76+ Inspiring Badass Affirmations Quotes

Becca Anderson in her book “Badass Affirmations: The wit and wisdom of wild women” mention many positive quotes that will remove the negative affirmations in a woman’s life. The book is one of the best sellers and it depicts the picture of people-pleasing others in their life.

List Of Quotes From “Badass Affirmations”:

Here are some motivational statements and quotes that will guide in pushing your negative thoughts by Becca Anderson are:

-There are always some aspects in one’s personality that every person is trying to improve day by day and it is better for the well-being of the person.

-The most beautiful fact of the world is that not a single person in this world can be considered perfect in every aspect of life.

-The common thing humans have is bad habits and we all make mistakes in our life and learning from them is the most important thing.

-Increasing your self-confidence day by day is much better than waiting for a particular day to increase it at once.

-There are many positive statements in your life that you will make loud and affirmations are one of them that you tell loudly.

-Try to shift your focus from dating life, if you just have a breakup in your life.

-Job prospects are important and try focusing more on that.

-The way of thinking is changing day by day with the affirmations in your life.

-The changes you want to make in your life are the ultimate way to change your mindset and have a better life ahead.

-When you wake up in the morning and start saying to yourself that you are going to be happy for the rest of the day, you will be having a good day full of happiness.

-Standing in front of a mirror and looking into your eyes and believing in yourself is the best thing.

-Stop cringing whenever you stand in front of a mirror.

-You will notice that the small steps taken by you earlier for your big goals are making things easier for you.

-There is no meaning to the words that are empty and people usually don’t like them.

-You have to work every day to make some advancement in your life rather than sitting in front of a blank screen.

-Trying to pull your odd jobs is better than doing nothing.

-There is no improvement in life when there is no thought shifting done by you.

-You may have your affirmations but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t reflect in your goals.

-You have to be more forceful than your natural state in life.

-Continuing with a positive mindset is always recommended. 

-Sometimes try to uplift and encourage women whose work can make you motivated and feel good.

-People are fools who search for the best ways to live a life.

-Women are still fighting to get their rights in the area of equal payments as men.

-The woman who knows herself doesn’t require any advice from others and no one needs to tell her how she should live.

-Facing everything with the confidence of doing it with ease is an act of masterpiece.

-Always have the confidence to define yourself well and you will always be a winner in life.

-Sometimes we rush around and please others and even get hurt while doing this.

-Sometimes you are just as powerful as your friend and as creative as her.

-Remind yourself that it is always okay to have confidence and have a good life.

-The feminine trait is important and confidence is a part of it for ages.

-Take hold of the power even if you are looked down upon.

-To have a good life you should have the confidence to face every situation in life.

-It is sometimes scary when you are very popular because you worry about your insecurities.

-Agree with the people who say you are attractive.

-You may witness their suspense when you start making your final call.

-As a woman, you should know you were born as a diva from the womb.

-Women are considered as tradition breakers and sometimes considered as trendsetters and also as world-shakers.

-If you get what you wanted you can affirm the victory.

-There won’t be any magic happening with your affirmations in life.

-There will be more closeness if you start loving your family without ignoring them in a few situations.

-We often think that affirmations are common, but affirmations differ from person to person, and not every affirmation is for everyone.

-You will face new examples in every station of life.

-To be independent is one of the happiest and courageous moments of one’s life.

-Sticky notes are my favorite and it depends on the color of the notes too.

-Always remind yourself of the truth when you are going to inspire others.

-Start seeing yourself in a new light.

-There is no perfect inspiration in life, it depends on how much you get inspired by the person or thing.

-Improving your lifestyle will require a positive mindset.

-There are women who represent their country in the world.

-Sometimes when you write a book without even agreeing on certain things.

-Continue journaling your goals and progress in your life because those matters more in life than other things.

-The changes that you want to have in life should be made by you and not by any of your well-wishers.

-The mirror is always a true friend as it will never show you fake things in life and you can have trust in it.

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