“Be Obsessed Or Be Average” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Be Obsessed or Be Average” was authored by Grant Cardone and published in 2016. This book is tied in with utilizing obsessions to be effective. Obsessions can be significant when they are controlled and centered. A positive obsession can prompt boosting potential and shut down the epidemic of average.

“Be Obsessed or Be Average” Book summary

“Be Obsessed or Be Average” by Grant Cardone is a motivational and self-help book that encourages readers to embrace a mindset of relentless passion and obsession in their pursuit of success. Cardone argues that mediocrity is the enemy of achievement and that true success demands unwavering commitment.

The central message of the book is that average is not an option; one must be obsessed with their goals, dreams, and ambitions to reach extraordinary levels of success.

Cardone shares his personal experiences and principles that have enabled him to overcome adversity and achieve remarkable success in business and life.

Cardone advocates for setting audacious goals, taking massive action, and refusing to settle for less than one’s full potential. He emphasizes the importance of developing a strong work ethic and an unyielding dedication to one’s vision.

“Be Obsessed or Be Average” serves as a call to action for individuals to break free from complacency and embrace their inner drive and passion, ultimately pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve in their personal and professional lives.

Lessons Learned From “Be Obsessed or Be Average” by Grant Cardone

In “Be Obsessed or Be Average,” Grant Cardone provides a passionate and unconventional approach to success, encouraging readers to embrace obsession as a driving force in their lives. Here are the key lessons from the book:

  1. Embrace Obsession: Cardone argues that obsession is a powerful catalyst for success. To achieve greatness, you must be intensely passionate and committed to your goals.
  2. Reject Mediocrity: The book urges readers to avoid settling for mediocrity. Average thinking and behaviors lead to ordinary results. To excel, you must strive for excellence in everything you do.
  3. Set Massive Goals: Cardone emphasizes setting audacious, larger-than-life goals. These goals should challenge and stretch your abilities, driving you to new heights of achievement.
  4. Take Massive Action: It’s not enough to set big goals; you must take massive action to achieve them. Cardone stresses that success requires relentless effort and continuous forward momentum.
  5. Fuel Your Obsession with Purpose: Find a compelling purpose that drives your obsession. Knowing why you want to achieve your goals provides the motivation and focus necessary to stay committed.
  6. Overcome Fear: Fear often holds people back from pursuing their passions. Cardone advocates confronting and conquering your fears to unlock your full potential.
  7. Reject Negativity and Naysayers: Surround yourself with positivity and distance yourself from those who discourage your ambitions. Cardone emphasizes the importance of a supportive environment.
  8. Develop Unstoppable Confidence: Confidence is a critical factor in success. By believing in yourself and your abilities, you become unstoppable in your pursuit of greatness.
  9. Learn and Adapt Continuously: Cardone emphasizes the importance of ongoing learning and adapting to changing circumstances. Successful individuals are constantly improving and evolving.
  10. Redefine Success: Rather than adhering to society’s conventional definitions of success, Cardone encourages readers to create their own definitions based on their personal goals and values.
  11. Maintain Energy and Health: Success requires physical and mental stamina. Taking care of your health and maintaining high energy levels are essential for long-term achievement.
  12. Give Back and Inspire Others: Once you achieve success, Cardone suggests using your influence to inspire and help others on their own journeys to greatness.

“Be Obsessed or Be Average” challenges conventional wisdom about success and encourages readers to embrace their passions and obsessions. Cardone’s high-energy approach is a call to action for those who want to break free from mediocrity and achieve extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives.

Be Obsessed Or Be Average Quotes

– Spontaneous guidance suppliers are individuals who think about everything except doing nothing. 

– Genuine mastery and genuine fixation begin with ruling yourself, not others.

– Investments in oneself hold the supreme reason for one’s success.

– Never lower your objective; increment your activities. 

– Approach each circumstance with a whatever-it-takes outlook. 

– Achievement is your obligation, commitment and duty.

– Anything you desire, bet everything and overwhelm, learn, eat, rest, breathe, and trust it. 

– Leaving your usual range of familiarity is hard. Remaining broke is hard. Pick your hard.

– Tough stuff can always control you unless you dare to choose and overcome it.

-Everything you could ever want to anticipate simply on the opposite side of your feelings of fear.

– What you have done isn’t anything contrasted with what you can do.

– Great associations are never limited tasks. 

-Multiple times the activities, multiple times the objectives, and you’ll get all that you have always longed for.

– If individuals don’t know you for your hard-working attitude, then perhaps you aren’t working.

– You get rich, associating with promising circumstances that can create and increase money. You don’t get rich by setting aside money. 

– Missing out on opportunities is the thing that costs individuals money.

– If individuals surrounding you are offering you guidance to back off or relax, you are encircled by some unacceptable individuals.

– Solace makes more detainees than every one of the prisons joined.

– It is not about cash deficiency on this earth. Instead, it is the absence of individuals with ‘doing great’ mindsets.

– The objective isn’t solaced; it is an opportunity!

– Gigantic achievement is the best retribution.

– Do individuals know you due to your mind-blowing hard-working attitude? On the off chance that you don’t hold an affirmation for the same, you’re far away from the best ten percent.

– Never decrease an objective. All things being equal, increment activities. 

– At the point when you begin reevaluating your objectives, concocting reasons, and allowing yourself to be free, you are abandoning your dreams!

– Consider the big picture: What’s the most noticeably awful thing that can happen to you if you move toward it?

– Money and force follow consideration, so whoever can stand out enough to be noticed is the individual who makes the most move and sometimes will get the most outcomes.

– You are answerable for your prosperity.

– If you can, you should. 

– There is nothing of the sort as low maintenance fixation.

– The likeness towards your work need not necessarily depend on love for the same.

– Feed the monster consistently – your brain.

– Keep tabs on your development consistently.

– Ruling beginnings with overwhelming yourself.

– Your obsession is the most important apparatus you need to fabricate the existence you dream of. 

– Everything’s about your craving and readiness to see an objective entirely through, regardless of enormous hurdles. 

– Possibly, you never realized that obsession was an alternative, not to mention the lone choice. 

– The obsessed embrace the way that they — and they — are liable for their prosperity. 

– For me, the achievement is characterized as the accomplishment of my latent capacity. 

– You need to accept this ‘consistently attempting’ mindset. 

-What you focus on is the thing that you get. 

-Keep your consideration continually centered around the future instead of the past. 

-It takes money as a need to complete anything. 

– Get obsessed with your monetary achievement and getting your cash right — or be rebuffed. 

– You don’t fix issues with issues — you fix them with progress. 

– If you are the best individual in the room, you are in some unacceptable room. 

– At the point when you are sure about your motivation, you won’t ever wear out.

– The solitary thing that will ultimately recharge you is getting re-obsessed with your motivation. 

– On the off chance that you need to meet Satan, have a void area on your schedule. 

– Haters will loathe, while the obsessed will make. 

– Obsessed individuals aren’t searching for consent or endorsement. 

– The most confounded we feel in our life is when we have a bigger number of decisions than we can deal with. 

– The best way to lessen hazards is to face a challenge. 

– It is more secure to be at sea than restricted in the harbor. 

– Try not to carry on with anything else of your life, groveling, being unfortunate, bashful, or obliging.

– Being the greatest fish in the littlest lake will be the end of your aspirations. 

– If you’re not continually associating with new individuals who are more powerful and brilliant, you are putting yourself at risk. 

– Fear means what you ought to do, not what you shouldn’t do. 

– The obsessed life isn’t tied in with arriving at a condition of harmony and equilibrium. It’s about continually moving toward your feelings of fear and conceivable outcomes.

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