8 Must-have Qualities For A Small Business Mentor

A mentor is a person who guides its mentee through the most perfect way possible available.

There can be work area mentors, study mentor, lifetime mentor but for a business, a mentor means many things than that of others. He or she guides the mentee in a way that anyone can feel free to share any problem with him or her and make confessions on problems.

On the very new atmosphere, employees find it difficult to adjust themselves up, but a quality full mentor grooms the employee so well that he soon the employee becomes accustomed to the environment.

Must-have Qualities For A Small Business Mentor

Share knowledge and expertise willfully

Mentors are obviously more experienced than you in almost every possible sector of the business. But you can’t follow him if he is reluctant to share experience and expertise in any field.

A good mentor always shares and make the employee acknowledge about different quarks and features of anything he knows. Making the mentee knowledgeable properly is like responsibility for the mentor.

Through regular updates and tactics understandings, mentee always finds any task curious to solve with or without the help of the mentor.

Positive Role model and Attitude

Mentors are considered as a role model to be followed by people or an individual. The mentor should make his or her attitude towards others like a teacher and always need to find the ideal ways to share experiences with them.

Having a positive attitude towards mentorship is a vital thing to achieve by the mentors and it bears a great significance in this role.

Having personal interest

Mentors are the individuals that are followed by people for positive learnings and there is a mentorship relationship between the mentor and mentee.

If any person lacks personal interest in the knowledge sharing process, it is seen by the subordinate easily. The mentee can understand the problem effortlessly, so, the mentor not only needs to guide people but also show a positive attitude and interest in the workspace.

Passionate mentors are always found to be sincere in their role of mentorship and make every suggestion towards mentee very thoughtfully.

Exhibits Enthusiasm

Keeping a positive mindset is not enough all the time, because mentee often needs motivation in the work area which is to be delivered by the mentor. In the small business territory, mentors are likely to exhibit enthusiasm in every aspect of the business keeping the person motivated and cheered all the time.

The mentor will naturally be interested in the job and his enthusiasm will be reflected in the performance.

Ongoing Learning Valuation

A mentor is responsible for encouraging the mentee and others by his positive attitude and sharing knowledge. But he should keep in mind that people will not listen to you unless you give attention to their thinking and learning.

The mentor should show importance to the values of work of the business person and closely look after the growth he is emerging. The sloth speed in the growth will be caught by the eyes of a mentor that will lead him to motivate the mentee.

His constant motivation and enthusiasm for the development of the mentee will fill the mind of him with joy and work more passionately than ever.


As we have seen that motivating mentee is one of the tasks of a mentee. But there are certain ways from which this term can be achieved.

Ongoing learning valuation is one of a kind for motivating. If the mentors find any progress in the work or in the business, he or she should readily compliment the person without any hesitation.

Small business owners who start their business by high desire always needs occasional motivation. They will be satisfied with their work and their growth if they are properly appreciated and guided.

Respected by colleagues

A mentor is a person to follow and his every job is inspected by the mentee. So, the mentor must be careful in his activities as well as in the behavior towards others.

If mentees find that their mentor is having a well balanced professional life and his incomparable dedication towards the works, it will make them obey and follow him more likely.  

Co-workers and employees know better than anyone how any person performs in his professional life.

Keep personal and professional goals as target.

It is said that having a goal means you are working with a purpose. A mentor not only needs to motivate mentees but also have to set specific goals to achieve by others.

He should set standards for the mentees that will reflect the passion for work from him. Sometimes a mentor’s personal life is also followed by the mentees for which, he should keep a balanced and maintained life schedule.

Besides that, achieving or failing to achieve goals is the indicator of performance which helps to analyze the standard of the mentor.

Listening Ability

Listening is one of the significant things to understand any situation and gain the attention of others. Mentors should have the ability to listening and give others the chance of putting their point of view on the table.

By doing this, mentees will become easy with the mentor and keep their valuable thoughts in front of him.

Moreover, listening helps to understand the situation better and keeps the mentor knowledgeable about everything happening around him.

As a small business mentor, one must have these qualities in himself to achieve maximum output from the mentees. With proper motivational skills and communication abilities, mentors are the best person to get the guide from.

Some tricks can be adopted with a view to gain more business facts like, having a conversation with other business people, keeping updated regarding business news, follow latest trends and fashions from social media and online portals etc.

Here is the Some Necessary and Creative Qualities which should be in you to Be Great mentor. read below infographic For more inspiration.

great mentor Qualities

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