-Everything around us will seem out of life and joy when we lose a loved one.

-Even if we try to console ourselves with sunsets our flowers, this, in turn, deepens our grief.

-When you give someone a part of your time, it is certainly like a present for them.

-When a woman faces any kind of assault or oppression, it just injures them deeply.

-Sometimes, those cruel things will leave a scarred wound that can never get possibly healed.

-It does not matter if the wounds are scarred or just a cut, at the end, a woman is bound to accumulate everything.

-When adults ignore kids, they somewhat get the idea that they are being devalued.

-Thus, the children who express their anger upon this cannot be termed as bad kids but are just learning to survive the situation.

-Even when a woman reaches her fifties, she is still continuing to grow, to progress, and will continue.

-To some people, books are like sacred objects that will stabilize their minds and soul.

-When people speak out against bullies, they should not go to their level.

-Always remember to go high when your situations go low.

-Sometimes, people are told to know the existence of context even if they do not know what it means.

-Sometimes, you just need to plant the seeds of any change, even if you don’t live to see its fruits.

-Sometimes, all you need is to show some patience.

-Many times some functions of the stereotype can actually lead to a trap.

-Bullies can be regarded as scared people who curtain behind the scary persons.

-Dominance can be regarded as the ugliest form of power.

-Caring about what people will say can prove to be a fundamental problem.

-This problem can put us on the path where we are bound to think about whether our actions are impressive or not.

-People will tend to stay on that path for a long time which is not productive.

-A happy marriage can be conceptualized as a vexation.

-Marriage is like a contract that can be renewed multiple times, even alone.

-It all depends on us whether we think we own nothing or everything.

-Hope varies from person to person.

-A person can hope to get out of the situation where he is stuck.

-Another person may think of creating a whole new situation, and the previous one would b unstuck on its own.

-Change and progress is a slow processes.

-Some people would have all the adversities, but they still seem to work as if they would take all the advantages.

-There is a symbiotic relationship between the feeling of grief and resilience.

-When we package a woman as a scold, it is the easiest way to demean her voice.

-It takes up a lot of courage when we step out from the crowd.

-Becoming is something that will always need an idea of never giving up.

-All the people play a huge role in a democracy as they have the power to vote.

-Optimism can be seen as an antidote to our fears.

-Kids will always have the goodness in their eyes to see the magic behind everything.

-In order to move just half on the path of change, you would have to be twice as good.

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