16 Pros And Cons of INFJ personality Type

Having the personality of an INFJ has its pros and cons. however, knowing what kind of personality you have will help you understand who you are.

Any personality can be slightly different depending on the person and their experiences.

Sometimes the people who have INFJ might feel like tortured souls, but it’s a gift if you know what kind of side you have.

That’s why it’s important to see both sides.

Here is the list of pros and cons of having an INFJ personality

INFJ pros and cons

INFJ personality is rare. However, it does have the cons and challenging side, but the positive side can be used to achieve greater things.

INFJ pros and cons

It includes :

You Are The Rarest

The personality is one of the rarest and hard to find. Since it’s only 1% of the world population, it makes them unique and different for mothers.

They are not like everyone else or think like others,

They stand out and are gentle, and don’t follow the beaten path.

They believe in taking the less trodden route, which makes them the rarest gift.

You Care A lot

The personality has the tendency to be deposited as the reason it brings pain to their life.

They care because it’s a good thing, and people should care about others.

The problematic area is that even when others are done, and if there is nothing that can be done, they will do whatever is possible.

You See What Others Can’t

Personality has a unique approach because they notice the problems before anyone else.

It helps in making things right, and also they have the courage to step up and talk about things.

Not just noticing requires fixing, and if you can mend something when you have no ideas, it needs fixing.

You Have Standards

Having a high excretion means the personality has standards.

They don’t strive to be greater but also to attempt in order to fix things.

This brings better results and changes the world In some better ways.

You Bring the Best Out Of Everyone

Since the personality has the tendency to see the potential in others, they encourage others to bring the best of themselves and also to be better versions of themselves.

Apart from this, they make a better world by making the people better.

They encourage and boost the people and make sure that people can see their worth too.

You Are Driven

The personality is restless, which is a great tool that helps them to have drive. And this helps in bringing the results to the real world.

 This also brings out the best in others. They are and also expect from others.

It means they fix things when others can’t even see them.

You Are Loyal And Devoted

The personality is hard to open up in front of teachers, but when they do, they make sure to stay loyal as well as devote themselves to the person or the idea.

 What Are The Cons Of INFJ Personality Type?

If you have an INFJ personality, here are some of the cons that you might be facing, well includes :


You are Only One Percent Of the Whole Population

Not just the rarest type that you can find in 16 different personality types, but also it’s a minority.

It means that you will need to do more searching to find someone who has the same personality as you.

It goes for finding a friend or romantic partner to understand you.

It’s hard to find someone who can really get such a personality or let the person be the real one.

It causes feelings of vulnerability and loneliness.

You Care Way Too Much

When you have a personality like this,  it becomes your duty to make sure that you are the one who fixes everything.

Sometimes the fixing is not even needed, or it’s not what you can do, but still, you don’t do it.

When you aren’t able to do it, it creates an ache full feeling and makes you feel vulnerable.

When you think that it’s not you who can fix it, it causes questions like who will do it and makes you feel alone in your own caring.

You See Too Much

INFJ personalities have a tendency to notice problems that are not positive for others to notice.

Sometimes the problem is not even the problem for others. The mantra who ignores his bliss might have the truth, but for such a personality, they are far from being ignorant.

When they know that there is something not right, they don’t feel right either.

And that’s why no matter how beautiful things are, the false is not hidden from INFJ’s personality.

You Have Too High Expectations

Well, the personality has high expectations; maybe they have the ability to see and notice too many things.

That’s why they can also notice when someone is potential or not.

The personality looks at what the person can be and how much they can improve.

They are not anticlimactic when the potential can be huge, and it might cause disappointment.

Also, for the loved ones and people around such a personality, it becomes too hard to achieve the level of expectation they have for them.

You Are Restless

The minds of such personalities are too creative, they think too much, and that makes their mind restless.

It causes the mind to keep working.

And the reason is the personalized care, and this causes the exhausting feeling

You Are Too Private

When the personality doesn’t want to talk about his feelings or personal life, it makes it difficult to connect with others and vice versa.

Not just that,  it also stops the chances to have better relationships and connections.

There are a lot of opportunities that can be missed with others if they are not open with others.

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