“Double Your Profits in 6 months or more” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book “Double your profits in 6 months or more” written by Bob Fifer who is the founder and chief executive officer of one of the popular firms “Fifer Associates”.

The book is specially written for business people and describes how to maximize profits and other business-related stuff. 

Here Are Some Important Quotes From “Double Your Profits In 6 Months Or More”:

-There are many companies in the world and each company has some uniqueness in them and that makes them stand in the competitions in the market. 

-The company should always stay focus on ideas and before that, they need to have a clear idea about what they are working on or researching. 

-If the objective of the company is very effective that it adds more value then the company deserves the good results that they have intended. 

-There should be incentives for the employees working in the company to show that they can be considered as one of the best companies.

-Often it is noticed that people are encouraged and get more energetic after getting rewarded and it is the best way to get your work done through your employees. 

-The more amounts are satisfied by the product of the company, the more profit the company will earn. 

-If you are the boss of the company and focuses on profit, then never regret your decisions. 

-Always try to make your employee realize that there will be profits in the future and they should be working hard to achieve it. 

-Sometimes all you need to do is focus on the processes and many companies invest more on processes and less on how it is translating into profits. 

-Every time your manager will ask you for more amount of data than is required in the company. 

-Sometimes companies try to maximize customer satisfaction and hence their company falls into bank debt and it becomes difficult for them to stand back again. 

-Often profits are generated by strategic time and planning. 

-If you are running an organization, always try to maintain and create urgency so that there will be no delay or pending works. 

-The costs in the company should be eliminated after it starts reducing the total revenue collected in the company and if raises any other issues.

-In a company, you should never ask questions before cutting the cost. If you are very strict, never worry about what other employees will think about you or will like you or not. 

-If you are the manager, you need a person with good skills of negotiation and hence it will help you in solving many issues. 

-You need to put pressure on the suppliers at regular intervals to get your work done in time and if he hesitates to do you can go for other options too.

-All you need is a good office that should be more functional and doesn’t matter whether it is luxurious or not. 

-Always think before investing in any plots for new offices and you need to remember that you are not in that business. 

-You need to approve the small portion of cheques when there is a big deal. 

-When your company is overstaffed, try to be ruthless with your staff functions. 

-There are many consultants hired in a company with a high package but after few years half of the consultants are not necessary for the company. 

-When you deal with a customer and then make them feel that you can face every difficulty for them.

-You should be very much updated about your skills and ability so that the clients can get impressed with you. 

-Always provide good services to the people and hence your product will be considered as good too. 

-You will face many customers in your life and always remember that every customer will be different from each other and you need to impress them differently.

-While selling your product be confident and never have doubt about the product irrespective of anything. 

-Attracting people matters more and that is one of the most important skills you need to know while selling the products.

-For the sake of getting the highest value of a product, never lose a customer.

-You should always focus on the sales team in your company because they directly deal with customers. 

-If there are employees who are performing below standards, then you can fire them and don’t hesitate to do so. 

-If you can ask for more always in some aspects then you can also get more from the desired people. 

-Sometimes you may not get profits for selling things but all you need to connect with people. 

-You should never give bonuses on every short interval in a company because it can cease to be a motivator.   

-Try not to negotiate the price with your daily customers because they will help you in the future in building your companies. 

-Be loyal to your company. 

-When you work hard in silence then you can have fun for the rest of your life. 

-Examine the cost of the organization on regular basis. 

-Try to give the best selling price in the market. 

-Coordination is necessary between different teams in a company.

-Always show the efficiency of your company. 

-Try to create a brand and influence people. 

-Allow the managers to deal with their teams in their respective ways. 

-Maintain the culture in the organization.

-Sometimes accept the suppliers with less efficiency. 

-Be sure about when the cost should be maintained. 

-Sometimes nonstrategic time values more. 

-The questions are always asked later after the cutting of cost. 

-Keep your employees happy and raise their moral support too. 

-Try to communicate with every employee in the organization.

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